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Citrus Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

In the early 2000s, the global IT outsourcing industry had some struggles to provide reliable IT services. Though there were many players in the field, yet most organizations found it very challenging to find a stable and reliable IT outsourcing company whom they could trust to meet their requirements and also to keep up with the timelines. Sarji saw a demand for a good IT outsourcing companies in countries like India and USA, since he heard about instances where the vendors failed to meet the committed deadlines or would suddenly stop communicating with their customers. This inspired him to start a venture of his own that would not only fill up these gaps but provide a reliable and enviable IT outsourcing services. And thus, Citrus Informatics was born in 2010.
Like any start-up, Citrus Informatics also had initial challenges finding customers for the business because it did not have a proven track record to showcase. However, it soon gained a sizable clientele base worldwide due to its high-end IT solutions. The company always stands on its promises and maintains transparent relationships with its customers, making it one of the most trusted IT companies in 2023. Citrus Informatics also had to deal with one of the common challenge faced by any IT outsourcing company, the cultural, geographical barriers and the time zone difference. With time Citrus Informatics was able to overcome these challenges one by one to become the company it is today.

The Unbeatable Citrus Informatics Solutions

The company offers IT Consulting, Technology Management, Software Architecture, Mobile Apps, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Testing and Quality Assurance, Digital Marketing, and other IT Engineering/management services. The company has been serving Ecommerce, Healthcare, Airlines, Energy, Real Estate, Medical Device Integration, Logistics, Broadcasting, Education, Automobile, and Transportation industries worldwide for many years.

Marking the Industry

Sarji Mohammedali has faced many challenges in making Citrus Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd. a global IT outsourcing company. His adhesion to the company’s goals and vision has helped Citrus Informatics maintain trust and integrity. The company intends to offer innovative and value-added products in this competitive market. Citrus Informatics plans to expand its business and mark its presence in the global markets. The company stands out among employee-friendly companies because it focuses on employee satisfaction.
Citrus informatics gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction. It is client centric and works diligently not only to meet the customer requirements and goals but also to provide value added solutions. Citrus Informatics can work in this way because it can boast of a highly proficient team which spans multiple technological areas. The customer has a big gain in this since they are presented with viable technological options that may be a better choice for them. Citrus Informatics also works on projects that require to follow strict compliance policies like HIPAA which is related to healthcare.

Breaking The Old-Traditional Mould

Citrus Informatics is known for its trust value and focus on maintaining the same. The company maintains transparency in all transactions and communications with the clients to stand on their trust and expectations.
Citrus Informatics doesn’t just work blindly to meet the customer requirements. It has a culture to work with the clients very closely and understand their requirements and business needs. This proves beneficial for the clients because Citrus Informatics suggests and presents better alternative solutions if there is a need for it. It is one among the many reasons why Citrus Informatics is the preferred IT company of many customers.
With a strong foundation of highly competent and technically proficient team, Citrus Informatics works in multiple technological areas. It means the customers are guided and served on their requirements through transparent interactions, technical competence, timely project delivery, and affordable solution delivery. As a result, Citrus Informatics has ranked among the top trusted software companies in 2023.
The company treats all its customers as just like its partners and hence any dissatisfaction for the customer is seen as the company’s dissatisfaction. So Citrus Informatics works in a way that is beneficial to its customers and hence the company has got many satisfied customers and long-term business relationships.

Citrus Informatics Marketing Strategy

The company has its own business marketing strategies including digital marketing. Also, many projects are got through references from its happy and satisfied partners and customers.
Through marketing initiatives and transparent work, Citrus Informatics plans to take on more projects and render more IT services in today’s competitive market. The company also aims to develop market-winning and innovative projects to solve issues faced by its customers. It also has plans to expand its AI and data science division and to provide more services in that domain too. In a nutshell, Citrus Informatics is working on future solutions that will be more cost-friendly and technologically advanced for customers.

Working For Customers- The Trust

Citrus informatics always focused on maintaining valuable and transparent customer interactions at all stages to deliver value-driven and affordable solutions. Citrus Informatics solutions and its customer satisfaction showcase the trust level its customers bestow on it.
The company always takes customer and project requirements sincerely. Hence, it focuses unequivocally on meeting the requirements with the best suitable technology and adhering to the timeline and the cost without comprising on the quality. As a result, the customers stay satisfied with the Citrus Informatics solutions and work as partners on new projects. It implicitly speaks volumes about the customer trust and satisfaction they have in Citrus Informatics.
In 2023, the company synonyms with trustworthiness and reliability in the Software and IT industry. Citrus Informatics now offers services in countless technological areas. It has overcome the trust-building challenge in the international IT outsourcing industry by providing good technological solutions with high quality, keeping up with its promises, deadlines, and ethics. With time, the company has gained customer trust by meeting their sensitive information and fulfilment of expectations timely and affordably. Citrus Informatics has ranked among the best-trusted software companies because its customers trust it to establish and maintain professional relations with their vendors if collaboration(s) is needed. It is among the most appealing trait that distinguishes a shining business in the industry. Citrus Informatics testimonies from its customers exhibit brand and customer trust in all dimensions.

Inspiration to Others

Sarji Mohammedali has always believed that shortcuts never work for success. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to tirelessly strive for success with non-compromising values, integrity, and ethics. Sarji adds that the road to success may seem or feel tedious, but the outcomes will always be in equilibrium with the efforts.

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