Venugopala Chalamala: Visionary CEO Empowering Businesses Through Cutting-Edge IT Services & Solutions

A significant contributor to the growth of the global IT/ITES industry is consulting and services companies. They provide businesses with top-notch services, strategic solutions, and valuable guidance. These companies also manage and execute numerous projects, increasing organizational flexibility and efficiency. Such organizations have a team of market experts who analyze trends and devise ingenious growth strategies and business plans accordingly.

Venugopala Chalamala, Founder & CEO of ATLAS SYSTEMS, is one business visionary who has witnessed and contributed significantly to the growth of the IT consultancy segment for almost 30 years. Atlas is one of the most trusted brands that has provided top-notch growth and development solutions to Fortune 1000 businesses.

Let’s look at his company, offerings, entrepreneurial journey, and more.


An overview of the company

Atlas Systems is a leading IT services and technology company led by Venugopala Chalamala. The organization has been proudly servicing Fortune 1000 and many mid-sized clients since 2003. It is headquartered in Princeton, NJ. The brand proudly stands as a trusted partner for global industry leaders, offering customized solutions with a worldwide delivery model. Atlas Systems is also a long-term technology partner providing AL & ML-powered solutions to various clients.

Venugopala’s continuous emphasis on learning and upskilling in-house talent has benefited all global clients. Atlas manages some of the most extensive infrastructure operations for clients in various industries. It has delivery centers in New Jersey and India located in Bangalore & Chennai.


An Impressive Service Portfolio

To its clients, Atlas Systems offers an array of IT services:

  • Database Administration
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Security & Migration
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Application Development & Support
  • Network Support
  • AI/ML Services
  • IT Security & Consulting
  • Digital Transformation Services

Atlas also offers IT solutions that leverage AI & ML and real-world experience to optimize IT Operations. AInfinity empowers businesses with end-to-end solutions that use AI to predict, recommend, and resolve IT operations issues. While one of their products, PRIME, enables health plans to improve provider data accuracy. Another product, ComplyScore, supports governance, risk and compliance, and provider data compliance.


Venugopala Chalamala | Founder & CEO | ATLAS SYSTEMS
Venugopala Chalamala | Founder & CEO | ATLAS SYSTEMS

Filling A Lacuna in Healthcare Plans

One of Atlas System’s most successful products, PRIME, provides capabilities that assist Health Plans and Providers with improving the experience and outcomes of patient engagement by solving the dilemma of provider data accuracy. This is especially important given federal and state regulations, including the No Surprises Act that went into effect on 1/1/2022.

“What sets PRIME apart is that it is not a data aggregator. Atlas differentiates this offering by aligning the organization, processes, and technology to the specific needs of our clients. This results in high-quality data updates with improved interoperability between the Health Plans and their Providers”,
– Robert Branchini, Chief Technology Officer at ATLAS SYSTEMS

Robert brings over 25 years of experience in leading large teams and managing multi-million fiscal responsibilities. He was previously Vice President of Information Technology at organizations such as EmblemHealth and GHI. His valuable industry insights, strategies, and execution skills have led to complex business and IT transformations in the dynamic and highly regulated healthcare market.


Noteworthy Entrepreneurial Route

An engineer by trade, Mr. Chalamala got bitten by the entrepreneur bug, witnessing tremendous opportunities to help clients solve their business challenges. Thus, Atlas Systems was born with a focus on leveraging advancements in technology to improve client businesses. Since then, Mr. Chalamala has shaped his small business into a first-tier global service and software solutions provider. He is actively involved in the business community through various organizations like the New Jersey Technology Council, Young Presidents Organization, TIE and Mercer Chamber of Commerce.


Journey Since Foundation

In the beginning, Venugopala faced numerous challenges. His journey started with making a significant decision – whether to take external funding or move forward with bootstrap. After much consideration, he chose the latter. One by one, his resilience and burning passion for empowering clients helped him overcome all challenges.
Fast forward to 2022, Venugopala Chalamala has a string of successful years running a strong managed IT services business. Atlas Systems has completed hundreds of projects across various industry segments and has empowered top global brands with advanced solutions.
Looking back, Venugopala relishes this fantastic journey, sharing that he wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Venugopala Chalamala | Founder & CEO | ATLAS SYSTEMS
Venugopala Chalamala | Founder & CEO | ATLAS SYSTEMS

A Customer-Centric Philosophy

Like any other IT company aiming to convert new prospects into happy clients, Atlas runs large marketing programs and various campaigns across digital channels. It has a great mix of inbound and outbound marketing strategies deployed. The secret to its success, however, is something else.
Atlas Systems focus on quality client service has made it a trusted IT services partner for mid and large enterprises in the United States. Being a value-driven company, Atlas Systems prioritizes its customers to the greatest degree. Since its inception, its delivery teams have consistently met client benchmarks. This approach has won the company many new clients through references from existing customers.
As Venugopala proudly shares, “Dependability is the first thing that enters a consumer’s mind when they see Atlas Systems. We have fair brand recognition, and most of our business comes from references. Our clients refer us; that is a testimonial of our work.”
Today, Atlas Systems delivers value by sharing risk, adding insight, and deploying resources with excellent domain expertise and product experience. It has strategically positioned itself to service this segment with the 3P philosophy – People, Process, and Platform. The brand sees itself as big enough to service and small enough to care. It focuses on mid-market, where clients don’t get attention from large providers, and small providers don’t have the breadth and depth to service.


Standing Strong Amidst Trying Times

Mr. Chalamala reveals that Atlas Systems has had a very high customer acquisition rate for more than since 2003. “It shows the sheer amount of confidence clients have in Atlas. We always put the client first and use technology as an enabler”. However, this didn’t come easy; there were times when his entrepreneurial resilience was put to the test.
To share a recent example, Atlas continued to support its clients at the same level of service even amidst deep budgets cuts and long-awaited payment terms. The company understands how paramount it is to help employees during difficult times. It stood beside them with no furloughs or layoffs despite the significant impact on business during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Future Plans

Atlas Systems aims to expand its industry footprint by providing better service, which helps businesses reach new heights. Given that the future is tech-dependent, the company is making significant investments in AI practice. Venugopala also looks forward to achieving a work-life balance within the following year.


A Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of experience, Mr. Chalamala very well understands the significance of a long-term vision. He urges young entrepreneurs not to be deterred by temporary setbacks & challenges. His one key advice: “Equity is costly, don’t give it away!”




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