Hamdard: Unfolding the Institution’s 117-Year-Old Iconic Legacy



“The passion to etch an extraordinary journey of excellence comes from the determination and commitment to provide the masses with natural and world class food products.”

“RoohAfza”. This one product, brings immense waves of nostalgia for us Indians, as our summers were and would never be complete without this refreshing bliss in a bottle! Well, today’s brand story is not only an emblem of success but also an embodiment of the warmth of Indian hospitality (or, as we call it, #Indiakimehmaannawazi).

To catalyse the minds of our readers, we believe that Hamdard’s story of excellence is nothing short of extraordinary. With legacy brands like RoohAfza in its fold, Hamdard embodies the meaning of ‘companion in suffering’.
The inception of Hamdard dates back to 1906, when Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed started Hamdard as a small local clinic for people. He was a famous philanthropist and one of the most renowned Unani practitioners of his day. Hakeem Hafiz’s main intention was to break away from the old tradition of medicine and bring in a new way of practicing. He transformed Hamdard into an internationally respected organization and introduced remarkable products across various niches for the Indian population’s welfare.

Presently, Mr. Hamid Ahmed, CEO and Trustee of Hamdard Laboratories India (Food Division), is the leader at the helm, charting the company’s continual success trajectory. Their strategic business strategies are intended to strengthen the company’s market position and continue to create an impact on people’s lives.

Hamdard has a unique business model that extends its charity work and education services under the aegis of the Hamdard National Foundation (HECA). Hamdard is also a responsible business. A significant chunk of the profit is used for CSR activities, where institutions like Jamia Hamdard University, schools, cultural institutes, and skill development institutes are run from the profits earned from the business. This social purpose is at the very core of Hamdard.

The Driving Force Behind the Inception

Hakeem Abdul Majeed wanted to show people how humanity can create an empowering envelope of warmth. He wanted the masses to benefit from the time-tested efficacy of Unani medicines. In addition, he firmly believed that the manufacturing of Unani drugs needed to be taken on a larger scale to achieve this manifestation.

Even with humble beginnings, the goals of Hamdard were high-octane: easing the suffering of the sick with healing herbs and natural ingredients. With a simple fundamental principle of life: “No one has ever become poor by giving”, Hakeem Abdul Majeed let the whole world find compassion in him.

True to its name and the originator’s intentions, Hamdard was fully committed to quality and compliance and met the highest quality standards. It began to thrive and grow, totally driven by quality and perfection. Unfortunately, Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed passed away in 1922, and he could not see his efforts take a multidimensional shape under the able leadership of his illustrious son, Hakeem Abdul Hameed.

Under the historic leadership of Hakeem Abdul Hameed, Hamdard has emerged as an emblem of trust in the hearts of its customers. With the noble philosophy of providing the best-in-class quality products to the masses at affordable prices, Hamdard has always stayed faithful to its mission and vision.

The enigmatic product of Hamdard, RoohAfza, was introduced in 1907 and has become synonymous with the brand’s identity. Entitled “The Drink of India,” RoohAfza stands tall in the food category as a proud Indian brand that has withstood the test of time for over a century.

An Overview of the Irrefutable USPs

RoohAfza and Hamdard have stood the test of time and have come out stronger and more vibrant in their century-long journey. Not many brands demonstrate such endurance, and Hamdard is proud to behold the consistent support of its consumers across cultures and geography. Elucidating further, Mr. Hamid Ahmed says,

“It is in our DNA to deliver value to our people, and this is a promise that is here to stay. The simple yet powerful purpose of providing healthy and natural products to consumers and selflessly giving back to society year after year in terms of education and health is what has made this journey iconic.
Hamdard’s new brand launches have also made a huge presence in the digital space, engaging with consumers on social media and increasing their presence in all channels of business in India and overseas. Hamdard is also a responsible business. A significant chunk of our profit is used for CSR activities such as medical care, running hospitals, schools, a university, and literary purposes through Hamdard National Foundation India (HNF-HECA).”

Mantras to Fulfill the Responsibility of Securing Customers’ Trust

“The business ecosystem is increasingly becoming a VUCA space. VUCA means vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

In such times, brands have more diligent purposes to fulfill than to just provide satiation or value for money. RoohAfza and Brand Hamdard will continue to build bridges with the newer generations. We will continue providing them with the same trust and warmth that resonates with their need to turn back to tradition, familial memories, and bonding.

We will bring this belief to reality by creating aspirations and enabling the youth to interact with our brands on the platforms and formats that they use. We will engage with them digitally and socially and evoke the same magic that we have done for generations—to connect them to their roots, but in a way that is ‘cool’ and aspirational to them.”

Marketing Initiatives

Apart from traditional media like TV channels, print ads, and radio, Hamdard has actively promoted its versatile products through digital mediums. The brand has endorsed impressive social media campaigns with influencers to reach the right audience, which consumes content on digital platforms.
These campaigns brought in splendid responses and generated stronger awareness about the products. Apart from that, the marketing teams have been targeting specific audiences who are looking for a healthier choice for their daily needs and want products that are cost-affordable and high in nutritional value.

Diversifying the Horizons

In the last few years, Hamdard Laboratories India-Food Division has launched a slew of new-age products by introducing ready-to-drink beverages, extending its popular brand into newer segments. RoohAfza is ubiquitous in every Indian household and enjoys tremendous brand love, represented in the form of a myriad of recipes and innovations. Extensions of RoohAfza, i.e., RoohAfza Fusion (infused with fruit juices), RoohAfza Milkshake, RoohAfza Lassi, and RoohAfza LITE (sugar-free variant), have been launched.

Hamdard has also extended its portfolio in newer food categories with Hamdard Honey, Hamdard Nariyal Paani (coconut water), Hamdard Glucose-D, and edible oils like Hamdard Olive Oil, Hamdard Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Hamdard Isabgol, etc. These products have created benchmarks of quality and have garnered widespread acceptance over the years.

The latest addition to the brand’s offerings is the range of Hamdard Khaalis Spices (meaning ‘Pure’) with an assortment of pure, whole, and blended spices manufactured at its Manesar plant. Hamdard has also launched more products under the brand name Hamdard Khaalis, like Saffron, Hing, and Vermicelli.

Targets Aligned for the Future

Hamdard will specifically focus on launching new blends under its brand Hamdard Khaalis Spices. The team is working to come up with innovative and authentic blended spices that are popular among the masses, like chicken masala, biryani masala, etc. To achieve the aforementioned, profound investments are poured into exemplifying the current infrastructure. Hamdard recently purchased land in Jhajjar, Haryana, from Reliance Industries to develop a food park cluster for some of its core food categories. Indeed, these plans resonate with a strong commitment to introducing varieties to the existing offerings and fostering healthy double-digit growth.

HamdardEnlightening Words from the Luminary’s Desk

To have the opportunity to feature this resplendent brand story on its platform, Prime Insights feels nothing but immensely grateful. Hamdard’s brand story propagates the ideology of driving business growth by empowering people across all dimensions. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Hamid Ahmed for taking out his valuable time and joining us for this collaboration. To conclude the read, we requested the luminary to share a few words of intellect for our global readership panel and strengthen their aspirations.

“My message to brands and brand owners would be to create value and purpose behind your brands. The purpose will drive your brands and transcend the clutter to create value and delight for your consumers.

Hamdard, a venerable institution with a century-long history, has carved an indelible mark in the records of education, healthcare, and social welfare. Founded a hundred years ago, it stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Hamdard has become synonymous with holistic development and community empowerment. Over the decades, it has unfolded numerous chapters of progress and transformative impact.

With our cohesive resilience, we promise to stand true to the faith of people in Hamdard and provide them with products that embody supreme quality. For those who see Hamdard’s iconic heritage as an inspiration, we wish that you continue walking on the path of perseverance and achieve your vision with uncharted success.”

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