Brainfloss : Staying Ahead Of The Curve In Today’s Fast-Growing Cloud-Computing


In recent years, digital business transformation has entered an urgency-driven phase, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an October 2021 report by, the global cloud computing market size is forecasted to grow from 445.3 billion USD in 2021 to 947.3 billion USD by 2026, at a CAGR of 16.3%. Major credit for the evolution of this macrocosm goes to those IT companies that provide customers with cost-effective and productive cloud-based solutions and keep the industry moving with a constant supply of human talent (aka certified IT professionals).

Chinmay Anaokar, Co-Founder & CEO of Brainfloss Private Limited is one business visionary who has been instrumental in bringing about numerous changes in India’s cloud computing market. Come, let’s take a closer look at Mr. Anaokar’s company, offerings, industry insights and advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Overview & offerings

Established in 2016, Brainfloss is a Pune-based cloud-centric company that provides clients with authorized personnel for various training-related requirements. The company enables businesses to transform their IT environments with top-notch Cloud Computing services and assists them in building, running, and deploying some of the most complex cloud deployments in the world. With its Cloud solutions, organizations can decrease IT resource requirements, boost productivity, reduce costs, and speed up time-to-market.
Brainfloss is also an industry leader in comprehensive Cloud technology skills training on Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, Python, AI/ML, DevOps, IoT, Security, and other emerging technologies. Brainfloss offers quality education and project-based training that bridge the gap between industry experts and students. The company has a track record of 10000+ hours of practical training which has transformed the lives of 100,000+ students and professionals across technologies and geographical locations.
Additionally, Brainfloss is into Cloud advisory and managed services. Using its expertise in all major Cloud technologies, it has helped umpteen organizations build and manage multiple cloud-native platforms.

Inception & initial struggles

Brainfloss is the brainchild of two computer engineers with a vision of revolutionizing the education and training sector in 2016. It was conceptualized as a dream project by Chinmay Anaokar and his partner Pranav Phadke in their second year of Computer Engineering. The duo started with software development on a small scale, then transitioned into the cloud-focused company it is right now.
Like all entrepreneurial voyages that pass through challenging lanes, Chinmay, too, had to face his fair share of struggles. Besides being the Founder and CEO, he has donned multiple hats throughout his tenure at Brainfloss. However, his early-age habit of self-learning has helped him avoid many business pitfalls and progress towards success.
Today, Chinmay Anaokar stands amongst the many tech entrepreneurs who come from humble backgrounds and achieved success from scratch. Like them, he pursues fulfilling lofty ambitions with a long-term vision, strategic mindset and extraordinary determination.

Keeping pace with changing market trends

Chinmay Anaokar’s rise from the bottom to the top of the corporate ladder combined with his entrepreneurial experience have equipped him with domain expertise and knowledge of major pain areas in Cloud Computing. However, this does not keep him and his team from focusing on upgrading their proficiency. Says the techpreneur, “In the case of IT, it’s not just the market trends that are changing. Technology is changing and advancing every day. At Brainfloss, we constantly upskill ourselves with industry seminars and certifications.” But that’s not all!
Chinmay believes R&D is one of the pillars of a successful organization. Brainfloss engages in research and development activities to stay ahead of the latest developments in technology, innovations, compliances & legalities, and new service domains. All this and more allows the company to stay ahead of the curve.

Real-time training, real-time results

What sets Brainfloss apart from its competitors is its focus on the engagement aspect in training to help students grasp knowledge at a deeper level. To achieve this, the company has developed training models that help instructors deliver sessions effectively. While creative and impactful learning solutions are blended with real-life case studies to help learners to get started with first-hand industry experience. On top of that, by allowing students to ask their doubts and queries to experts in real-time, the brand makes all its training classes more engaging and fun.

A satisfied clientele

Within just a few years, Brainfloss has empowered umpteen clients, mostly in the corporate segment for the cloud business. Apart from that it also serves a few educational institutes to educate their students on cloud technologies. The company’s client list boasts of brands, including Red Hat, Sanofi, Vinsys, Global Knowledge, Capgemini, and LTI.

An enthusiastic team & positive work culture

Like any other successful brand, Brainfloss is driven by a team of highly-experienced It professionals working relentlessly to advance the brand to ever-greater heights while expanding its impact. Employee satisfaction is an important aspect of the company’s work culture; regardless of age and experience, all members work cohesively and participate in brainstorming and feedback discussions. Mr. Anaokar personally ensures that all employees’ needs are met from time to time and that they maintain a work-life balance.

Heading towards a brighter future

Being a leading IT Training & Consulting service provider, Brainfloss constantly sharpens its expertise with updated knowledge, certifications and content per market requirements. The brand has risen rapidly in just a short span of time and is moving into the future with numerous ambitious plans in the pipeline. Speaking of the brand’s plans for the future, Chinmay says, “We are planning international expansion in the coming years to scale up the current business multi-fold. We are also looking at multiple major industrial and corporate alliances.”

Message to young entrepreneurs

Having achieved so much in just a few years, there’s no doubt that Brainfloss is led by some talented professionals. Both leaders of the company are well-versed with entrepreneurship; they know precisely what ingredients are needed to achieve market success.
Mr. Anaokar personally looks up to business Maven Mr Ratan Tata for inspiration. He believes that CEOs are the driving force of the entrepreneurial world. To aspiring entrepreneurs, he was a few words of encouragement. “Starting a business is not difficult; getting clients is not difficult either. The most difficult part is retaining the clients and keeping them happy. Once you learn to do that, there is nothing in the world that will stop you from being a good businessman.”

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