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When we talk about an emerging, research-based global pharmaceutical company that combines a diverse stratum of skills and resources to provide robust scientific support to revolutionize the healthcare environment, only one name steals the show. VEEPRHO is that irrefutable name! However, what you read in this section here is just the beginning of something profoundly inspiring.
Our Prime Insights team takes pride in featuring the entrepreneurial journey of the dignitary entrepreneur Dr. Venkat Shinde, CEO of Veeprho Group. He has more than 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and worked in fields like Research, Manufacturing, Formulation Development, International Marketing, International Law, International Regulations, QA, RA, and IPR. Amongst others, his treasure of knowledge is beyond perfection. The company believes in providing a robust and practical approach to solving customer challenges totaling customer loyalty and satisfaction. We had the opportunity to share a conversation with the leader, where he spilled the beans about his company’s success mantras and insights from his journey so far. His intellect left us mesmerized and will do the same for our global readership panel. Join us till the end to relish this fascinating draft under this special segment of “The Leader Behind an Admirable Company 2023”.

Tale Behind Company’s Inception

Incorporated in 2011, Veeprho was founded with a vision but without any capital. In 2012, acknowledging their potential, a bank funded the company to expand its research laboratory. In the following year, 2013, Veeprho gained recognition as a promising research support company in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. From there, the organization started to offer its services to pharma tycoons like Dr. Reddy’s, Ajanta, Novartis, Lupin, GSK, Hetero, and Pfizer. The trajectory picked up, and the services reached over 100 top Indian and International pharma companies. The clients couldn’t praise the quality of high-level scientific solutions enough. That is when Dr. Venkat decided to invest more capital in expanding his business. From 2014-17, the efforts started turning fruitful and Veeprho witnessed a global expansion by opening its research labs and offices in Europe and the USA. Today the brand is the indomitable face in the research and development segment of the pharma industry.
“Veeprho Group has acquainted enormous milestones because of its ground-work. After its foundation in 2011, we established our position in India in 2013, opened the European office in 2014, and the US office in 2017. We scaled the business at the global platform within six years from the inception.” addresses Mr. Venkat Shinde.

Mr. Venkat’s Take on the Hardships of Entrepreneurship

When we asked the leader about his struggles during his entire journey, he explained, “It was an extremely challenging call for me not because of my professional work, but because of politicians, private NGOs, and police. I was unaware of these people keeping an eye on my company’s growth. While I was away traveling to meet my clients and bringing more projects to work on, these people occluded my way with their illegitimate actions. These people had a perception that the company was earning good numbers and left no stone unturned in extorting us. Facing all of these unethical conspiracies became common, and so I decided to leave the country to pursue my dream. In 2018 I settled in Europe for my family’s betterment. With fortune supporting my serene vision, I got a supportive and hard-working team in India who continued to take the legacy ahead. I have them on board as Directors, and my business in India is also running smoothly. Now, I am solely focusing on my business in Europe and the USA.”

A team that Surpasses the Realm

The Synthetic Chemistry (NCE) team at Veeprho is well-trained to design and synthesize novel compounds from mg to kg quantities. The company can carry out multi-step synthesis using the latest technologies and methods. Their competency in chemistry includes skilled chemical reactions and methodologies such as-

  • Chiral synthesis
  • Pyrophoric reactions
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Macrocyclic compounds
  • Fluorine and Boron Chemistry
  • High-pressure Cryogenic reactions
  • D labeled reaction, and Metabolite synthesis

They hold expertise in a diverse chemical space including – Enzymes (such as kinases and proteases), GPCR modulators, Protein-protein interactions, and Peptidomimetics Ion channels. The medicinal chemistry team can work for hit-to-candidate activities including: –

  • Hit identification
  • Hit to lead optimization
  • Back-up candidate identification
  • Development of compounds for oral, inhaled, or parenteral administration
  • Synthesis of prodrugs, salts, and cocrystals of the lead molecule

Adaptability with Changing Market Trends

Changing market trends are inevitable in the growing space for innovations. The pharmaceutical industry is also demanding such advancements. The team at Veeprho is keeping itself updated concerning the new regulations in global pharmaceuticals. The team closely analyzes the brewing challenges in their industry and develops strategies to keep the organization self-ready for opportunities. Veeprho is also preparing to provide its services at competitive prices via research and development. Research and development is the company’s oxygen for survival.
“To survive in the highly scientific environments of the international market, we have to invest intricately in building a strong-rooted research team to tackle all kinds of challenges with ease. I am proud to say that Veeprho is sustained on the pedestal of R&D and procures dominion over its industry peers, “ says Dr. Venkat Shinde.

Holding Persistence in Entrepreneurial Competition

According to Mr. Venkat, “A CEO’s role is like Shree Krishna’s role in Mahabharata. The CEO is the driving force that guides, motivates, creates new leaders, and transforms the team’s thought process. Under their passion and nurturance, imagination can be brought to reality. I think there is no competition at the CEO level. The real competition of a CEO is with themself and not with others. There has to be a sense of validation in thoughts from time to time. CEOs need to be self-reliant and self-motivated with full clarity about their actions. In my view, we should not consider them as CEO, those who have an “’it’s okay’ attitude” towards their responsibilities. A true CEO always has clarity in mind and commitment in heart to guide the team about the importance of the company’s ambitions.”

Continuing, he quotes, “CEO or entrepreneurship is a challenging path to take. Ups and downs are indispensable. There will be a lot of tests of your patience, trials of your knowledge bank, and checking of your resilience. The most critical parameter in an entrepreneurial cycle is the financial trap. If they invest in somebody’s advice without using their own logic/brain, then major setbacks will await them.”

His advice to those CEOs who give up on their dreams is, “There might be a lot of other opportunities and shortcuts attracting you. Many times, these shortcuts may divert you from your ambition. But it is your responsibility to find stronger validations to your thoughts daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly by doing self-introspection. By no means you should compare yourself with others. You have to improve for your professional benefits and fetch assertive alternatives of industry guidance. Work hard with passion, and people will automatically join the path to help you in your journey.”

Imbibing Professionalism in Work Culture

The company provides a well-nurtured and compatible work environment to the employees. Dr. Venkat revealed that he has curated a flat culture in his company in all global offices. He explains this further: “Flat culture means there is no bureaucracy, means there is no level like VP, GM, boss, super boss, etc. Every person is working independently. They know their obligations and targets to be achieved. Senior guidance is available for them if any difficulty occurs at some level. Every employee has the access to call, message, or email me. I ensure to engage directly with them to understand their difficulties. I am always open to my employees’ aspirations to increase their efficiency day by day. Because of multiple levels of reporting culture, a company suffers a lot. Many small issues are not addressed on time. Effective and efficient communication is missed. Long story short, top management gets misguided with wrong information from multiple reporting levels. It becomes an utmost priority to traverse 100% correct information to the management. It is only possible if management is continuously involved in the bottom line of employees.”

Ardent Contribution Towards Society

The company abides by its principle of working towards the betterment of society. They have worked for the same by bringing more and more foreign currency to India and generating immense employment opportunities. They also do charity work by providing free education and free health care services to underprivileged children.

Prospectus for Future

Veeprho Group’s team is diligently working to forge quality products and quality documentation to scale up their business plans for the future. Customer satisfaction will be evaluated on the above parameters and help the firm build more substantial grounds of trust. Based on the perfect execution of all these plans, Dr. Venkat manifests to make Veeprho a billion-dollar company in the coming years.




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