Bada Business: How Vivek Bindra conquered the Business World

His Journey, Lessons, Awards, Education, YouTube and more

Bada Business



In the world of motivational speaking has made his huge name.  Journey of Vivek Bindra From a modest background to becoming an influential speaker who has changed the lives of many and has given great life advisees. He had not only helped people in India but he had a huge audience from all over the world. Dr Vivek Bindra is an inspiration and today in this article we will look at the journey of Vivek Bindra and will learn from his life experiences.

Table of Content

1 Introduction
2 Early Life and Education
3 Professional Beginnings
4 Founding Global Academy for Consulting and Education (GACETM)
5 Rise as a YouTube Sensation
6 Bada Business
7 Awards and Recognitions
8 Net worth
9 Conclusion

Early Life and Education

Vivek Bindra was born in a middle-class family in Delhi in 1978. He didn’t experience any lavish life and had faced a challenging childhood. His family played a crucial part in making him what he is now, they gave him life values and a motivation to work hard and made him realize the importance of education.

Vivek was a bright student since his childhood and he always had the hunger to learn new things. Even in his school time, he obtained various achievements. Bindra completed his bachelor’s degree in Delhi and after that, he pursued an MBA from Amity Business School in Delhi.

Professional Beginnings

Vivek Bindra’s career beginning was like an adventurous ride, he was very curious to understand and try out various sectors to understand his mainstream field. During his trial of exploring different sectors, he held positions in renowned industries including insurance and pharmaceuticals. Professional journey of Vivek Bindra, later in life helped him a lot in giving business advice to CEO’s of different sectors.

Founding Global Academy for Consulting and Education (GACETM)

One of the most noticeable works by Vivek Bindra is his education and consulting academy, The Global Academy for Consulting and Education (GACETM). He started this academy after seeing a huge gap in the education system and the industrial needs.

His main goal in starting this initiative is to empower individuals and give them an adequate amount of knowledge and skills. Under his leadership, GACETM reached a huge audience and people started liking the initiative. The academy with time keeps on adding new courses and programs that help young minds in cracking their dream jobs.

GACETM has also received huge recognition and awards from all over the world, including recognition from the Limca Book of Records for training the largest number of CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Vivek Bindra’s vision to empower individuals through education was showing positive results, as they were able to change the lives of thousands of people with the programs offered by GACETM.

Rise as a YouTube Sensation

With his Academy, he started posting motivational messages and unknowingly he saw that people were enjoying and their confidence was boosted with the help of those messages. Vivek Bindra took this as an opportunity to help people and started his YouTube channel in 2013. where he posts videos that help people stay motivated and understand life challenges better.

His videos were very encouraging and helpful for the people and in no time Videos started reaching millions of viewers worldwide and made him a sensation in the world of motivation.

Through his videos he not only motivates people but also helps them to understand different sectors of industry,  how they can get a job, How to learn a skill, and many more topics. His YouTube channel Doctor Vivek Bindra motivational speaker has over 21 million subscribers and they are continuously growing.

Bada Business

Bada Business,  initiated by the visionary Dr. Vivek Bindra is more than just a business id; it’s a transformative force in the world of education and entrepreneurship. Its remarkable rip commenced in 2019, driven by a  high charge to transform business education, making it accessible to a vast following. The upholding vision was to bridge the ocean between usual education and the practical experience demanded by the real business world, and Bada Business has brilliantly executed this vision.

At its core, Bada Business operates as a comprehensive online literacy platform, offering an expansive array of courses and programs that dig in into vital business areas. From the complications of entrepreneurship and the nuances of effective leadership to the art of deals, the wisdom of marketing, and the difficulties of finance, Bada Business covers it all. What truly sets it piecemeal is its system of content delivery – engaging videotape-grounded courses that break down complicated business notions into easily digestible knowledge.

Dr. Vivek Bindra’s attractive presence in these videotapes adds a motivational dimension to the courses, making learning not just educational but also deeply inspiring.   The impact of Bada Business was quick and extensive, drawing in millions of learners from across the globe. Dr. Bindra’s influential digital presence, particularly on platforms like YouTube, played a  vital part in spreading the platform’s reach. What is truly remarkable is that Bada Business outshones geographical limits, offering top-league business education to learners from different backgrounds.

Since its commencement, Bada Business has remained dynamic, always at the leading edge of business education by regularly  modernizing its courses to align with the final assiduity trends and stylish practices.

Inspirational Impact

Vivek Bindra has a unique style when it comes to motivating people, and it’s earned him a lot of attention. He talks about a bunch of stuff like leadership, starting your own business, selling, and getting better at particular development. People connect with what he says.

You see, Vivek Bindra’s not just someone who talks; he is someone who gets results. People who’ve been to his sessions, like at big company events or in seminaries, can not stop talking about how much he has helped them. His way of explaining effects is simple, so indeed the tough stuff sounds easy when he talks about it.

What is interesting is that Vivek Bindra does not just get you all inspired, he tells you what to do next. He is all about giving you the practical way that you can take right down to make your life more. He wants you to have the tools and the right mindset to beat any challenges that come your way.

He is not just a speaker. He is also an author. He has written books that cover all feathers of stuff about getting better at what you do, in your particular life and at work. People love his books because they are like attendants that help you get on the right track.

Now, Vivek Bindra’s trip hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Just like anyone who has made it big, he has faced tough times and obstacles. But what is special about him is that he does not let these lapses stop him. He believes that when life throws challenges at you, it’s a chance to learn and grow.

Awards and Recognitions

Dr. vivek Bindra have received various awards for his work such as:

  • “Best Leadership Trainer in Asia” award from World HRD Congress, recognizing his leadership expertise.
  • “Best Corporate Trainer in India” award from the Indian Education Congress, highlighting his contributions to corporate training.
  • “Best CEO Coach in India” award for his guidance to top executives.
  • “National Entrepreneurship Award” from the Government of India for promoting entrepreneurship.
  • “Top 10 Indian Thinkers” recognition by MTC Global for transformative ideas.
  • Multiple “Best Motivational Speaker” awards from organizations like IABC.
  • “Social Media Icon” award for his impactful online presence, inspiring millions.

Net worth

Net Worth 90 cr +
Monthly Income 40 lakh +
Yearly Income 5 cr +


In conclusion, Vivek Bindra’s work as a motivational speaker and business trainer has earned him wide recognition and praise. His outstanding benefactions have led to multitudinous awards and honors from prestigious associations.

Vivek Bindra’s inconceivable trip, from his humble onsets to his famed status as a motivational speaker, is a story of determination and unvarying commitment. He has touched numerous lives by simplifying complex ideas, participating in relatable stories, and offering practical strategies for success. What makes Vivek Bindra exceptional is his capability to inspire people.

We hope that you have definitely learned from his story and if you do please let us know in comments.

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