Ajay Kumar Singh: A Visionary Entrepreneur with a Zeal for Advancement

Ajay Kumar Singh

In recent times, India has become a breeding ground for dynamic and innovative business leaders. Whether it’s launching a new start-up or overseeing an already established business, these entrepreneurs have reinvented themselves time and again. Their zest to break the mould has instilled a sense of courage in many young entrepreneurs.
One of such effective leaders is Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Chairman of Manacle Group of companies. His company is a conglomerate that dabbles into multiple sectors, such as Manacle communications India limited, Manacle Logistics India Limited, and Manacle Engineering and Infrastructure Limited.
Thus far, Mr. Ajay Singh has consistently pushe the envelope in his business endeavours. He has notonly established a solid brand but also redefined the prevailing paradigms of various industries
From brand versatility to visionary thinking, thereare various elements they’veconstituted success for Ajay Singh and his company. This article will cover some of them, to inspire young entrepreneurs who’re ebarking upon the entrepreneurial journey.

An Overview of Manacle Group

Manacle Communications India Limited is a renowned software development company based in Bangalore, India. It offers customized software solutions to organizations, to help them transform their business. To serve as an allencompassing software solutions provider, Manacle group has expanded its operations to various sectors
Manacle Communications India Ltd- Deals with Software Development, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Digital Management & Branding, Cyber Security, IoT, Permanent Staffing, Contract Staffing, AI and Machine learning and etc..

Manacle Engineering & Infrastructure Limited- Specializes in constructing Bridges, Tunnels, Stations, PWD, CPWD projects, Educational & Culture-specific projects, etc. It also provides sustainable water management solutions and end-to-end flood management solutions.

Manacle Logistics India Limited – Provides logistics solutions by air, road, sea way, international rail, etc. It also offers arrangements for iron and coal mining transportation in unique eco-friendly containers.

“Treating your employees the same as your customers works well. We ensure their health and safety as much as we as their performance and growth.”
– Ajay Singh.

Ajay Singh’s Inspiration Behind Manacle Group

Manacle Group of companies was established by Ajay Singh 12 years ago. He embarked upon hisjourney as an entrepreneur in 2009, immediately after his graduation. Despite being an IT graduate, Ajay Singh was passionate about becoming a business leader. Therefore, in 2009, he came up with another venture called Manacle Networks India Pvt Ltd. It was a training company that offered training and placement services to college students and trainings to corporate companies.
“We have placed over 500+ BE/ B.Tech students across India in different domains and various companies,” beams Ajay Singh.
In December 2016, the company expanded its operations industry segments like Infrastructure, Logistics Warehouse, IT, and Engineering.
In addition to Ajay Singh’s efforts, Mr. Mahinder Singh, Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma and other directors have contributed significantly to the brand’s growth and success. They’ve worked tirelessly to take Manacle Group to the next level. Together, they’ve built a supportive ecosystem to effectively troubleshoot any issues.

Overcoming Adversities as an Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur has to face numerous challenges during the course of their career. Ajay Singh too has had to endure many setbacks throughout his entrepreneurial journey.
“There was a time when we struggled to managefunds. And because of those financial constraints, we have lost many big opportunities,” recollects Ajay Singh.
However, his hunger for success and excellence never stopped him from moving forward. Owing to this determination, Manacle Group has thus far acquired an impressive clientele, encompassing various industries and categories. Some of them include the likes of Jindal Group, RashmiGroup (Steel & Cement), RIPCO Logistics Ltd, and many more.
In addition to the commercial success, Manacle Group has achieved the most significant of all recognitions – the trust of its customers. All its customers revere the company for its emphasis on values like integrity, quality, and delivering excellence.

How Ajay Maintains a Work-Life Balance

An entrepreneur’s life is filled with professional commitments and time constraints. Thus, oftentimes, they forget how to keep a balance between their personal and professional lives.
Being an entrepreneur himself, Ajay Singh stresses on the importance of maintaining a ‘to-do list’. He elucidates, “I know my peaks and trough. So, prioritising my to-do lists and planning my day helps me plot my time for family,friends, and hobbies,”

Views Changing Market Trends

In today’s day and age, market trends change at the drop of a hat. What’s trending today might become outdated pretty soon.
In such a volatile industry, entrepreneurs may often find confused and discouraged.
Ajay Singh likes to combat this confusion by focusing on his company’s internal processes. He says, “We keep improving the company’s internal process, and analyse what tasks are imperative. We are open to flexible process changes to achieve the target.”
Moreover, he firmly believes in the importance of “hiring the right people at the right time.” For major decisions, he advices entrepreneurs to consult an expert and consider their opinions/suggestions.
“We encourage building a well-informed business environment as we clearly understand the criticality of the socio-economic condition. For instance, this pandemic has taught us to have a keen eye on what the competitors are doing, and also learn from their success and failures,” he adds.
Lastly, he suggests business leaders to always be prepared for unexpected changes. Entrepreneurship is a game of uncertainty, so the more proactive you are the better.

How Ajay Singh Ensures Employee Satisfaction

A company can only truly prosper when its employees are content. At Manacle Group, Ajay Singh ensures that they follow a ‘Employees First’ policy. He believes that employees are the company’s real assets and that their wellbeing shouldn’t be neglected.

Manacle Group’s Plans for the Future

For the future, Manacle Group has some ambitious plans in the pipeline. Firstly, the company plans on entering into the IPO segment within the next 5 years. Apart from this, it also aspires to make its way to the list of Top 10 Logistics and Warehouse companies.
The company is consistently reaching new echelons of development with its multifarious projects.

A Message for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Amid the current economic scenario, India’s start-up culture is showing immense promise for financial as well as operational growth. This is especially evident in the prevalence of unicorn start-ups, which are constantly increasing throughout the country. Ajay Singh foresees a very optimistic future with this trend and hence, spurs new entrepreneurs to make the most of it. Here’s his message to them: “According to a study, India is the fourth largest base for unicorn start-ups in the world, with over 21 unicorns that collectively own US$ 72.2 billion. By 2025, India is expected to have 100 unicorns, which will create 1 Crore direct jobs. This is the right time to come up with a super-cool start-up idea.
Dream big and envision a transformed future. We’ve to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit within!”





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