E-Vision India Private Limited: A Reliable Brand for Electronic Security and Safety Equipment Services


E-Vision India Pvt. Ltd.

“Excellence doesn’t happen by chance, it is made to happen through sweat and determination”

This is exactly what Mr. Vijay Shandilya- CEO of E-Vision Private Limited abides by! Tapping the huge potential in India’s security and surveillance segments, his entrepreneurial journey is a piece of admiration in itself. E-Vision is a prominent “MAKE IN INDIA” player in designing, supplying, installing, testing, and commissioning CCTV, DVR, NVR, IP Cameras, Multiplexers, Monitors, Matrix Switchers, Attendance Systems, Audio/Video Door phones, Biometrics Machines, Electronic Security systems, Metal Detector and Access Control Systems. The list seems never-ending and the exciting part is that all of these are backed with efficient technology. The standards established by E-Vision India are aspiring for many other players in the market.

With the worrisome increase in unethical activities around us, isn’t it necessary to become extremely conscious and cautious of our safety? Sure it is and will become more inevitable in the future. Not only this, having security equipment is also important for the safekeeping of people, structures, and other valuables. Many essential developments in the security industry are happening and in India, the scenario is no different. To highlight this concern and talk further about E-Vision’s leap in this industry, our Prime Insights Team had a detailed conversation with Mr. Vijay Shandilya. In our words, his entrepreneurial acumen is simply impressive. Join us as we present the brand story of E-Vision India under the segment “The 30 Most Trusted brands to Watch in 2023” on our platform.

Beginning of an Eminent Brand

E- Vision was founded in 2000 when the young and aspiring entrepreneur Mr. Shandilya realized that it was his time to pursue his entrepreneurial urge. After finishing his academics, he studied the immense hidden potential in India’s security and surveillance segment as mentioned above. Since its inception, the company has predominantly worked in the Government E-Marketplace (GeM) and completed more than 5000 projects to facilitate security services to various government departments and organizations. Moreover, the company has also collaborated with many private institutions and even with the Indian Air Force. What started from an absolute zero level is now an acknowledged face in the electronic security industry.
Mr. Vijay recalls that during the initial stages, the company used to export cameras from anywhere as per their quality standards and then used to introduce them to the market under their label. But as they have an intricate understanding of the industry and customer behavior, E-Vision now works with an independent manufacturing unit of their own.
The thing that makes the company stand apart is the strategies implemented while designing and manufacturing these services. These strategies ensure a smooth application of the same. Competitive prices are something that everyone looks for when it comes to long-term security installations. Here also the brand has managed to take the lead with its competitive prices without compromising on quality. The company also takes pride in delivering services that are customizable and target a diverse spectrum of requirements at a go! With an ISO 90001:2008 certification, E-Vision has a dedicated channel of partners to guarantee optimal customer satisfaction.

Constructing Unshakeable Customer Trust

“Brand value plays an imperative role in the scenario of customer’s belief in a brand”, says Mr. Vijay. E-Vision has grown with dedicated groundwork and couldn’t spend much on branding and advertising processes. It may be concerning to not spend figures on marketing and defining your presence in the market when a brand is a newcomer. But E-Vision proved that without fancy branding and simplistic advertising, a brand can build a respectable position in the market with its quality of services. Without a hefty marketing team and just by word of mouth, E-Vision has come this far. The brand offers a competent warranty of five years on its products topped with 24/7 and years-long assistance at a call away. Indeed, cost-efficient prices and promising quality completes the loop of stamping an irrefutable spot in the customer’s mindset. Long story short, customers are the cherished essence of the company’s existence.
Mr. Vijay says that his real entrepreneurial satisfaction lies in the happiness of his customers. If the customers are living with a sense of security about their hard-earned assets via E-Vision’s services, then it is always a moment of zeal for him. To engage with customers and clients, the brand organizes yearly exhibitions and has taken various tender subscriptions for working with governmental entities.

Road to an Opulent Future

Developing and Innovating are E-Vision’s habits! The plan is to incorporate Artificial Intelligence more in their services to make them stronger from the perspective of the technology-driven future ahead. This inclination for AI-backed services will serve the customers with the best-of-best services. Moreover, the team is looking forward to expanding its reach across every corner of India and strengthening the already established international presence as well. To fulfill this dream, the team of E-Vision will be participating in international exhibitions with its clients and getting fruitful leads in the business from there. E-Vision is already present in countries like Nepal, UAE, and the US. This will be an exemplary milestone for a “Make in India” player like E-Vision to present the country on a global pedestal of excellence.

Collaborative Work Culture

It is quite obvious now that E-Vision is a company based on the core values of integrity and assurance. Employee recognition is another admirable feature of the company’s healthy and thriving work culture. Every employee here enjoys ample opportunities to amplify their professionalism. Frequent incentives and increments are awarded to keep their work spirits motivated. As their industry is all about advancements, employees are introduced to many training sessions and demonstrate modules about making, installing, and communicating via cameras. The newcomers at E-Vision are also given short internships to have exposure to handling the projects along with certifications.

Parting Words by Mr. Vijay Shandilya

“As an entrepreneur, one has to face many ups and downs while running a business. These challenges are indispensable but they come with a treasure of experience. The same goes for any commoner as well. Our passion and honesty define our persona. We should know how to serve more than what we are getting.”





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