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Tigma Technologies

In search of a brand whose existence is a testament to the power of a bold vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, we came across the story of Tigma Technologies. The brand is the ultimate platform to find mindfully and strategically curated services around BI, ETL, and Data Analytics Solutions, Application Development, Application Maintenance & Support, Web & Mobile Development, and Cloud Computing & Support Services.

Being in the industry for more than a decade, Tigma’s adroit team consists of dedicated Business and IT professionals who have astute acumen for integrating business strategy with technology, delivering competitive advantage, bottom-line results, and return on investment to the customers. Understanding that data is an essential aspect of any business model today and Tigma Technologies believes in democratizing data by connecting, unifying, and transforming them from various data sources. Hence we grabbed the opportunity of conducting an informative interview with Dr. Srinivasan Vaidyanathan – CEO of Tigma Technologies. The dignitary technopreneur shared many lesser-known facts about his company’s journey so far. We are delighted to feature Dr. Srinivasan’s words in the exclusive edition of “The 20 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2023.”

Brief us on the inception story of the company. For a better understanding of the reader, let’s have an overview of the company and the offerings.

Tigma’s inception story is one of foresight and determination. It all began in 2010, when a group of forward-thinking professionals saw a gap in the market for niche business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) consulting services in India. At the time, the market lacked offshore personnel who could provide high-quality services at an affordable cost for these specialized technologies.

Motivated by this market gap, the founder of Tigma, Mr. Thiru Rengasamy, decided to build a team that would become the cornerstone of their business – a team of experts in data analytics and data science. This team’s expertise would enable Tigma to offer unparalleled BI, ETL, and data analytics solutions to its clients. The journey of Tigma since its inception is a testament to the power of a bold vision and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our deliverables are fast, accurate, and reliable with utmost quality. We enable proactive business to customers, providing better ROI with low-cost operating models. Our industry-standard technology solutions around DWBI product consulting and software services, combined with our team of professionals, give us an edge in delivering on time with very clear measurable outputs.

Please give us some insights about your service portfolio. What is your targeted niche of clientele? What kind of clients do you serve, any special mentions?

With the industries at the core, Tigma provides a bouquet of services around BI, ETL, and Data Analytics Solutions, Application Development, Application Maintenance & Support, Web & Mobile Development, and Cloud Computing & Support Services. Our delivery is through pure play Offshore or Onshore or Hybrid development model to support any IT projects.

At Tigma, we are on a mission to co-source perfectly data engineered and analytical solutions that add competitive advantage to our customers and partners through long-term relationships. Our focus on providing top-notch service has earned us exposure to all industrial sectors across BFSI, R&H, HC, EU, M&L, CG, and Professional Services/Govt.

We focus on niche areas such as WebFOCUS space, where we are able to provide high-end custom solutions. We have an established clientele that is looking for us because they know we will offer them a high level of service and attention, also to ensure that clients’ needs are being met.

Our service portfolio has been designed with our clientele in mind. We understand that different organizations have different needs and our services aim to cater to their individual needs. We are committed to offering the highest level of quality in the solutions we offer. As such, the employees of our firm are highly experienced and well-versed in the latest market trends on various analytics tools such as PowerBI, Informatica, Tableau etc. This allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions and exceptional customer service to our clients, offering uncompromising quality.

What stands behind the uniqueness of your brand?

We foster a culture of growth and opportunity at our company. We invest in building talent, no matter the background or location — eliminating any urban-rural divide. We are proud to boast negligible attrition rates, credits to the culture fostered by our founder Mr. Thiru Rengasamy, which speaks to our emphasis on providing excellent employee care, an adaptable team adept at navigating sociotechnical changes, and a commitment to serving the world’s top organizations. We have served some “Fortune 100” clients and our dedication speaks for itself, as evidenced by our success in all those areas. We have a great team who are technologically adaptable to various services and cater to our client’s needs.

Tigma Technologies: The Hotspot of Dynamic Business Intelligence Solutions and Data Warehousing TechnologiesHow do you keep up the pace with the changing market trends? Do you believe R&D is essential for the growth of the company?

When it comes to keeping up with the constantly changing market trends, we make sure to strike a balance between our core strength in BI products consulting and implementation and new technology service offerings. We have a portfolio of service offerings that are well-balanced between products consulting and implementation and software services. We always have a balanced view of both the present and future trends in the industry. We use augmented analysis to assist with data presentation, insight generation and explanation to augment how people explore and analyze data in analytics and BI platforms. We also offer our clients with self-service analysis to help them perform queries and generate reports on their own.

As the CEO of Tigma, I know firsthand how important research and development is for any company. At Tigma, we’ve made it a priority to invest in R&D to help us stay ahead of the competition and offer our clients the best possible solutions.

Our R&D department plays a crucial role in helping us decide which products and services are most likely to succeed in the market. They conduct product research, tests, and surveys to understand our customers’ needs better and develop products that are most useful and comfortable for them.

In addition to product development, the R&D team also ensures the quality of our products through testing and analysis. This helps us deliver products that meet or exceed industry standards and satisfy our customers’ expectations.

Overall, R&D is an integral part of Tigma’s success. It allows us to stay ahead of the curve, provide innovative solutions to our clients, and maintain our position as a leading player in the industry.

What milestones and achievements do the company boast of? What does the company hold for it in the future (Plans)?

Tigma Technologies boasts an impressive track record of achievements, including serving over 50+ satisfied customers in the first 8 years of operation and currently employs 100+ successful professionals, with little-to-no attrition in our 13 years of operation, establishing a reputation for delivering exceptional data management solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction and value-for-money support, Tigma has invested in its clients’ success through deep domain and product expertise, seamless product upgrades, and a center of excellence for quality control. Tigma has expanded its offerings beyond DWBI to include Data Science and Data Analytics, and has ambitious plans for the future. With a goal to reach INR 200 crores (approximately 25 million dollars) in revenue by 2025, Tigma is strategically positioned for growth, including expanding its workforce, establishing operations in Tier 3/Tier 4 cities, and exploring opportunities for mergers and acquisitions to gain a competitive edge in the market. In line with our expansion plans in the US and Europe, Tigma is committed to enhancing our India operations in Chennai by expanding our workforce to 500 professionals and establishing a larger delivery center to support our growth trajectories.

Do you feel that CEOs today have numerous additional responsibilities on their shoulders in terms of keeping the workforce aligned on the right path?

CEOs today have a significant responsibility to keep their workforce aligned with the organization’s goals. The war for talent is a real challenge for employers, and employees have numerous choices. A finely crafted strategy is required to attract the right talent onboard. Once onboard, getting them aligned with ongoing strategies and plans is hard. MBO principles come in handy to mitigate these challenges. Tigma balances the old and new generations of employees to achieve corporate goals by providing individualized attention. Department level strategies are given a free-hand to realize corporate goals, ensuring stickiness and buy-in. Workforces must be adaptable to the changing technology ecosystem, and resources must be cross-skilled to stay relevant to customers.

How necessary do you feel is it to keep your employees content, how do you ensure it?

At our company, we prioritize employee contentment as essential for our success. We invest in hiring, building capabilities, and forming partnerships to retain and engage our employees, even during challenging times. We provide developmental support through training, mentoring, and opportunities for growth. We believe in frequent positive feedback and rewards to keep our employees happy. Our commitment to our employees’ growth and happiness is unwavering, as we believe it is the key to our continued success as a company. We strive to create a positive work environment where our employees feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to contribute their best.

How are you giving back to society (CSR)?

Tigma is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and strives to give back to society in various ways. This includes offering internships to candidates, donating to NGOs. We also actively recruit from Tier 3/Tier 4 cities, creating job opportunities for talented individuals and improving employee retention. Tigma promotes diversity and inclusivity in the workplace through diversity programs that raise awareness of civil rights. In our future plans, we aim to extend our CSR efforts to volunteering at schools, colleges and other educational facilities and continue contributing positively to the community.

How have you kept a balance between your personal life and professional one? Being a CEOs, is your story of struggle any different from others?

As a CEO, I strive for work-life harmony, integrating my personal and professional life seamlessly. I creatively allocate time in my calendar, recalibrate based on priorities, and disengage during personal time by disabling notifications. Tracking my time helps me maintain balance. Achieving work-life harmony has improved my leadership and innovation, allowing me to be more present for others.

My journey towards success was unique and had its own set of struggles. However, comparing my struggles to others’ would be like comparing apples to oranges. In terms of day-to-day responsibilities, my struggles are similar to those of CEOs in other “For Profit” organizations. Some of the challenges that keep me awake at night include managing sustainable growth, executing effective strategies, ensuring healthy cash flow and profitability, and maintaining consistency in sales and marketing. Other challenges include hiring and retaining the right talent, promoting employee engagement and accountability, and ensuring seamless internal communication and collaborations. Ultimately, my focus is always on doing the right things for the organization and achieving clearly defined results in all departments.

Who is your ultimate source of motivation for keeping up entrepreneurial enthusiasm? Also, what you would like to convey to those who idolize you as their source of motivation?

Francisco D’Souza, former CEO and Vice Chairman of Cognizant, is my role model when it comes to leadership and entrepreneurship. His style of leadership has been a great source of inspiration for me. As a CEO, it’s essential to have a plan in place for balancing your portfolios with current and futuristic service offerings. You need to be able to keep an eye on the present while also keeping an eye on the future. One of the key things that I’ve learned from my experience is that specialization is key to becoming important and creating opportunities to build your niche in new generations of technology services that revolve around specific ecosystems and business domains. To those who look up to me as a source of motivation, I would like to convey that there will be many challenges along the way, but it’s essential to keep pushing forward. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks and learn from your mistakes. Be passionate about what you do, and always strive for excellence. Remember, success is not a destination, it’s a journey, and it’s up to you to make the most of it.

What are your thoughts on CEOs participation in the entrepreneurial world? What is your message to those aspiring entrepreneurs or youngsters who end up doubting their potential when situations become challenging?

Participating in the entrepreneurial world can bring immense benefits to leaders of companies, enabling them to gain valuable insights, adapt to changing trends, and identify growth opportunities. CEOs who actively engage in the startup scene can bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, in terms of digital transformation trends, shift their focus to customer experience-oriented businesses, as well as to developing data-driven strategies. By staying connected with other successful entrepreneurs and companies, CEOs can stay current and competitive, constantly learning and evolving.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and young individuals facing doubts during challenging situations, it’s important to remain resilient, focused, and open to feedback. Embracing a long-term vision, staying decisive under pressure, and investing in continuous education are key. Challenges should be seen as opportunities for growth and learning, and maintaining passion and unwavering focus on business objectives is essential. Overall embracing the entrepreneurial mindset and actively participating in the entrepreneurial world can lead to success for both CEOs and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. By staying engaged, adaptive, and resilient, leaders can navigate the dynamic business landscape and achieve remarkable achievements. Remember, challenges are inevitable, but with determination, perseverance, and a forward-thinking approach, entrepreneurial endeavors can thrive.

Lastly, is there a message you would like to give to Prime Insights readers?

As the top brass of the organization, define your corporate culture and clearly communicate to all-concerned, so, it encourages performance in a way consistent with the company’s values and garner processes that will allow the company to grab the market-share. Employee empowerment and business alignment should go hand-in-hand. Be the best manager of your own time and that of your organization. When it comes to Organizational time management, doing the right things at the right time is key without harping on time constraints. 20 – 80 rule applies. Doing fewer things effectively done very well should lead to majority of the results.

Avoiding a “Totalitarian” management approach, we should embrace a collaborative and apolitical culture that grounds our business strategy in reality. Making realistic predictions and promises, based on astute strategies, guides our financial results. Let us leverage quarterly results as a diagnostic tool for continuous improvement, involving employees in the analysis to generate innovative ideas. In our communications, let us be precise, avoiding cliches and providing clear definitions for broader concepts. A shared understanding of vision, focus, priority, and results fosters alignment and drives our success.

To all aspiring entrepreneurs and fellow business leaders, I extend my best wishes on your entrepreneurial journey.





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