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18th Digitech

Handling an e-commerce website isn’t an easy job. It requires a dedicated level of research, strategic planning, and capital expenditure. Moreover, despite doing all this, sometimes the website fails to attract its target audience or any audience at all.
In such a scenario, it is best for businesses to hire a reputed digital agency. These agencies not only help build your website but also to maintain them and attract quality traffic and eventually increase sales. In essence, they are the maestros of the digital space who hit the right chord in online business strategy.
One such company is 18th Digitech Pvt Ltd, an eminent e-commerce solutions provider of India. It specializes in a host of brand-building services, such as eCommerce website development, digital marketing, online strategies, etc.
18th Digitech’s holistic services have thus far transformed the business trajectory of dozens of brands. It has not only attained much monetary growth but also ushered new paradigms in the digital space.
In this article, we’ll be further elaborating on various aspects of 18th Digitech’s success story – its conception idea, service portfolio, values, and much more.

“18th Digitech believes in cultivating a long-term relationship with our customers, helping them through every stage of their e-commerce journey”
                                                       – Abhishek Mathur

18th Digitech’s Impressive Service Portfolio

18th Digitech is an ISO 9001-2015 certified digital agency that integrates data-driven solutions into businesses to yield desirable marketing outcomes. To help businesses achieve this, it offers an array of end-to-end e-commerce solutions:

  • Adobe: 18th Digitech is an Adobe Gold Solution partner with immense experience in Adobe tools such as Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud. The brand’s abundant knowledge of Adobe helps it enhance the marketing performance and operations of e-commerce websites.


  • BigCommerce: Being an official BigCommerce partner, 18th Digitech has expertise in curating cost-effective and user-friendly e-commerce website on the BigCommerce platform.The team of BigCommerce developers and designers at 18th Digitech build promising and efficient websites that are customized to the maximum extent possible.


  • Magento: 18th Digitech is also a certified Magento Solution partner. It has a team of in-house Magento 2 certified professional Developers, Cloud-Developers, and solution specialists. They help clients build customized e-commerce websites on Magento platforms such as Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source.


  • Digital Marketing: 18th Digitech’s highly-experienced digital marketers help clients enhance their presence and expand their digital network by implementing unique marketing automation. Through these strategies, the client’s website not only increases its brand visibility but also its overall sales.


  • Support Services: An e-commerce website, needs constant support, maintenance, and supervision once it’s launched. Which is why 18th Digitech offers 24/7 specialized support services for BigCommerce and Magneto platforms.


  • Content Creation: 18th Digitech helps clients build their brand awareness and attract an influx of visitors through engaging content. The team of content writers at the company generate content best suited for your target audience and optimized search engines.

With this enriched gamut of services, 18th Digitech has worked with some of the biggest brands in India, the likes of which include, Escorts Ltd., Royal Enfield, RituKumar, Crocs India, Soch Apparels, Aditya Birla Group, Nalli Silks and many others.

The Idea That Sparked a Transformation

18th Digitech Pvt Ltd was founded by Tarun Jain back in 2010, and later joined by Abhishek Mathur as the CEO. The intent was to help e-commerce brands, big or small, achieve their business endeavours in the digital space. “The immense potential offered by e-commerce inspired us to start 18th Digitech, where we can enable merchants and businesses of all sizes to expand into e-commerce,” says Abhishek Mathur, CEO of 18th Digitech.
Initially, the company was known as 18th Technology. However, it was changed to 18th Digitech as a more fitting name for the brand since it specializes in Digital solutions, Abhishek added.

An Inspiring Tale of Resilience & Persistence

In the beginning, the company had to face numerous challenges along the way. For starters, clients were hesitant to invest in larger e-commerce set-ups. “As e-commerce was relatively new and an emerging trend, there was less awareness amongst merchants regarding the potential an e-commerce website held,” recollects Abhishek.
In addition to this, finding competent developers was also difficult. However, with resilience and a burning passion to help, the company overcame these challenges one by one.
Fast forward to 2021, 18th Digitech has successfully completed +150 projects across various industry segments, and has empowered more than 350 clients with its advanced solutions. The company has also established a strong presence in Australia.
18th Digitech’s stellar success has inspired other brands in its industry to adopt a versatile and international approach in their services.

A Customer-Centric Philosophy

Being a value-driven company, 18th Digitech prioritizes its customers to the greatest degree. All of the company’s services are tailored around the unique needs of each customer.
For the company, the word “customer” is synonymous with the word “existence”.

Envisioning The Future

In this age of digitization, companies are being compelled to make their mark in the digital space. While some are adapting to this effortlessly, there are still numerous businesses that’re struggling to make the change.
Abhishek aims to fulfil this market gap by serving businesses in multifarious ways. He talks about his plans for a strategic partnership: “We are expanding the range of e-commerce platforms we support by becoming an official Shopify Plus Partner.”
Apart from this, the company is also focusing on expanding and diversifying their end-to-end e-commerce solutions. “Our plans include catering to a wider range of clients located globally and with different niches. Ramping up our digital marketing capabilities is also underway to offer consumers advanced marketing for their growth,” he adds.

A Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As a seasoned entrepreneur with a decade of experience, Abhishek very well understands the significance of a long-term vision. He thus urges young entrepreneurs to not be deterred by temporary setbacks & challenges. Here’s his advice on developing a growth mindset:
“Entrepreneurship is a challenging yet vastly rewarding journey. My advice to young entrepreneurs is to follow your vision, make use of technology, and create actionable plans that lead you to your goals. Expect difficulties in the beginning and prepare for them as much as possible. Keep on persevering and be flexible to achieve success.”

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