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As the entire world is witnessing a whole new wave of technological transition, blockchain technology is used for systems and platforms that require ardent standards of security, such as financial transactions and supply chain management. Blockchain has also garnered the interest of business leaders as it can streamline and automate various business processes. Whether it is making efficient and secured payments, one-to-one interaction between businesses, collecting data securely, or tracking the movement of goods, the transparency brought by blockchain technology is unparalleled.

To propagate a deeper understanding and possible opportunities of the blockchain technology and cryptoasset market, we invited Mr. Sarvesh Agrahari, Founder and CEO at Cofinex, to gain comprehensive insights into both his journey and the intricate trajectory of his brand. The dignitary shared valuable knowledge about the near expansion of blockchain technology and the cryptoasset market. He also elaborated on the diverse challenges he encountered during the establishment of his brand. We knew that his words had the potential to illuminate and enrich the understanding of our readers. Hence, we are elated to feature Cofinex Technologies Private Limited under the enticing release “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023”.

A Brief Introduction to Cofinex

Cofinex Blockchain is an all-inclusive enterprise-grade solution for businesses looking to use blockchain technology. Its scalability, interoperability, and secure infrastructure, makes it stand out from the rest. Here are some of the essential domains where Cofinex’s blockchain services can be utilized for optimal results:

  • Smart contract deployment
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Identity Management
  • NFT
  • Banking and Finance
  • Digital Identity
  • Real Estate
  • Energy
  • Intellectual Property
  • Healthcare
  • IPFS

A Glimpse at the Service Portfolio

  • Cofinex has positioned itself as a consolidated blockchain ecosystem for diverse business lines. Cofinex offers a high-speed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform, “Cofinex Exchange”, which is one of the fastest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Cofinex Exchange is regulated by Minos Blockchain s.r.o. (No. 17968127). Minos Blockchain serves customers from the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA). It is regulated by the CNB (the Czech National Bank) as a crypto authorization (virtual asset exchange and wallet custodian services) under the authorization number 145973395.
  • The platform places security, robustness, and execution speed at its core. In addition to that, Cofinex Exchange is capable of processing a high number of orders per second, backed by high liquidity. Approximately 500+ digital currency pairs, along with various trading types like spot, futures, and margin trading, can be accessed here!
  • Cofinex’s “Copy Trading” platform helps newcomers connect with professionals and automatically replicate their trades in real time. The platform is suitable for people with no prior trading knowledge and helps them take advantage of the market with confidence.
  • Users can also use bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to buy gift cards for hundreds of brands like Uber, Home Depot,, and more. These gift cards can be purchased directly from Cofinex’s GiftCard app and used instantly.
  • The company has also introduced a “Copay Card” that allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies in real-world transactions.
  • In final consideration, Cofinex’s “Gold Vending Machine” offers a way to exchange cryptocurrencies for physical gold.


The Chronicles of Inception

The inspiration behind starting Cofinex stemmed from the growing potential of blockchain technology and the cryptoasset market. The aim was to create a comprehensive ecosystem that incorporates various services like Exchange, Stocks, Copay Card, Gift Card, Gold Vending Machine, Lending, and Blockchain Development, catering to different aspects of finance and technology. Mr. Sarvesh Agrahari wanted to develop a holistic platform for users to engage with different aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

Tackling Challenges while Embracing Resilience

The foremost challenge was to earn the stars of credibility and establish themselves as a trustworthy face in the competitive market. As cryptocurrency was a fairly new concept for many, educating users about the all-inclusive picture of blockchain and cryptocurrency investments was challenging too. The company had to significantly deal with strict regulatory considerations related to cryptocurrencies and financial services while developing and maintaining their robust trading platforms.

Having the support of a like-minded technical team was essential to overcoming operational challenges. Hence, a plethora of investments were poured in to develop the advanced technology required for its fast cryptocurrency exchange platform. In addition to it, obtaining liquidity for the crypto exchange, regulatory uncertainty, and market volatility were also some of the other challenges faced by the business.

Elevating the Realms of Credibility in the Market

The trust customers have in Cofinex is built on its commitment to security, transparency, and reliable services. The uniqueness behind this trust comes from Cofinex’s capability of processing a large number of orders per second, along with the diverse range of financial services offered within the ecosystem. Transparent operations, strong customer support, adherence to regulatory standards, and ensuring secure transactions for users are some of the other factors that stand high behind its uniqueness.

In an age of mistrust, Cofinex is witnessing an evolution in how consumers trust its services. Cofinex made its mark in the industry by focusing on speed, and security, and offering a comprehensive suite of financial services. As blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies have come to the limelight, consumers are becoming more informed about the benefits and risks, leading to a shift from complete doubt to cautious consideration. Some consumers might still be doubtful, but platforms like Cofinex Exchange, which prioritize security and transparency, have enabled their users to gain trust over time.

Amplifying the Customer’s Trust

Introducing innovative services like Copy Trading, Bot Trading, Gift Cards, Copay Card Gold Vending Machine, and Neo Banking and rigorous customer support has helped Cofinex make a mark in the industry and win the hearts of its customers. The degree to which clients are connected with the Cofinex brand likely depends on their interactions with the various services offered within the ecosystem. Cofinex as a brand has conducted numerous surveys, collected user feedback and tracked user sentiment on different social media channels to acknowledge their concerns. To analyze customer retention and growth in the customer base, the team takes into account various metrics, namely:

  • Customer Churn Rate
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Active Users and Active Traders
  • Trading Volume and Frequency
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Retention Rate
  • User Engagement Metrics
  • Referral and Affiliate Program Performance
  • Geographical Distribution
  • Conversion Rates
  • Customer Support Interactions
  • Feature Adoption

When consumers see the Cofinex brand, the first thing that comes to mind is a technologically advanced, trustworthy, and comprehensive blockchain ecosystem offering various financial services, backed by speed and security.

COFINEXThe Marketing Initiatives

Cofinex endorsed partnerships with influential figures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space to carve a stronger picture of itself in the market. The team curated high-octane educational content about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, highlighting the speed and security of its exchange, and showcasing successful use cases of its services.

Cofinex also introduced targeted online advertising and promotional campaigns for new services. These campaigns highlight Cofinex’s fast transaction processing capabilities, emphasize its legitimate security measures, and showcase its diverse service offerings. The user testimonials are leveraged to build trust and attract new customers.

The Momentum of Blockchain Technology and Cryptoasset Ecosystem

This emerging category of crypto exchanges represents a paradigm shift in the industry, catering specifically to the B2B space. Unlike traditional exchanges that primarily target individual traders, these platforms offer a comprehensive and customizable exchange infrastructure that businesses can brand as their own.

“This innovation not only streamlines the process of launching a crypto exchange but also empowers businesses, financial institutions, and startups to enter the crypto market with a tailored solution. By providing a white-labeled exchange platform, this new category facilitates quicker market entry, reduces development costs, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, this approach holds the potential to foster greater participation and innovation within the B2B crypto space, transforming how businesses engage with digital assets”, says the Founder and CEO of Cofinex, Mr. Sarvesh Agrahari.

Underlying the Vision for the Future

In the coming year, Cofinex aims to strengthen its brand presence across the globe. The team is working passionately to continuously refurbish its services, expand its user base, and further establish itself as an innovative player in the blockchain and financial technology space. The momentum of pursuing and implementing remarkable innovations in the blockchain ecosystem will be taken to a new horizon altogether!

Cofinex is gearing up to enter new markets, enhance platform security, stay at the forefront of blockchain technology developments, and adopt new technologies to strengthen its security measures.

Mr. Sarvesh Agrahari’s Take on Entrepreneurial Leadership

The entrepreneurial participation of leaders holds commendable value in the entrepreneurial world for several reasons. Their leadership standards cultivate a compelling sense of thoughtful decision-making, foster open communication, and build a shared vision among team members. When leaders actively engage in the entrepreneurial process, they demonstrate commitment, inspire creativity, and facilitate problem-solving. In conclusion, it is their persona and way of approaching problems that create a culture of collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement.


COFINEXParting Words from the Founder’s Desk

Toward the end of the conversation, we asked Mr. Sarvesh Agrahari to share some valuable advice for our esteemed readers and enlighten their ideologies. To this, the dignitary quotes,

“A piece of advice for young entrepreneurs is to stay adaptable, continuously learn about emerging technologies, and focus on building trust and credibility in their chosen industry. Focus on innovation, persistence, adaptability, and a customer-centric approach. Embrace new technologies and trends while maintaining a strong commitment to quality and trust.

For Cofinex, trust is a product of time, built through consistent patience, integrity, responsiveness, and a genuine commitment to fulfilling customers’ expectations. As we navigate the dynamic blockchain technology and cryptoasset landscape, we are driven by the ambition to not only provide state-of-the-art solutions but also to be a brand that our customers can wholeheartedly trust.”


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