Swiss Beauty: A Fine Legacy of Curating Longwear Comfortable Beauty Products Exclusively for Indian Beauty



“Makeup is to beautify the beauty that lies inside you—the beauty that you’re blessed with!”

The above lines hold profound meaning for those who believe in empowering themselves with the power of makeup and self-care! Makeup and self-care are nothing less than arts, reminding all of us that beauty comes from the confidence we have in ourselves.
Opening today’s read with such positive thoughts, Prime Insights feels elated to bring before our readers the story of an exceptional Indian beauty brand that is empowering people with its line of affordable, long-wearing, versatile and exclusive beauty products. This was nothing less than a golden opportunity as we interacted with Swiss Beauty’s founders, Mr. Amit Goyal and Mohit Goyal, along with the company’s CEO, Mr. Saahil Nayar. The panel of dignitaries unveiled diverse prospects for Swiss Beauty’s journey of excellence.
Swiss Beauty was founded in 2013 with the aim of catering to the diverse needs of makeup and beauty enthusiasts. In July 2023, Swiss Beauty celebrated 10BeautyFullYears of its commitment to offer top-notch cosmetics that were safe, cruelty-free, affordable, and accessible to a broader audience.
From vibrant and multiple shades of lip colors, jazzy nail paints, popping eyeshadows, bold eyeliners, high-shine lip glosses, long-lasting base products, or multi-tasking brushes and tools, you name it and you get it! Swiss Beauty offers an extensive range of trendsetting beauty products across five categories: face, lip, eye, nail, and brushes and tools apart from these major categories, the brand also creates kits, combos & bridal trousseau. Swiss Beauty’s products are designed to cater to the diverse needs of all makeup enthusiasts.
From the company’s inception story to its mission, vision, work culture, applaudable milestones, and future aspirations, we have got it all covered in today’s read. Swiss Beauty’s story of emerging as a shining face in the Indian beauty industry is truly inspiring, and hence it was a mandate for us to feature it under the enticing edition, “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023”.

Vision and Mission Behind the Foundation

Swiss Beauty was founded to address a clear gap in the market, where high-quality beauty products in India either lacked innovation or came at an exorbitant cost. The journey began with the mission to offer high-performing cosmetics that were safe, cruelty-free, affordable, and accessible to a broader audience. Over the years, Swiss Beauty’s dedication to product quality, product variety and customer trust has motivated it to evolve into a thriving brand, positioning it on a respectable pedestal in the Indian cosmetics industry.

A Glimpse of the Early Days

In the early days, Swiss Beauty encountered the challenge of establishing trust and acceptance for its products in the Indian market. With a consistent dedication to serving customers with supreme quality products, Swiss Beauty continued working in the direction of gaining the confidence of consumers and connecting with our target audience. Additionally, as a 100% bootstrapped brand without external funding, the team had to strategically manage its growth and expansion with limited resources.

Customer Contentment is Kept at the Core

Swiss Beauty has come a long way by focusing on the needs and expectations of its customers. The entire team has exhibited a laser-sharp focus on maintaining product quality and safety standards. In this constantly evolving era, consumers have become more conscious of their product choices. They appreciate and encourage brands that show a conscious approach to their product innovation, marketing, and brand ethos.
“Many consumers expect transparency about the ingredients sourced, shelf life, and cruelty-free testing, amongst others. Such parameters, when fulfilled, make them feel more connected to the brands. This, in turn, builds robust brand value in the market. Swiss Beauty has always paid attention to its consumers’ feedback and comes back with customized products as per their demands. It is a long journey of different elements that brings strong consumer faith,” says the co-founder, Mr. Amit Goyal.

Indelible USPs

Swiss Beauty has etched its place in the industry through an unwavering commitment to top-tier quality. Its extensive range of cosmetics encompasses all categories and subcategories, boasting over 1,500 SKUs.
Mr. Mohit Goyal elucidates, “Due to our commitment to diversity, we do not restrict our items to any particular gender or type. With a wide selection of goods, we embrace all forms of beauty in line with our brand values. The clients who make up a large part of our success have shown a great deal of appreciation for these values. As a brand, Swiss Beauty believes makeup is for everyone, and we celebrate the individuality of every Indian—unstoppable, unique, and fiercely expressive.”

Captivating Marketing Initiatives

Swiss Beauty’s “GlassitGlossit” campaign generated a tremendous amount of consumer response, which has attracted more prospective buyers for our goods. The campaign was created to promote the diversity that gives each person their uniqueness. It was an effort to break the existing social barriers and create a better, more inclusive future by increasing acceptance of men’s makeup, which is rapidly gaining popularity in society.
Another campaign “For All That You Are. For All That You Can Be’ was endorsed in collaboration with Swiss Beauty’s brand ambassador, Ms. Taapsee Pannu. The motive of the campaign was to inspire individuals to fearlessly express themselves, drawing inspiration from Taapsee and Swiss Beauty’s strong identities. In a world where people become conscious of looking or behaving a certain way to adjust themselves to society, Swiss Beauty aims to break barriers and unleash the raw, uncomplicated beauty that resides within every individual.
Paying immense respect to the majestic shades of Indian beauty, Swiss Beauty recently launched “Hold Me Matte Lipstick: The Lipstick of India” in 30 varied shades for every Indian skin tone. Purely “Made in India”, these lipsticks are curated to redefine lipstick standards with a list of unmatched features and unparalleled value for money.

Gearing Up for the Future

At present, Swiss Beauty is focusing on experimenting with different product categories. There’s a lot of interesting innovations that is brewing.
Mr. Saahil Nayar, CEO of Swiss Beauty talks about the company’s aspirations aligned for the future.
“Looking ahead, Swiss Beauty has set forth ambitious expansion plans. Our brand is firmly established in over 550+ cities across India, with a remarkable presence at more than 25,000 retail touchpoints. We’ve ventured into brand-owned kiosks, inaugurating our very first one at Elante, Chandigarh, followed with Celebration Mall, Udaipur and Amanora Mall, Pune.
Swiss Beauty is now targeting the top 5 smart cities with a dedicated focus on establishing an immersive brand experience through its EBO (Exclusive Brand Outlet) business. As we move forward, we’re keen on extending our reach to Tier 2 and 3 cities while continuing to enhance our footprint in Tier 1 cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chandigarh. Furthermore, we’re committed to broadening our product portfolio by introducing an array of new shades for lips and faces, ensuring that our offerings cater to the diverse preferences of our customers.”

A Serene Adieu to the Readers

Bidding adieu to our global readership panel, the co-founders, Mr. Amit Goyal and Mohit Goyal, along with the company’s CEO, Mr. Saahil Nayar, quote some valuable advice. Here is what the dignitary panel of leaders quoted:

“To aspiring young entrepreneurs, focus on making quality and listening to your customers your top priority. In a fiercely competitive landscape, concentrate on developing products that exemplify the utmost excellence. Embrace the diverse needs of your target audience and foster efforts to create products that truly stand out. Above all, maintain a steadfast commitment to continuous innovation and strategic expansion to ensure sustained success in your chosen industry.”

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