Mr. Abhimanyu Khanna: A Remarkable Entrepreneur with a Zeal to Revolutionize the Industry

Abhimanyu Khanna

Out of all the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur, perhaps the most noteworthy one is dynamism. A dynamic personality accommodates to even the most daunting challenges in life & business, as well as attracts the admiration & respect of colleagues/peers.
In the last few years especially, there has been a remarkable trend of uprising entrepreneurs who’ve carved a niche for themselves through their utmost dynamism. Their bravado and zeal are palpable not only in their respective niche but also throughout the industry.
We’ll be highlighting one such entrepreneur in this article, Mr. Abhimanyu Khanna, the Founder of TAB Consulting. His company has been instrumental in ushering noteworthy perspective-shifts in the industry through its novel offerings.
Abhimanyu’s success thus far has been the culmination of various integral factors that’ve been strikingly conspicuous in his journey.

A Reformative Idea: Abhimanyu’s Vision for TAB

A major reason why Abhimanyu got started on his entrepreneurial quest was to achieve a reformative change in the market. His story is marked by some pivotal defining experiences that’ve shaped his entrepreneurial background.
To begin with, he completed his BBA from JIMS, Delhi, and also holds a Diploma in International Business from Cambridge University, UK. He had started working at a very young age of 17 years old in the BPO Sector. Despite experiencing regular growth, Abhimanyu still felt that he was missing something in his life. The feeling of contentment simply wasn’t present in his career path.
So as to fulfil this need for something greater, Abhimanyu joined hands with his current better half – Priyanka Juneja. Thus was born TAB, aka, Take-a-Break Consulting.
At a very young age of 22, Abhimanyu was already an entrepreneur and was relentlessly working towards achieving his vision. Training was his ardent passion; that’s why he wanted to create a difference by making people move out from Board Roam Meetings and gain experiential learning. It was this idea that spurred him to conduct unique teambuilding events.

Overcoming Initial Market Challenges

Like all successful entrepreneurs, Abhimanyu too faced his fair share of struggles in the initial phase of the company. To begin with, the recession hit the same year in 2008 when he started TAB. He had set up the company in April and got his first event in June, post which his team had no work till August 2008. Those 3 months were a particularly difficult phase for his team, however, the belief and passion to excel kept them going.
A striking aspect of the company’s services, one that helped it overcome market uncertainty, was that companies would need them despite a reduction in overall expenses. Even if companies are not spending on Lavish Offsites, Award Functions, etc., they still do something or the other for their employees to retain them. That is when they think of TAB and its services; the company has worked day and night to garner such a reputation by building clients, relations, whilst giving little focus to earning money.

An Overview of TAB’s Offerings

Abhimanyu’s current impact in the market can be largely attributed to TAB’s avant-garde service portfolio. The company offers multifarious interactive solutions in the following core areas:

  • Team Building
  • Employee Engagement
  • Event Management

A noteworthy aspect of TAB’s services is that it’s all-encompassing; it doesn’t focus on any one particular sector. Its offerings are for Employees and Clients across various fields – Manufacturing, Pharma, FMCG, Service Industry, Consulting, IT, Telecom, Production, and a lot more.
To keep his services up-to-date, Abhimanyu emphasizes constant progress on the company’s R & D Front as well.

Abhimanyu’s Relentless R & D Efforts

Innovation is the key to success; this is an unequivocally true statement which Abhimanyu is well-acquainted with. He thus keeps innovating TAB’s offerings and provides a uniqueness in every solution.
Even during Covid times, when a lot of companies had to shut down and give pink slips to their staff, TAB was constantly delivering Virtual Engagement Solutions. These were characteristically unique in that no other companies have them at the moment.
Abhimanyu furthermore gives paramount focus on staying aware of trends and offering products that are superlative in the market. He works closely with his team on various R & D initiatives, to ensure that everyday they think of new ideas that can be developed to surpass competitors.

The Work Culture at TAB

In addition to strong R & D, a great contributing factor to TAB’s market excellence is its conducive work culture. Abhimanyu gives utmost importance in ensuring that his team is first happy and content at the workplace. Only then can they deliver the programs diligently & effectively.
The company furthermore follows an Engagement Calendar for systematic progress of all its employees. With this, it keeps a tab on the Internal Activity/Motivational Sessions for the team.
Speaking of his company’s work credo, Abhimanyu says that he emphasizes an “It’s not OK” attitude on the work front. According to him, a client pays them because they trust in their ability to deliver what they expect and even more. When people start taking work casually, sales will definitely dip in the long run.
The ardent practices at work have helped Abhimanyu garner umpteen milestones with TAB.

Noteworthy Milestones of The Company

Given below is a timeline of the significant events that’ve taken place in the company’s journey thus far. They’ve played a formative role in each stage of the company’s evolution:

  • 2010: TAB goes international for the first time to facilitate a program. A happy client was very keen on flying the team to Southeast Asia for an offsite project.
  • 2011: Establishes its own bricks-and-mortar office in Delhi. Prior to this, the team was working out of a room with a Table Chair Laptop Setup.
  • 2016: Shifts the office space from Delhi to Gurgaon.
  • 2018: Wins the award for the “Best Teambuilding Activity of The Year Silver” in the WOW Awards Asia.
  • 2020: Brings its breakthrough Virtual Engagement Technology to more and more companies amid COVID-19. From last year till date, the company has already done more than 1200 sessions for the same.
  • 2021: Wins “The Best Employment Engagement Solutions Provider in The World” by a reputed UK-based Media House.

In addition to the business achievements, Abhimanyu is also a strong philanthropist with a vision to shape a better world. This is quite evident on his company’s CSR front.

Giving Back to The Society

Overall, TAB focuses a lot of effort on doing good for the society. Currently, it has taken many CSR initiatives within its 100 Acre township. These include:

  • Maintaining of Parks.
  • Plantation Drives.
  • Organizing festival celebrations and Arranging Meals for the Underprivileged.
  • Actively involved during the Covid Pandemic with on ground support in the form of concentrators and medicines.

In the future, Abhimanyu plans to ceaselessly continue his philanthropy both on the personal & business front. He envisions a reformed way of living as well as conducting business, where the paramount focus is value-creation.
As aspiring professionals, I believe we all can find inspiration from Abhimanyu’s work and imbibe his thoughtful approach going forward in 2022.

Wishing all a Prosperous Start to the New Year!


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