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“In India, cybersecurity recruitment serves as the ultimate shield for our nation’s digital sovereignty, fostering swift progress in our economic growth and national security”

India is exponentially tracing its trajectory of digitization, and undoubtedly, data has become a substantial asset for its economy.
With technology becoming an indispensable part of our lifestyles, we are transitioning into a data-driven world where cyber security has become consequential. These daunting cyber threats and data breaches have to be mitigated in the first place. As technology falls into the hands of cybercriminals, the incidents of phishing attacks, spam to access confidential data, malware transitions, and other vile operations are alarming. Businesses should be empowered with avant-garde cybersecurity professionals and services to keep security threats at bay. Every organization needs the unflinching support of cyber security professionals amidst the perpetuity of digitization.
An emerging leader in the Cyber Security Recruitment domain is DigiSec Cyber Solutions. Headquartered in Delhi and having multiple offices across India, DigiSec Cyber Solutions is an adroit team of 28+ seasoned cybersecurity recruiters and 21+ cyber security researchers that hold indomitable knowledge about the ever-changing security trends of today’s tech-driven world. Knowing that security is profoundly imperative for businesses across the globe, DigiSec Cyber Solutions handles modern cyber criminals with an upper hand and defies them in their own game. The team at DigiSec ensures that businesses enjoy safer online experiences and that their technology-driven businesses remain protected across all lengths and breadths.
In our quest to bring inspiring entrepreneurial tales to our global aficionados, we knew that the story of DigiSec Cyber Solutions has the potential to add valuable insights to the knowledge bank of our readers. Hence, we organized a virtual interaction with Mr. Viveik Kumar, Founder, and CEO at DigiSec Cyber Solutions, to learn about the various lesser-known nuggets about his company as well as his inspiring entrepreneurial journey so far. The dignitary started his entrepreneurial journey through DigiSec Cyber Solutions in 2019. While conversing with him, his words gave us a glimpse of his focused ideology for growth. The conversation turned out to be extremely fascinating, and his vision left us in admiration. Join us as we feature the entrepreneurial story of Mr. Viveik Kumar under the exclusive segment “The Most Inspirational Business Leaders in Business to Look Out for 2023”.

Company’s Overview

DigiSec has a focused approach to delivering 10x value with a team of security researchers that helps secure the entire digital ecosystem from any external malicious attackers. Understanding that security is an imperative facet of any organization’s digital roadmap, each member of the team is a seasoned tech professional who conducts thorough security assessment processes. DSC offers an end-to-end “specialist approach for the industry”. The team also functions with a streamlined approach for each type of industry to focus on the success of their clients. DigiSec Cyber Solutions offers services as follows:

  • Specialized Cyber Security Recruitment
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Cloud Security and DBA

Inception Tale

Mr. Viveik Kumar holds more than 18 years of industry experience, which is a combination of Business Development, Cybersecurity, and Technology. After working all these years, it was in 2018 that he decided to venture into entrepreneurialism. He wanted to build something purposeful that added value to people’s lives.
During the initial months of 2019, DigiSec began functioning as a cybersecurity services company and grasped the pain points of its clients regarding the protection of their digital assets. Mr. Viveik Kumar also understood that cybersecurity recruitment was one such domain that was not talked much about.
Despite India’s ambitious behavior toward adopting cyber security and the increasing demand for trustworthy resources, the supply was negligible. Businesses needed a highly trained cybersecurity professional to join their Infosec team and stay on the forefront to tackle lurking security breaches. Comprehending this gap, he laid the foundation of DigiSec Cyber Solutions.
“Any tool or technology after a certain period, will phase out easily. So entrepreneurialism is not only about selling tools and services. It is also about helping people find the right people and connecting each one of them efficiently. I had a strong faith in implementing the same idea in the cybersecurity recruitment industry and anticipated that it would become a disruptor for all the right reasons. This motivated me to start my journey as an entrepreneur, and this determination made us what we are today”, says the Founder and CEO.

From Uncertain Roads to Challenges to Opulence

As discussed above, India’s rapid technological growth demands a deep-rooted cybersecurity workforce to defend digital borders and protect its critical infrastructure. But the supply of specialized cyber recruitment services was somewhere around nil. Moreover, as the Indian market hosts numerous SMEs and MSMEs, the cost-effectiveness of cyber security services was also to be taken care of.

Combining all these perspectives in a nutshell, the actual journey of DigiSec started in 2020. Sooner, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, but the company managed to deploy all of its employees and offered a complete work-from-home model. Since then, DigiSec Cyber Solutions has been working in 100% WFH mode and has dedicated itself to delivering excellent customer service.

When we asked Mr. Viveik Kumar more about the initial challenges that he had to face, he elucidated, “Since the very outset of digitization, cybersecurity has been and continues to be a sensitive yet indispensable domain for all sectors of the economy. When I started to form my company, I didn’t have much understanding of the legal regulations, dynamics, and formalities. Building a proficient team and aligning their talents in the right direction was also a challenge back then. But God has been kind enough, and our collective efforts paid off well in the end.”

A Tangible Work Culture Driven by Values

The team is adept at conducting comprehensive evaluations, monitoring, testing, and fortifying cloud platforms and applications. This empowers DigiSec’s clients to deliver applications and services with the utmost confidence, knowing that these systems have undergone thorough scrutiny.
“We have given complete freedom to our employees. We always encourage them to enhance their capabilities outside DigiSec as well. In the end, what matters to us is the unshakeable trust we have built with each other. Our employees are not looking for a bonded corporate lifestyle. We have curated a work environment characterized by dynamism, promoting optimal levels of productivity, and fostering a culture of creativity. We place a strong emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This helps my team members keep polishing their potential and continue working on the company’s growth. I proudly say that DigiSec’s work culture is everything about collaborative actions and growing together”, asserts Mr. Viveik Kumar.
The company has more than 28+ trained recruiters who understand and speak the language of cyber security. The recruitment teams of DigiSec Cyber Solutions are well-equipped with knowledge of every aspect of the cybersecurity industry. The teams are also trained every 45 to 60 days to keep a strong check on the technological changes happening across the industry. This frequent training enables the team to conduct an extensive filtration process for recruiting top-notch talents for the company’s clientele. DigiSec Cyber Solutions has successfully placed more than 479 Leadership and Mid-Management roles in the past two years. DigiSec has positioned itself as the most reliable player in the industry while collaborating with reputed conglomerates and corporate tycoons across domains like banking, large conglomerates, manufacturing, insurance, and healthcare, to name a few.


DigiSec Cyber Solutions

The Dignitary’s Insights on Entrepreneurship

“People management is always tricky. Most entrepreneurs struggle with managing people the right way, and I also found it quite challenging to do the same. As everyone is looking for growth and development, it’s quite difficult to predict what will happen next. However, having a clear understanding of your vision and mission helps you navigate through the challenges of managing people.
True success as an entrepreneur is not only about money or gigantic turnover numbers. The essence of entrepreneurialism lies in the profound impact we have on improving the lives of others. At its core, it is about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Once this ideology is achieved, both success and fulfillment become inevitable.”

Reaching the Peak with Research and Development (R&D)

Research and Development (R&D) lay the foundation of an organization’s success, particularly in the ceaselessly evolving business landscape. As a service-based company dedicated to developing cutting-edge products, investing in R&D is not just crucial for aligning with DigiSec’s vision, but it also holds a special place in contributing significantly to the growth of our country’s cybersecurity landscape.
Continual analysis of market trends and proactive R&D efforts are correlated. By having the guidance and support of trained cyber-security professionals, any organization, irrespective of industry, can stay prepared for these cyber threats. The investment in R&D showcases an organization’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and striving for excellence. By dedicating resources and talent to R&D, DigiSec Cyber is bolstering the digital resilience of India’s critical infrastructure and business fraternity. A testament to these words, are our upcoming product divisions, CYWORKS and Accessibility Compliance. While CYWOKS is a real-time automation tool for recruitment processes, Accessibility compliance is a tool designed to support a cause.

Envisaging a Momentous Journey Ahead

During our discussion with Mr. Viveik Kumar, the esteemed Founder, and CEO of DigiSec Cyber Solutions, he graciously shared exclusive insights into the company’s plans. Mr. Kumar highlighted the launch of CYWORKS, an advanced toolset for cybersecurity recruitment. Now, let us delve into the details of this groundbreaking development.

CYWORKS: A Breakthrough in the Cybersecurity Recruitment Industry

As the industry faces a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, it becomes essential for them to keep their knowledge and skill sets updated with the latest trends. However, this poses a challenge.
for potential recruiters to identify individuals with the necessary skill sets that align with their specific job requirements.
To address this need, DigiSec Cyber is launching its proprietary tool, CYWORKS, in the Indian market by the end of this year. CYWORKS is a real-time automation tool specifically designed for the cybersecurity domain, catering to the current and future requirements of the industry.
By integrating with various social media platforms, hiring portals, and professional networks, CYWORKS gathers information from the online profiles of cybersecurity professionals. It captures and updates their latest certifications, work experiences, and active skills, ensuring an up-to-date database of their capabilities. Based on this comprehensive information, CYWORKS generates a well-evaluated score that assists recruiters in finding the right cybersecurity talent efficiently.
This tool not only empowers professionals to assess their standing in the domain but also simplifies the recruitment process for cybersecurity recruiters. With CYWORKS, recruiters can easily identify and connect with candidates who possess the desired skills and expertise, streamlining the talent acquisition process.
As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, CYWORKS serves as a valuable tool that enhances the industry’s ability to match talent with the demands of cybersecurity profiles. By leveraging this real-time automation tool, both professionals and recruiters can stay ahead in the rapidly advancing field of cybersecurity.
CYWORKS, with its innovative approach, is poised to revolutionize the cyber-recruitment processes for corporate giants. It offers a unique feature that allows these organizations to gain clear visibility into whether prospective candidates have already received offer letters, all while maintaining confidentiality. This game-changing capability empowers the esteemed clientele of DigiSec to streamline their recruitment norms and make well-prepared decisions about candidate mindsets.
By seamlessly integrating with the recruitment strategies of these corporate giants, CYWORKS catalyzes optimized and efficient hiring processes. It provides IT recruitment teams with a comprehensive view of candidate status, enabling them to effectively evaluate and assess potential hires. This visibility ensures that organizations can make informed decisions, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient recruitment process.
With CYWORKS, DigiSec Cyber equips its valued clients with a tool that not only enhances their cyber-recruitment efforts but also simplifies decision-making processes. By leveraging these features, corporate giants can confidently navigate the recruitment landscape and make well-informed choices about prospective candidates, leading to more successful and efficient talent acquisition.
As we move toward the future, the demand for cybersecurity solutions and recruitment services is expected to increase exponentially. DigiSec Cyber Solutions recognizes this growing need and is fully committed to providing top-notch cybersecurity recruitment services. In a world where businesses are expanding their digital assets and embracing technology to the fullest, cybersecurity becomes an indispensable component across all sectors of the economy.
With an ardent focus on cybersecurity recruitment, DigiSec is ready to take center stage and play a pivotal role in ensuring that organizations have access to the best cybersecurity talent available. The company understands the critical importance of building robust cybersecurity teams to protect digital assets and mitigate risks in this ever-evolving landscape.

Parting Words

DigiSec Cyber Solutions

Prime Insights ardently believes that DigiSec Cyber Solutions will truly disrupt the cybersecurity industry on a global level. Hence, to end the conversation, we asked Mr. Viveik Kumar to enlighten our global readership panel with a few words of motivation. The dignitary quotes:

“To all the aspiring entrepreneurs and young minds, I want you to understand that balancing your professional and personal fronts of life is very necessary. Personal happiness and professional growth are directly proportional to each other. As an entrepreneur, your mental happiness should be concrete, along with a clear focus on your ambitions. Ensure that your family and loved ones are there with you along the journey of entrepreneurialism. There will be times when you’ll fall despite giving all your efforts, but do not doubt your persistence and ambition.”

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