Eastern Global Solutions: A New Age Venture Assisting The Business Ecosystem With Their Exemplary Outsourcing Services


Eastern Global Solutions

Here again, we are back with another enticing tale of perfection and inspiration. Our editorial team had the opportunity of interacting with Eastern Eastern Global Solution’s two important pillars of mentorship, Mr. Raj Kiri- the Vice President, and Mr. Mukund Patel- the Managing Director. Excited beyond expectations, we leveraged this virtual interaction and asked many questions about their brand’s journey so far. The interaction turned out to be one of a kind. Our editorial team has poured in efforts as accurately as possible, to justify the essence of inspiration this article brought to us.
Starting with a little introduction about the company, Eastern Global Solutions is a Knowledge Processing Outsourcing (KPO) company, offering services in Accounting, Business Consulting, and Payroll Processing. The perception behind the inception was to cohesively use technology and empower businesses to curate stronger grounds of efficiency, revoke the hurdles of global distances, manage time and increase bottom lines worldwide. That’s how EGS began its journey with the zeal to nullify the effects of geographic barriers and offer competitive and promising services. The absolute dream is to ensure that even the smallest businesses in the world should have the opportunity to relish EGS’s excellent service portfolio at a competitive price.

More about EGS’s Mission and Service Portfolio

Continuing what was mentioned above, EGS was founded with the ultimate mission of providing CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) and small businesses with a proactive organization that could hold their hands, and resolve their bookkeeping & accounting needs with trustworthy processes. Eliminating those international boundaries and providing round-the-clock customer services, EGS has simplified the tasks of managing finances for CPAs and small businesses.
Giving a précised view of the company’s services, the team has unparalleled expertise in domains of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Analysis, Payroll Processing, Tax Preparation, Tax Processing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Customer Care, Chat Support, Back Office Services, and BPO. The company also provides a diverse range of other services such as tax preparation, financial planning, and business consulting.

Thriving Amidst Challenges

Challenges being compulsory in this ever-growing industry of finance and consulting, EGS confronted the competition simply by focusing on its core strengths. With their innovative product ideas and a robust team working hard to prove the company’s mettle, the team managed to overcome all the odds. The brand has also worked meticulously to set a benchmark of quality services, by emphasizing its unique value proposition and lucratively using its network of contacts. Last but not the least, the team at EGS also kept an analytical approach while understanding their competition and adjusted their business strategies accordingly.

Paradigms of a Strong Client’s Trust

The team’s approach to customer service is about creating a personalized experience for every customer’s requirements. The driving force of building concrete relationships with customers comes naturally to EGS. They perform the same by listening to their customers and providing solutions that cater to those needs. This has held customers’ faith in EGS over the years. In addition to it, the team also takes the responsibility of providing time-to-time and satisfactory responses to customer inquiries. This prompt attitude of resolving those inquiries has further strengthened the chords of customer trust.
Elaborating this forward, EGS has always succeeded in helming a positive and amicable environment for its customers, so they feel valued and appreciated in all aspects. Raj and Mr. Mukund have always seen their consumers as the oxygen for their business. For EGS, customers’ trust is extremely valuable and cannot be compromised by any means. In their opinion, a company needs to draw appropriate insights from its past business experiences and incorporate them into its services. With a continuous and dedicated evaluation of these insights gained from past experiences, EGS has turned the tables to success in creating better customer experiences. By understanding customer needs and preferences, businesses can create products and services that meet those needs while also building trust with their customers.
Reliability and security are something that resonates with the brand’s identity and holds an imperative place in their work ethics as well. At Eastern Global Solutions, consumer privacy is of utmost importance. The team strives to provide an unequivocal level of service to both small businesses and large brands, ensuring that their data is kept secure and confidential. Consolidated efforts are poured into maintaining superlative standards of privacy for their customers.

The Edge Over Others

The kind of impact EGS has stamped in the industry and the heart of consumers is magnificent. The whole credit goes to the client-centric approach of the organization. By using customer relationship management (CRM), the team gets an intricate overview of consumers’ perspectives and interests. This plethora of information about customer experience is utilized to enhance the compatibility of their existing and upcoming services.
“Our company’s motto is “Customer Satisfaction.” We firmly believe in promise, competence, and integrity. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts; the only way to obtain a trustworthy label is to truly keep the commitments we made to our customers. Our differentiators are Adaptability, Up-scaling, Modernizing, and Comprehensive Strategies.” This sums up the common belief of Mr. Raj and Mr. Mukund.

A Note for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The EGS’s brand article is written with a serene intention of inspiring all the aspiring entrepreneurs who are gearing up to take the plunge and start a business venture of their own. The story also emphasizes the importance of having a strong and audacious workforce. Every individual or entrepreneur should have the aura of staying focused on their goals and flaunt an unflinching spirit to follow their passion. The message of this fascinating read is that success is achievable if you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to make it real.





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