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This enormously greedy lifestyle of comfort that we have today comes at a cost, a cost that nature has to pay off! Cutting down trees to obtain wood and timber is among those greedy actions. The impact of cutting down of trees on our environment is irreversible for decades and decades ahead. Well, a breakthrough in the industry of designing solutions for internal/external doors, windows, facilities, and major security needs came with Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies.
Lingel Windows was initiated with a vision to provide state-of-art doors, windows, glass, and accessories imbibed with comprehensive UPVC technology. From consultation to installation, everything comes under one umbrella of perfection at Lingel! We have a lot more to share about this exemplary firm that traced its path from Europe to India. To serve the purpose of gaining further insights about the company, we invited Mr. H.C. Mario Schmidt- Managing Director at Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Limited, for a virtual interaction with our team. We had a bunch of questions waiting for him about his inspiring entrepreneurial journey so far.
The leader revealed many interesting facts about his company to leave us in awe! He also highlighted that a Lingel has a new gigantic manufacturing unit of around 1.25,000 sq ft, with a production capacity of 14,000 units per month in India. With this, it will be easier for Lingel to serve many more customers and will cut short the wait time for customers to receive their products. As a result of our admiration, we featured Lingel India’s story under the segment “Company in Focus in 2023”.

The Tale of Beginning

Team - Lingel India
Team – Lingel India

Mr. Mario shared that his journey and love for the fenestration world started after finishing his mechanical science studies in 1994. He decided to study this sphere intricately and came to India in 2006 to begin his pursuit. Initially, the UPVC industry was quite new, and there were minimal players. Many were not aware of UPVC and so educating the customer base was a big task waiting. He had to start from scratch and gradually build a team; many of his team members are still with Lingel and hold key positions. Gradually, the reach expanded from Rajasthan to different parts of India. Today, Lingel is one of the top 5 fenestration brands in India. The journey to success is never easy, and one has to constantly have a very clear vision and aim. Under the guidance of Mr. Mario the journey has been exceptional. Indeed, his mentorship contributes to the company’s reputation!

Knowing the Service Portfolio

Lingel India understands the Indian environment and consumer requirements and offers gold-standard customized solutions. Free professional consultation is the foremost step which is followed by a quote. It includes-

  • Free project planning and design consultation
  • Specialized and free-of-cost site inspection and site supervision

Afterward, the best solutions are offered, which are high on standards and come at affordable rates. The zeal is to regularly update at par with the advancements that happen in the fenestration industry. By doing so, Lingel can pass on the benefits of knowledge to its customers. Diverse varieties of hi-tech machines from Germany are deployed here. The team is trained in Germany according to the standards necessary. A dedicated sales team is provided for every customer who sees the project from the start till it is completed. Lingel’s expertise lies in residential-individual projects—flats, houses, villas, apartments, duplexes, small, medium, and large housing projects, as well as commercial offices, hotels, hospitals, and resorts.

The company’s wide range of products includes:

  • High-end timber or wooden windows
  • The Glass Conservatory
  • Window Sill
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Roller shutters can be operated manually or automatically.

Lingel has released a gamut of new products, including snow-white-colored windows. The product consists of white foil on the white UPVC surface, making it appear the whitest of the whites. Given the color, the company has ensured the cleaning process is easy and effective. Aluminum System 6.0, launched in 2017, is, in our opinion, the most aesthetic aluminum system available in India.
“As the design is similar to that of a wooden or UPVC window, we can use the complete UPVC hardware range. The options available are entrance doors, sliding, and folding solutions, casement-opening windows, lifts, and slides. We also offer with our system Hueck a thermal broken high-end Aluminum solution for the best possible heat insulation. These windows are produced in Germany, and the final product is imported. Our Oakwood (timber) windows, which are made in Germany, are known for their texture and classic look. We have also launched our finest product, which is the perfect combination of glazing and hardware, the Lingel Panzer Glazing (LPG) and Lingel Safety Box (LSB)”, says Mr. H.C. Mario.

The company recently launched five new products:

  • Motorized skylight
  • Roof window
  • Roof French balcony Cabrio door
  • New handle selection
  • The new powder coating finish

Unparalleled Commitment to Client’s Trust

Trust is built when the customer knows that they are getting accurate fenestration solutions for their homes. The team has consistently provided high-quality fenestration solutions in India for nearly 17 years. Customers know that Lingel is a trusted brand as they provide after-sales service to the customers. They can contact customer care, or directly express their concerns via email to Mr. Mario. Over 70 percent of the customer base comes from referrals or repeat customers. Here customers are the brand ambassadors! This reflects that the customer is well-connected with the company and believes in their services.

Marketing Initiatives at Lingel India

At Lingel India, a comprehensive marketing strategy is followed. From digital marketing to exhibitions, the company connects with its customers through numerous channels. Participating in all major exhibitions, architectural events, social media, public relations, ads, and webinars are some of these strategies.
Lingel Windows Unique Breakfast with Mario Initiative
Lingel’s team is widely spread across India and the same goes for its channel partners. The BWM as they call it, Mario Initiative is a weekly online session held every Saturday morning. Here the team communicates all happy moments, achievements, new product lines, new initiatives, or challenges met during the week. This is an excellent way of reaching the entire Lingel family every week. Mr. Mario has completed 100 Breakfast with Mario sessions with the team.

Ingredients of Lingel Windows Success

Lingel has a whole spectrum of fenestration solutions for every customer. Some of their colossal services are listed below. Mr. Mario also explained to us the prominent essentiality and utility of these services.

Lingel German wood: These windows are termite-resistant and completely customizable. The added advantage of Lingel wood is that it is designed like a UPVC or aluminum window. Made in Germany, it is made on the same hardware for locking and sealing.

Glass conservatory: The glass conservatory can be made with UPVC, aluminum, or even wood. The walls and roof are usually made of glass for easy penetration of sunlight. The glass conservatory needs to be designed, planned, and executed very carefully in India and the team has the right expertise in it.

Lingel Security Windows: Lingel Panzer Glazing (LPG) and Lingel Safety Box (LSB) are the perfect combination of glazing and hardware that provide complete security.

Roller Shutter: A roller shutter can prevent the sunlight from hitting the glass directly and thus reduce the heating of the room by 75%. It provides complete water tightness and complete insulation. The roller shutter can be manually or automatically operated. The three options are spindle, motor, and belt.

Venetian Blinds: They operate on a rolling mechanism (crank- or pulley-based). This is mounted on the system inside the window aperture or the existing window frame. Ideally, it can be attached to the existing window from the outside. There are no operations or general maintenance requirements.

Awnings: In the summer, they block 98% of the harmful sun rays from entering your home. You can use them to your advantage in the winter by retracting them. It is low-maintenance and easy to care for. Awnings add a relaxed feel to your home and are a great addition.

Window Sills: Window sills are an integral part of buildings and other structures. When the rainwater hits the wall, it will flow down and dirty it. But in the window sill area, where usually the windows are fitted in the center, there is a 2 to a 4-inch horizontal plain area that protects it from getting dirty. Window sills are widely used in Europe. One can choose color options to match the color of the window. To match the outer walls, you can also use lighter to darker colors.

Inbuilt Grills: The inbuilt grill solution is a very unique solution that provides complete security. It can be completely customized.

Mosquito mesh: This is a sleek option that can be built in and keeps other pests out. There are three options: pleated mesh, roller mesh, and shutter mesh.

Skylights: Lingel is known for its various skylight projects. Lingel skylights provide daytime lighting and ventilation. These can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

In addition to it, Lingel has also been running Lingel Training Academy for a couple of years now. The main motive is to guarantee that the team is completely skilled and updated. Extensive hands-on training about the product is given to the team. Soft skills to enhance the development of the team are also taken into consideration. Many of their factory workers are sent for training at Lingels’ head office in Germany. They also have special trainers from Germany and India, who pour in all their efforts to train the team and channel partners daily. The training is a three-month-long process with weekly tests to gain extensive product acumen.

CSR Initiatives

Over the years, Lingel has executed many initiatives to establish itself as a responsible brand. The pivotal ideology of ensuring that the environment is always taken care of is the highlight of all. Campaigns to reduce carbon footprints and educate youth on skills were all on Lingel’s list of responsibilities. The team believes that good health is essential, and so in its initiative, they are encouraging people of all age groups to play table tennis, football, and other sports.

Wisdom for Readers and Future Entrepreneurs

Mr. Mario wrapped up this conversation on a sweet note of motivation for our readership panel. He quotes,” If you want to achieve a goal, remember that nothing comes easy and you will have to put all your time and energy into reaching that goal. Hard work, a unique business model, and a strong mentor will help you achieve it.”

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