Environmanly Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd: Curating Sustainable, Conscious, Innovative, Time-Efficient, and Multi-Purpose Self-Care Products for Men


Environmanly Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

Needless to say, grooming and maintaining an augmented personality makes an ever-lasting impression. Men today are inclining more towards serene self-care, simplistic yet smart fashion, sustainable lifestyle, and disciplined behavior. But it is also evident that there is still a considerable gap in the men’s grooming and styling industry. A brand that stands true to adopting a sustainable and makes colossal personal care for men to help them discover their happy place is Environmanly.
Founded by a gentleman who finds his purpose in redefining the men’s personal care industry, Mr. Rahul Badesra has indeed created a disruptive entrepreneurial persona. Our Prime Insights team sat down to have an interesting chit-chat session with YouTuber and entrepreneur Mr. Rahul Badesra- Co- Founder and CEO of Environmanly Lifestyle Private Limited. We had a fun time discussing various perspectives about his brand’s mission and vision.

To begin with, Environmanly is an eco-friendly, innovative, and sustainable brand, dedicated to catering to the diverse personal care needs of men. This self-care line is concocted with a conscious approach to saving the environment from further harm. The multi-benefit products are built with modern science and technology. The USP of Environmanly is that it enables consumers to cut down clutter while saving time and money simultaneously. The ultimate aim is to simplify personal care for men with easy-to-use yet efficient products. The brand’s products are acknowledged for helping men build personal care routines that are on the go!

Picking up the Momentum

Coming from a background of live events, sports, and Intellectual properties, the kick-start came during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. One fine morning, he had an eye-opening experience with his cluttered washroom – almost 100 products on shelves. Due to a hustling lifestyle, he barely used 4-5 brands that were selling mediocre and not-so-effective products with amazing marketing tactics. The next problem that hit him hard was throwing empty skincare and body-care packages. In a country like India with a population of 1.4 billion, even 10% throwing one used bottle daily is a lot of plastic waste. And worst part, he was also shocked by the harsh chemicals being used in the products that nullified the concept of self-care. He knew he had to act any time soon. Hence, with this as motivation, Mr. Rahul partnered with a cosmetic scientist and began R&D to create multi-benefit, clean, sustainable products with recycled and biodegradable packaging to make a positive impact and truly a simple beauty brand for men.

Defeating all the Hurdles with Optimism

Starting a business has been an uphill battle since its inception for Mr. Rahul. Being a new hustler in entrepreneurship, he soon realized that it was all about problem-solving. Initially, one of the biggest challenges the brand faced was finding the right partner for product development. As the main vision was to develop unique yet effective products, it was profoundly imperative to have the support of a dedicated Research and Development team. Another significant challenge was sourcing sustainable packaging options. Mr. Rahul always wanted to be environmentally conscious and reduce the overall carbon footprint. Hence finding sustainable packaging materials that met Environmanly’s requirements was also a significant hurdle. These options were not only difficult to find, but also expensive due to the low demand from other brands. Despite encountering several roadblocks, the team of Environmanly surpassed these challenges by finding innovative solutions. The brand promises to remain committed to continuously improving business practices and product offerings.

Impact Scale on Consumers

Talking about the impact scale on consumers, the major driving energy comes from Mr. Rahul’s personal experience. As the face of the brand, he makes it a point to share his journey and the true results he has achieved by using the products. With this authenticity, he has imbibed a sense of belief in the customers’ mindset. But it’s not just about the products themselves, the team is also committed to promoting a larger perspective of personal care that goes beyond just the application of products. The team believes in promoting overall well-being, and that means encouraging consistent routines over time that will compound and lead to better skin, hair, and beard health. By educating the customers on the importance of this holistic approach, Environmanly has succeeded in building a stronger sense of trust.

The pivotal focus is laid on honesty, transparency, and staying true to values. One way Environmanly demonstrates its commitment to its customers is by being open to feedback at all times. Every comment and message received on all the selling platforms is replied to with clarity. This shows that Environmanly consciously listens to its customers and cares about their opinions.

“As the face of the brand, I make it my mission to reach out to as many customers as possible. I am obsessed with customer satisfaction and am always looking for ways to help our customers be on top of their personal care game. Through these efforts, we are seeing a positive evolution in how our customers trust our services. By being transparent, responsive, and committed to their satisfaction, we are building a strong sense of trust and loyalty that we believe will continue to grow over time”, quotes the CEO.

Shaping Distinctive Marketing Strategies for Brand’s Growth

Content creation strategy has proved to be the exemplary marketing mantra for Environmanly. In 2021, Mr. Rahul took on the role of a content creator on YouTube to create a digital community of like-minded men and build awareness about the power of simple self-care routines that lead to significant changes over time. His YouTube handle, @rahulbadesra, has brought his brand a wider audience. In addition to this, the team has also launched some fun content and podcasts with celebrities, successful athletes, entrepreneurs, high achievers, and gurus, delving into their personal care routines and the habits that led to their success. This approach allows the brand to provide valuable insights to aspiring young minds to adopt best practices and routines that will yield similar results over time. Overall, the content creation strategy has been a significant factor in promoting Environmanly’s initiatives, offerings, and services and building a strong brand identity.

Plans in the Pipeline

Mr. Badesra asserted, “We have introduced two innovations – intimate serum for men and multi-utility balm for men that are hero category innovations. We are already working on new ice-breaking innovations that can help create simple personal care routines without burdening the planet. As a young and ambitious brand, we have set some exciting targets for the coming years. Our first goal is to build a digital community of over 1 million responsible men on YouTube who are passionate about self-care and grooming. Additionally, we are committed to making a positive environmental impact by implementing up-cycling and recycling practices for all our packaging. Our long-term vision is to become one of the most beloved and trusted personal care brands in India for men. We are constantly innovating and exploring new ideas to achieve these goals and are excited to see what the future holds.”

Words of Intellect

With such an energetic and diligent entrepreneur on board, we wouldn’t have ended this conversation without some words of wisdom for our global readership panel.
“As young entrepreneurs, we have the power and responsibility to create a positive impact in the world. Let’s prioritize sustainability in our businesses and personal lives and commit to improving ourselves and our businesses by just 1% every day. By doing so, we can witness the power of the compounding effect and achieve great things in the long run. Together, let’s strive towards building a better future for ourselves and our planet”, adds Mr. Badesra




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