Mr. Samir Shah: A Stellar Persona Bringing The Imaginations Of Luxury Home Furniture To Reality

Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023

Mr. Samir Shah |  Plank and Weave

“The actions of a visionary leader inspire others to dream big and dream more!”

With that being said, today we present the story of an entrepreneur who has traced a remarkable journey in the corporate world by combining experiences of working across multiple industries and carving an impeccable entrepreneurial persona. Our editorial team had the privilege to interact with Mr. Samir Shah– Co-founder and Managing Director of Plank and Weave. Having him on board, we explored the diverse facets of the company’s profile. Plank and Weave specializes in curating luxurious furniture with state-of-art quality and magnetizing designs.

In today’s read, we will be exploring many knowledgeable nuggets from Mr. Samir Shah’s entrepreneurial journey and witnessing how the dignitary is revolutionizing the luxury furniture industry with his astute business acumen. The conversation was filled with a strong breeze of a future-sighted ideology intended to add value to people’s lives and we couldn’t miss the opportunity of inspiring our global aficionado with the same. Hence, we are elated enough to feature Mr. Samir Shah’s dynamic words under the exclusive edition of “Entrepreneur of the Year 2023”. Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the fascinating draft and explore the legacy created by him!

The Tale Behind Company’s Inception

Prior to founding the company, Mr. Samir Shah had handled many senior leadership roles in domains like Liberty Securities, Chase Investment Service, National Discount Brokers, and Deutsche Bank. After years of working as a seasoned corporate professional, he culminated his broad spectrum of experiences and moved ahead to venture into the era of startups. This bodacious decision was driven by his passion for guiding new ventures and the opportunity to create, build, and scale businesses. It was in 2019 when Mr. Samir Shah took the leap of making his passion come true and laid the foundation of Plank and Weave.

A Brisk Introduction of the Company

With its luxury showrooms in Pune and a full-fledged manufacturing factory in Bangalore, Plank and Weave has created a niche of perfection in manufacturing premium kitchens, endearing wardrobes, solid wood furniture, doors, and wallpapers. The company has created a separate benchmark of excellence through its commitment to quality, continuous innovations in designs, and dedicated attention to maintaining and delivering top-notch quality.
Under the supreme leadership of Mr. Samir Shah, Plank and Weave has successfully worked on many reputed commercial and residential projects in Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

The manufacturing plant in Bangalore is the company’s core strength and holds the potential of crafting exquisite pieces that are further exported throughout the globe. Plank and Weave also offers its PAN INDIA Franchisee Brand for “Ralph Moretti,” providing an array of showrooms ranging from 1500-2500 square feet.

The company has taken an edge over its competitors by tapping the gaps in the industry and deeply evaluating the different factors that influence the consumer’s contemporary choices when it comes to choosing furniture. Plank and Weave has placed itself in a position where it stands as a reliable partner for businesses across different sectors, revolutionizing the traditional norms of the furniture industry. Indeed, Plank and Weave is in the quest of uplifting the standards of furniture manufacturing.

The Man Behind It All

Mr. Samir Shah is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built an impressive career bridging multiple industries, from finance to furniture manufacturing. His diverse background, sharp business acumen, and leadership skills make him an accomplished professional, but it is his journey into entrepreneurship that truly distinguishes him.

Leveraging his extensive experience in strategic planning, operations, and business development, he made a significant impact as a Management Consultant Strategy Director. For nine years, he guided various banks and brokerage firms, and created several paths of glory for them. However, the call for entrepreneurship was ardent. Mr. Samir found himself moving halfway across the globe to India, where he plunged into the burgeoning market of luxury home furniture. He took up the role of Managing Director at Prezzi Design Works Pvt Ltd, a company specializing in designing and executing large luxury residential homes, with valuable insights into the export business of modular furniture and the expansion into the Mumbai builder market.

Mr. Samir’s passion for creating exemplary services reflects in every aspect of Plank and Weave. He has solely dedicated himself to creating spaces that are both functional and luxurious. His work values have steered the company to touch great heights. As Plank and Weave functions with a gigantic-scale manufacturing unit and elaborative retail operation in Bangalore, there are immense challenges while maintaining the same.

Amidst all these daily hustles, the dignitary devotes a small chunk of his time to playing golf and leverages it to keep himself enthusiastic from within. His story is one of an entrepreneurial journey filled with persistence and growth. Mr. Shah’s entire journey from being a Wall Street banker to now being a prominent entrepreneur, gives us a charismatic picture of his adaptability, perseverance, and keen business sense. With his leadership, Plank and Weave is poised to continue shaping the face of luxury living in India and beyond.

Effectual USPs

Plank and Weave has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of luxury furniture manufacturers in India. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the company not only holds indomitable expertise in curating high-quality design but also takes the lead by delivering commendable solutions. These solutions are customer-exclusive and are precisely designed by understanding the vibrant needs of the clients. The company has taken an edge over its competitors by tapping the gaps in the industry and deeply evaluating the different factors that influence the consumer’s contemporary choices when it comes to choosing furniture.

One of Plank and Weave’s unique innovations has to be its Strategic Verticals designed especially for builders and architects. Having an unequivocal understanding of the exclusive needs of these professionals, the company offers avant-garde products and services. For builders, Plank and Weave provides bulk orders of high-quality, durable furniture, while for architects and designers, the company delivers custom-designed pieces in adherence to their creative ideation.

By creating these specialized verticals, Plank and Weave ensures a swift, efficient, and value-driven process for their clients. The team is adamant about evaluating every requirement of the clients and delivering products that are nothing but their manifestations turned into reality.

Inspiring the Workforce

Plank and Weave is flourishing by numerous leaps and bounds under the dynamic guidance of Mr. Samir Shah. His entrepreneurial persona sets the driving energy for the entire team to constantly push boundaries and unfurl many new colors of growth. The team is dedicated to establishing Plank and Weave not only as a supplier but as a resolute partner in their client’s success. Whether it’s providing premium furniture for a high-end residential project or crafting unique pieces for a designer’s latest venture, Plank and Weave’s innovative approach makes it the foremost choice for professionals seeking charisma, quality, and style.


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