Vertex Global Services: An Illustrious Business Solutions Provider With A Vision For Excellence

Vertex Global Services

Every organization seeks to hone its market performance. As a business moves past its initial stages, it yearns for new strategies and solutions for business optimization. Therefore, it’s important for any organization, big or small, to hire a reliable solutions partner that’ll help them optimize various business processes. This will not only streamline the operations but also prevent avoidable financial and technical mistakes.
Vertex Global Services is one of the leading business optimization solutions providers in India. A subsidiary of ILC Solutions based out of Times Square, New York. Vertex Global Services is a NASSCOM accredited organization that specializes in customized end-to-end services and solutions. So far, the brand has successfully served hundreds of clients both at national and international levels. It has also ranked at first in India and 19th amongst the most innovative companies in the world.

Vertex Global’s Affordable and Cutting-Edge Solutions

Vertex Global Services offers high-tech business solutions like Managed IT Services, Strategic Consultancy, Virtual Reality, AI/ML, Performance Marketing, HRO and so on. The company has also launched its very own E-Learning Platform called Vertex Digital Academy, which offers advanced digital marketing training. The purpose of this platform is to help bridge the gap between learners, instructors, and universities.
Vertex Global directly collaborates with some of the leading IT players to develop cost-effective, advanced solutions for clients. These solutions help clients punch above their weight and capitalize greatly on profits.
Strategic Marketing and advertising help an organization stand out from its competitors. To enable its clients to build their brand portraits, the company uses tactical advertising and emerging technologies.

The Brand’s “Winning Formula”

Vertex Global Services operates on what they like to call their “winning formula”. The brand firmly believes in providing practical yet valuable services, adhering to the following principles:

Trust: Earning the clients’ trust is of prime importance to the brand. The company’s immense industry experience, advanced technological expertise, and innovative service portfolio help them in doing so.

Innovation: The brand always seeks new opportunities in new sectors to improve, grow and upgrade its services.

Reliability: The company is the fastest-growing Business Optimization Solutions provider in the global market for a reason. Its highly efficient, effective, and affordable solutions make it a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Owing to this winning formula, the company has so far established a 92% client renewal rate over the years. “Our customers’ satisfaction rate over the years has been above 90% which I believe is a promising standard. Our hallmarks are to create great experiences because we believe they are memorable,” says Founder & CEO of Vertex Global Services, Mr. Gagan Arora.

Vertex Global Services Inception & Success Story

Despite his initial failures with start-ups, Mr. Gagan Arora never gave up hope. His passion for technology and creating a sustainable ecosystem encouraged him to launch Vertex Global Services. The company was created in a garage with a humble two-member team in Miami, Florida. “I left my job, sacrificed monthly salary & perks, and worked out of a garage with minimal liquidity, to achieve my dream. I always work in a way to be more diverse than can initiate more possibilities,” states Mr. Arora.
Every business owner has to embark upon an arduous journey to reach their goals. In the initial stages, Mr. Arora too found it difficult to keep his team, who he fondly refers to as his “Unstoppables”, driven and motivated. However, having a reliable and efficient CEO like Mr. Gagan helped him curb that issue. “Becoming an entrepreneur requires versatility, which is both enduring and inspiring. Gagan Arora has played many roles at Vertex as an entrepreneur, but the most critical is keeping my Unstoppables (team) excited and driven,” he adds.
By and by, he extended operations in the USA, Philippines, India, and most recently, Nepal. At present, the company has a team of 700+ professionals working across four continents. The company has also ranked 19th amongst the top 50 most innovative companies in the world.
To date, the company has successfully utilized artificial intelligence for many renowned companies in the industry. Thanks to its highly experienced team of veterans, the company provides solutions as a Fortune 500 organization. It aspires to help leading technology innovators develop innovative products and venture into new areas of AI.
Mr. Arora’s solution-oriented thinking and diligence have won him the CEO of the year award, 2020, recognized as 40under40 by CNBC & Asia One, and ranked him amongst the top 100 influencers by Forbes & GMI. These recognitions have inspired him to take on new endeavours. His primary passion, however, shall always be developing cost-effective and cutting-edge technologies.

The Brand’s Future Plans

One of the primary goals of the company is to establish itself as a prodigious brand nationally and internationally. Another priority of the company is to offer its customers a digital transformation, through which they can reap the benefits of digital and tech to the greatest extent. To achieve this, the company plans on providing customer-centric business solutions and innovations.
The current pandemic has widened the digital skills gap considerably. To overcome this obstacle, the company, through Vertex Digital Academy will aim at fostering digitization. This E-learning platform will also empower learners and companies to excel in their respective careers, and prepare better for the future.
“As we thrive, we will continue to invest in expanding and for that have a robust plan to broaden ourselves across the globe with our development projects along with Vertex Digital Academy and Cosmos,” says Mr. Arora.
The company is also thrilled to tap into its new segment with the “Train and Deploy” service in numerous countries across the globe. The “Train and Deploy” service trains individuals as per the exact skill set required by the companies. The HTD service providers train the resources and deploy them to various clients as soon as the training is over. With this service, the company aims at upskilling and training talented youths for their future.
Furthermore, the company has implemented a growth strategy and also bought footprints through Vertex Digital Academy and Cosmos. With this, the company is hopeful to increase its market share to 20 percent.

Pandemic Career Support Platform

A successful company, in the truest sense, is one that does not forget its corporate social responsibility.
The pandemic has caused many individuals to face the wrath of unemployment. To help job seekers connect with employers, Vertex Global Services has announced a ‘Pandemic Career Support Platform’.
Through this campaign, the company aspires to generate employment during the global crisis. This initiative will integrate workforce management for unemployed individuals as well as employers to bridge the gap between the two.
The company has joined hands with over 3000 clients to help offer better employment opportunities to job seekers. The campaign is designed to serve as a career accelerator for skilled individuals who are struggling during these hard times.
On the ‘Pandemic Support Platform’, individuals can explore their preferred positions and even add their desired profiles. The best part about this platform is that it is absolutely free.

A Message for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Being an indefatigable proponent of perseverant positivity, Mr. Gagan Arora urges eager-beavers to wholeheartedly commit to the entrepreneurial process. Here’s what he has to say: “I think it is very easy to kick off a business but becoming a promise able entrepreneur is very onerous, requires patience, and is exhausting at the same time. The key to success is “passion” and I think the golden ticket in the process is “values”. Success speaks to have peace within yourself and whatever you do with determination. However, it is very important to have a solid business plan which must inspire you daily and makes you happy to be at work. Never hang back to push the boundaries, make yourself comfortable with I Can! Be optimistic, keep the aim right, be committed and develop the right skills with the right team with the best information and data sets.”

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