Tuhina Anand: A Passionate Entrepreneur Fortifying B2B SaaS and Tech Companies to Leverage Content Marketing for Optimal Results


Tuhina Anand, Koda 

With the support of comprehensively tailored digital and content marketing strategies, B2B SaaS and tech companies have the potential to strike strong chords of credibility with their target audience. Today we have the story of a trailblazer who is proving that with streamlined content plus digital marketing strategies, B2B SaaS companies can foster unprecedented growth.
Koda is an emerging digital marketing agency that specializes in creating content-first and content-driven marketing strategies for B2B SaaS tech companies on a global level. Through its finest array of services, Koda has brought notable results to its clients’ integrated marketing efforts. The company’s esteemed clientele includes leading players in the technology industry, and the team takes pride in its successful collaborations with renowned brands like Tragofone, HoduSoft, NextBillion, and Easyrewardz, among others.
The team holds indomitable expertise in crafting metrics-driven content assets and delivering impactful results, be it on social media or any other digital platform. Koda offers comprehensive services that include thought leadership and awareness campaigns. It was in 2019 that Tuhina Anand laid the foundation of Koda Integrated Marketing Services and started her journey as an entrepreneur.
To discover the lesser-known facts about the company’s journey so far, we invited Tuhina Anand, Founder and CEO, to have a one-on-one conversation with our editorial team. The visionary lady walked us through the important facets of her entrepreneurial journey and highlighted the facts that motivated her to target this gap and create a benchmark of differentiation. Her resplendent business acumen and impactful vision have the aura of inspiring our global readership panel. This motivated us to feature her story under the enticing release “The Leader Behind an Admirable Company 2023” on our platform.

Back to the Days of Inception

Tuhina began her professional career as a journalist and later switched to being a marketing consultant. She felt that there was a gap in the market when it came to delivering marketing services to SaaS and IT companies. This was primarily due to a lack of understanding because the conversations are more nuanced, and an understanding of the technology landscape is required. Content marketing plays a major role in driving decisions in B2B Tech and SaaS domains; however, there is a need for well-researched and well-written assets. Digital marketing also needed to change its lens to B2B and not use the same rules as B2C. This motivated her to start Koda, a content and digital marketing agency that understands and caters to tech companies.

A Line of Balance Between Personal and Professional Paths

Tuhina says that being an entrepreneur comes with profound responsibilities, and she continues to juggle multiple aspects of running a company. Her journey has been a unique blend of challenges and triumphs, much like any other leader who embarks on the path of entrepreneurship. Embracing adversity, learning from experiences, and staying resilient have been key in shaping her journey.
In addition to it, Tuhina understands the essentiality of keeping a strong balance between her personal and professional spheres. For this, she inculcates mantras like prioritizing time management, delegating tasks effectively, and setting boundaries to ensure quality time with loved ones while driving the company’s success.

Curating a Dynamic and Inclusive Workplace for Employees

At Koda, employees are motivated to ensure robust work-life harmony, and their well-being is placed at the top of the list of priorities.
The Founder and CEO asserts, “At Koda, we strive to guarantee that employees voices are heard, and their contributions are all recognized with gratitude. I firmly believe that running an organization is a team sport, and the success of a company never relies on one person. We prioritize employees’ holistic well-being through open communication, recognizing their contributions, providing growth opportunities, fostering a positive work culture, and offering competitive benefits to ensure their satisfaction and commitment to the company’s success.”

Tuhina Anand’s Views on CEOs’ Participation in the Ever-Changing Entrepreneurial World

“CEOs’ participation in the entrepreneurial world is invaluable. Their insights and experiences can fuel innovation, mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, and contribute to the broader business ecosystem. CEOs can inspire and drive positive change in the industry by engaging in the entrepreneurial community.
To CEOs facing stereotypes and doubts, I urge you to stay resilient and true to your vision. Embrace your uniqueness, challenge stereotypes, and lead with authenticity. Don’t let preconceptions deter you; instead, use them as fuel to prove your worth and achieve your dreams. Remember, breaking barriers is how great leaders are born.”

Recognitions and Achievements

As a 4-year-old organization, Koda has won global awards recognizing its benevolent contribution in the space of content and digital marketing from the Asian Customer Engagement Forum and Awards and the Content Marketing Summit Asia. Over the years, the company’s teams and client base have grown because the team has brought commendable results to the table. At the moment, Koda is creating around 100+ content assets per month and has worked with 75+ tech clients across the globe.

A Prosperous Future Ahead

According to Tuhina, the future of the content marketing industry is manifesting exceptional innovations coming its way. Indeed, the industry is constantly evolving with the onset of new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With more awareness around content and digital marketing, Koda is looking to expand its service portfolio and spread its horizons across global boundaries.

Valuable Words for the Readers

With that, we have come to the end of this fascinating read. To wrap up the conversation with Tuhina, our editorial team asked the dignitary entrepreneur to share some knowledgeable and wisdom-driven insights for our global readership panel. She quotes,
“To all the Prime Insights readers, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your time and interest in Koda. Through this read, I wish to convey the importance of resilience, continuous learning, and leading with integrity. I encourage others to embrace challenges, empower their teams, and pursue their goals with passion and determination.
We are driven by a passion for excellence and customer success. Our commitment to delivering impactful content-first digital marketing solutions remains unwavering. We invite you to connect with us and embark on a transformative journey that amplifies your brand’s growth and achievements. Thank you for being part of our story!”





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