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DTC Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Technology has transformed businesses to commendable levels of triumph and has created an ecosystem of continuous advancements. Today, every problem has a lucrative solution to it; all credit goes to seasoned tech enthusiasts and their innovative ideologies. Searching for noble paragons in the IT industry who promise nothing but a robust future powered by technology, we came across the brand story of DTC Infotech Private Limited. The dynamic duo of women entrepreneurs Ms. Shreetha and Ms. Vishaka Baid incorporated the organization with a potential vision of encouraging more and more women to join the IT industry. Their cohesive perseverance and individual expertise gave DTC Infotech the lucrative push in terms of bringing product innovation. The duo started with oodles of massive aspirations to build a flourishing and sustainable IT venture.
We invited Ms. Vishaka Baid to have a detailed conversation with our editorial team. As anticipated, the session turned out to be extremely marvelous from the perspective of industry knowledge as well as corporate diligence. There is so much more to read and discuss about DTC Infotech and we could not miss the wonderful opportunity of adding another charm to the exclusive edition of “Company in Focus 2023”.

Sowing the Seeds of Excellence

To begin with, Ms. Vishaka elaborated on what inspired her and her co-founder to build a brand in the IT industry. She said that the motivating force was to leverage technology for a better living and find the real purpose in solving problems with ease to build solutions.
“The outcome of digital disruption as Web 3.0 gave rise to a bouquet of deep technologies like IoT/IIoT for Smart homes, Smart Cities, Smart Factories, AI/ML and Deep Learning for augmenting human intelligence for the accelerated business outcome, Edge Computing, and Meta Verse space. Seeing this gigantic boom, we were filled with the energy to sail a new journey altogether in the sea of technology. My co-founder and I shared a common dream of innovating and developing solutions for every business challenge and empowering the business fraternity in our style.”

Challenges are Inevitable

DTC Infotech began its journey just when the COVID-19 pandemic was on its second wave. The kind of splurge the pandemic brought to the IT industry opened so many new opportunities for advancements. Digitalization needs were at their peak and that also led to a sudden rise in the demand for the right IT talents. The huge disparity in the demand and supply of talented IT workforce led to the skyrocketing rise in asks for remunerations, flexibility to work from home, and the option to work on multiple assignments (moonlighting). As DTC was a new start-up, it was quite difficult to cope with these rises. The workforce was hesitant to join the organization as they already had multiple options of choosing from hefty-paying job profiles.
Knowing these aspirations were potent in dedication, Mr. Rajesh Revankar joined DTC as the CEO in 2022. He brought his decade-long IT expertise under DTC’s roof and mentored the ladies to grow by leaps and bounds. With consistency in efforts, the brand has grown to keep diversity, equity, and inclusion as its core values. Indeed, DTC now stands as the fast-growing D&I, Deep-Tech, start-up company.

Sophisticated Modulus Operandi

The core foresight was to build a tech-backed company that has the charisma of bringing digital transformations. The team focused on building solutions and services around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cloud Automation, and Process Automation. Once the team began offering customized and result-oriented solutions to the customers on the above technologies, the brand brought a wave of refurbishments in its research and development domain. A huge chunk of attention was diverted to creating digital products as SaaS platforms to automate various operations in computer vision projects. As for now, DTC Infotech has expanded its horizons in the creation of a low code/no code platform that helps ML projects with automation of annotation & data, model training, model management & deployment, and more features.
The in-house team of professionals/engineers is also trained continuously about the brewing trends in the industry. The main focus is on imparting knowledge about innovation & engineering that helps to add Process Automation, Business Productivity, and Accelerated Growth to DTC’s customers. Making them unique from others is their sound commitment to customer satisfaction. This commitment drives them to engage with the utmost levels of transparency and authenticity with every individual customer. Recognizing that each customer has distinct requirements, the team prioritizes providing top-notch services and tailored attention. As a result, DTC calls itself fortunate enough to witness a remarkable 99% retention rate among the clientele.

Powerful Marketing Strategies for the Win

As the IT space is becoming saturated with so many players playing their tech- game, it becomes extremely important to stay on track of relevancy and not lose the purpose for business numbers. DTC Infotech stands true to this conduct and has curated effective marketing automation initiatives. These initiatives have helped the team to reach its potential customers all while maintaining the highest levels of quality in the service portfolio. Some of the strategies are listed as follows:

  • Content Marketing: Creating high-quality content such as blog posts, videos, infographics, and social media posts.
  • Social Media Marketing: It includes using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Email Marketing: DTC sends targeted and personalized email campaigns to potential customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The company’s website has been optimized to filter all the searches on various search engines.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising: In this, the brand has started running targeted ads on search engines like Google and other social media platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Events and Webinars: Webinars are hosted frequently to promote the brand and engage with industry players.

Ebullient Plans for Future

The brand is intensely focused to create several capabilities that stand out to be its CoEs as Creativity of Excellence. The near plan is to pour in calculative teamwork and collaborate with some of the leading solution companies to build practices and scale the business operations to offer services to global customers. DTC’s upcoming flagship products will surely grab eyeballs across the industry. A few of its strategic partnerships are listed below:

GenRocket – A fast-growing American company with patented technology on the generation of Synthetic Test Data, offers TDM Tool to enterprises that can generate any volume and variety of data on a self-service platform.

DataBricks – Databricks is a cloud-based data processing platform that provides a unified analytics platform for data engineering, machine learning, and analytics.

Cyrebro – is a centralized interactive SOC Platform that integrates all your security events with strategic monitoring, threat intelligence, and IR, Microsoft – for Dynamics 365 ERP and Business Solutions.

From the Founder’s Desk

The leadership panel at DTC Infotech strongly believes that by implementing a collaborative approach, synergized guidance, and keeping the employees at the center of everything a company does, any brand can upscale itself amidst all challenging scenarios. Ms. Vishaka Baid concluded the article with her words of intellect.
“Think less, do more!” We need more people with a passion for learning and commitment. This ecosystem has a wealth of resources, including infrastructure, mentorship, and opportunities, to offer. So go out there, seek out mentors and support, and don’t be discouraged by setbacks!



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