DIATOZ Solutions: DIATOZIAN’s Vision to Disrupt the International IT Scenario

DIATOZ Solutions

In today’s digital era, there’s a pressing need for convention-defying solutions. A million digital problems are faced by businesses each day, many of which necessitate a fresh mind and unique paradigms. Businesses, therefore, can only sustain if they adopt a continually innovative process for their operations.
DIATOZ Solutions is a digital solutions provider that acknowledges this need for constant innovation. It helps businesses keep pace with ever-changing digital trends, ensuring that they’re always performing at their optimal level. The brand has successfully served dozens of clients so far, many of which are top MNCs and industrial giants.

DIATOZ Solutions: An All-Encompassing Digital Solutions Brand

DIATOZ: Digital A to Z solutions operates in three primary business lines – Digital Solutions & Services, Digital Products, and Consulting. Here’s an overview of each of these categories:
Digital Solutions & Services: This encompasses a wide range of digital services that range from proof of concepts to multi-million dollar digital transformation engagements.
Digital Products: These products are powered by DIATOZ Innovation Hub. They provide consumers with every possible digital solution that helps them save time, money, and feel happy and secure. The brand’s in-house products like iRestoran, ezenotes, e2ehiring, hectocommerce, ezevision, airpetgo, and agromarketplace have already created great hype and curiosity in the market across different domains.
Consulting: This entails the sourcing, screening, and evaluation of the best talents for the IT Industry. They’re forwarded to various partner companies so as to fulfill their human resource needs.
In its 3 years of existence, DIATOZ Solutions has fostered strong relationships with a multitude of clients. Its engagements are getting bigger and deeper with time. All of this was possible because the brand always works in sync with the customers’ needs and motivations. It thoroughly understands their requirements, designs scalable and futuristic solutions, and above all, engenders a strong sense of trust.

The Brand’s Inspirational Journey

The Founder of DIATOZ Solutions, Mr. Monuranjan Borgohain, started the brand in a balcony in May 2018. He was driven by the ambition of disrupting the IT scenario, both in India and across the globe. He wanted to build a brand that’d become the synonym for quality and reliability in the digital space. Unlike many other brands, which focus purely on numbers, DIATOZ believes in quality organic growth. The brand hungers more for quality work than money. The ultimate goal of the brand is to create a socio-economic impact by producing products that benefit millions of people.
In the initial days, DIATOZ had to face several daunting challenges, just like any organic self-funded company. The challenges, however, didn’t deter its team but rather motivated them to do better. The most difficult part of the process was maintaining the brand’s operational expenditure, as it had no financial backing. Despite the difficulties, however, the brand persevered owing to its strong vision and values.
Fast-forward to 2021, DIATOZ has an office in Bengaluru and a Singapore entity called “DIATOZ PTE LTD”. It boasts of a team of 110 employees. It has created successful engagements with many eminent clients, such as LNTECC for developing partner management portal, Mahindra Comviva for managing a micro-financing platform, and Tata Communications USA for managing its patent product iJura. The brand is also working with many other key global partners for their unique product development concepts.

DIATOZ’s Emphasis on Trust-Building

In today’s hyper-competitive era, creating a solid global brand is difficult. Companies get just one chance to position their brand in the market, failing which they’ll be doomed to oblivion. This one chance is the time when customers buy something from a brand. Either the brand provides a quality product at the best price, or it totally loses this chance.
DIATOZ understands the significance of customers’ trust, hence it does its utmost to achieve it. The brand adheres to the phrase: “what you say is what we build”. It strives to keep commitment very simple and achievable. The brand never takes up work for revenue purposes alone; the work has to excite its team. Once it takes up the work, it leaves no stone unturned in living upto the expectations of clients.
DIATOZ’s long list of repeat-customers serve as a testament to their trust for the brand. As its customer base is growing, the brand has understood the right approach to effectively solve their problems.

The Brand’s Marketing Front

DIATOZ’s main source of business in software development is its connection and references from existing partners. The brand, however, is looking at optimizing its marketing front, as it seeks to popularize its products in the open market. To strengthen its brand positioning, DIATOZ has started its marketing and growth team. It is one of the main focus areas for the brand this year.

Plans For The Future

The brand is striving for a mission called ‘Mission 2023’. It has set a grandiose expansion plan for the coming years. After its Singapore office, the brand plans to set up a new one in the US, in the 4th quarter of 2021. It also plans to further expand in India and the Middle East.
On the personal front, Mr. Monuranjan is making self-care a top priority. The pandemic has taught us all invaluable lessons, one of them being the importance of our physical wellbeing. Professionally, he’s striving to ensure that all the quarterly targets are met despite all odds. He wants to enter the next year with a much-coveted head start.

A Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mr. Monuranjan describes his entrepreneurial journey as a “rough ride”. He faced many challenges while penetrating the market, having absolutely no investor support or financial backing. Despite the odds, however, DIATOZ managed to gain several wins, even during Covid-times. It expanded its headcount steadily and opened a new office in Singapore.
Mr. Monuranjan urges aspiring entrepreneurs to have the same steadfastness while chasing their dreams. Here’s what he has to say: “Keep it simple, both with your dreams and targets. The journey is exciting but not easy; you’ll feel like you’re falling apart at times. Remember, it means you’re on the right track and are doing good.








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