Bolstering the Nation’s Security Via State-of-the-Art Technologies


Amid recent times, there has been a pressing demand for sophisticated & all-encompassing technologies that meet today’s multifarious security requirements. The digital era has ushered in a plethora of advancing security threats, which need to be effectively dealt with by keeping abreast of the latest tech.
Given the nation’s conspicuous demand, a few companies have come forth with an array of ultramodern technologies in video surveillance. Some of them have been especially noteworthy in that they’ve been long-standing players in the industry with decades of innovation under their belt.
Matrix Comsec Video Surveillance Solutions, a conception of industry veteran, Ganesh Jivani, is one such eminent brand that has been leading the way with its surveillance innovations since 1991. The company is among the most established names in the industry, with umpteen milestone developments and a versatile & richly-experienced team to its credit.


The Idea That Fructified Matrix Comsec

Like most technology startups, Matrix Comsec too had a humble beginning. The company was established by two Computer Science Engineers in 1991. It started its journey as a product company with a single product and a single employee.
With an ambition of designing-manufacturing-marketing its products the world over, the company designed PBX as the first product and started selling it in Gujarat. With time, it vastly expanded its product portfolio, markets, people, and infrastructure. After a few years, it started offering a complete range of PBXs and added Media Gateways.
Ganesh further elucidates that the company was always looking for growth opportunities by offering more solutions to the same enterprise customers. Moreover, most customers, SI, and distributors prefer relying on a single OEM for their Telecom and Security needs. Adding physical security solutions therefore made perfect sense, as this offered adjacencies on three dimensions – Technologies, Distribution Networks, and Customers. With this strategy, they added biometric solutions for Time-Attendance and Access Control applications in the year 2007.
Having entered the Security domain, Ganesh felt that adding IP Video Surveillance was a logical expansion for the company. The company then started working on IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders, and Video Management Systems in 2010.


Head Office - Matrix Comsec
Head Office – Matrix Comsec

Conquering Market Challenges

Much like any long-standing brand, Matrix Comsec to has to face umpteen arduous challenges in an effort to keep its market dominion.
Ganesh likens the technology business to running a treadmill, and says that it’s full of internal as well as external challenges. Technology and product landscapes change every month and spur them to work faster. Product lifecycles have reduced, and their R & D has to deliver first-time products as they cannot afford design iterations.
New and emerging competitors also try to woo customers with better products at lower prices. Changes in government buying platforms too impacted its business to an extent.
On the manufacturing front, lead times of certain components increased drastically creating temporary disruptions for the company. Aiming to grow at a higher rate, a slow economy is also one of its stifling challenges.
Despite the arduousness, however, Matrix Comsec has persevered and relentlessly calibrated its tech as well as market approach. A major constituting element of its success is its immensely versatile & ingenious service portfolio.


Matrix Comsec’s Exhaustive Service Portfolio

Matrix Comsec offers a comprehensive range of solutions for IP Video Surveillance, Access Control, Time-Attendance, and Telecom Applications. All these solutions are specifically designed for large and multi-location enterprises, SME and SMB organizations.
With its independent Research and Development, Matrix Comsec’s primary focus is to develop solutions equipped with cutting-edge technologies to deliver preventive security and higher productivity.
Matrix Comsec products from all three domains can be integrated. These products can also be integrated with many third-party solutions already deployed in an organisation. This protects existing as well as future investments.
The company’s solutions cater to small to large scale enterprises across industries like Manufacturing, Logistics, BFSI, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Government, Defense, etc.


GANESH JIVANI | CEO & Managing Director | Matrix Comsec Pvt. Ltd.
GANESH JIVANI | CEO & Managing Director | Matrix Comsec Pvt. Ltd.

The Brand’s Integral & Purposeful Approach

One of the strong highlights of Matrix Comsec’s solutions is its tremendous adherence to values.
SUBSTANCE is the core value that Ganesh and his team live by at Matrix Comsec. They strive to offer substance in everything they do – technology, applications, functions, features, performance, flexibility, reliability, and support. The market positioning of Matrix Comsec is based on offering more of these values in products & services that it offers to customers & partners. For Ganesh, this means going deeper and beyond the mere outer layer of the façade.
The company furthermore emphasizes staying connected to the customer and offering 24 X 7/365 technical support for prompt and sincere after-sales services.
“Never leave a customer unsatisfied!” – They believe this mantra is what drives its growth, and ultimately shapes its destiny in the market.



Matrix Comsec’s Venerated Clientele

An unequivocal testament to Matrix Comsec’s customer satisfaction competence is its venerated and expansive clientele.
So far, Matrix Comsec has earned the trust of more than 1 million customers spread across diverse industry verticals including BFSI, Telecom, IT, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Public Transport, Defense, Government, etc.
In terms of its geographical disposition, the company serves customers in the USA, Canada, Italy, England, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, UAE, KSA, among other countries.

Given below are some of its most renowned clients:

  • ABB
  • Adani
  • Garnier
  • Pepsi
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • GEC Alstem
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • American Express
  • Grindwell
  • Bajaj Auto
  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  • Vodafone
  • Tata Tele Services
  • Reliance Communications
  • Bharti Airtel
  • State Bank of India, and many others.
GANESH JIVANI | CEO & Managing Director | Matrix Comsec Pvt. Ltd.
GANESH JIVANI | CEO & Managing Director | Matrix Comsec Pvt. Ltd.

A Holistic Marketing Front

In addition to its value-driven approach, Matrix Comsec bolsters its market presence by implementing a multifaceted marketing strategy.
The company is a B2B organization that channels its products and solutions through System Integrators (SIs) and Partners. Hence, promotional activities & organizing one-on-one sessions are of utmost importance. It thus holds a program called “Matrix Insights” which entails knowledge-sharing sessions focused on its solutions, hearing its patrons; reviews, etc.
The company furthermore makes it a point to interact with the audience through events, exhibitions, webinars, and roadshows to stay connected with the market. To enhance its brand image overseas, it also leverages a fine amalgamation of physical and online marketing via the following aspects:

LinkedIn: In this year’s strategy, Matrix Comsec plans to make extensive use of the platform for communicating its Product USPs, Applications, and Features to the right audience. Its team will be writing content that’ll help its connections map technological advancements in the communication and security solutions field.

Targeted Geographies: The company will be creating teams that will be working continuously to know in and out of the market and devise region-specific strategies, accordingly. This would entail roadshows, technology conferences, and product expos. The main aim of these events is to explore business opportunities, understand the market potential, and identify niche concerns within that specified region. Furthermore, the company will be digging more into developing additional business avenues and foreseeing the growth of its solutions in that geography.

Content Marketing: Much like its tech products, the company will effectively leverage content marketing by keeping pace with market trends. Its team will be writing content pieces that talk about its products & solutions, as well as trends in the communication and security industry. They plan to create processes which will optimally channelize its content delivery.
Matrix Comsec is additionally planning to persist a similar creative streak across its product innovations in the coming time.


R&D 1 - Matrix Comsec
R&D 1 – Matrix Comsec


Empowering Change Through AI

On the innovative front, Ganesh is seeking to maximally harness the most powerful technology of the decade – Artificial Intelligence. His company has created a range of novel conceptualities underlying this Technology Matrix Comsec:

Range of IP Cameras: An all-new range of cameras – Turret Series and Ruggedized series of IP cameras are designed to meet the needs of modern enterprises. It features core technologies like image optimization & intelligent video analytics to ensure persistent performance.

ENTERPRISE NVRs: Designed for medium and large enterprises, this turnkey solution has been designed by embedding a VMS application with the hardware. It is an integrated solution that combines all the three functionalities of surveillance, i.e., video management, recording, and storage in one device.

COSEC ATOM Series: A Stalwart among its product category, this imbibes various contactless credentials. This includes face, smart cards, PIN, mobile phone using BLE. It will also feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, PoE, USB, and top-class certifications such as IP65 and IK08.
Supporting this piece of tech is COSEC FACE RECOGNITION, which will it make it the most avant-garde security product with stellar features.


R&D-2 - Matrix Comsec
R&D-2 – Matrix Comsec

Envisioning Holistic Growth

Going ahead, Matrix Comsec plans to continually invest in R & D so as to create breakthrough, world-class products across all three domains.
Simultaneously, the company is building a channel network to expand its market reach and take the Matrix Comsec to all targeted markets by investing in marketing, sales, and support. As Matrix Comsec is relatively new in Video Surveillance and People Mobility Management, there’s plenty of headroom to grow in this market.
The company is also expanding its channel network by appointing system integrators in all important markets of India and overseas. In addition, it is also working closely with customers to increase visibility and trust in Matrix Comsec products and services.


Ganesh’s Enthralling Entrepreneurship Journey

On a final note, Ganesh retrospectively looks at his entrepreneurship journey and conjures umpteen optimistic feelings. He says that it has been an immensely thrilling and+ fulfilling journey thus far. Furthermore, he elucidates how a great part of the process was learning from his own experiences and other people.
In his opinion, the customer is the best teacher and the marketplace is the best school. He constantly reminds himself to remain customer-focused by creating more opportunities to increase customer face-time.
Ganesh goes on to elaborate that the Technology business is all about People, Products, and Processes. These three are the primary business drivers and your differentiators.
Modern customers demand high-quality solutions at optimum cost in the shortest time, and delivering these depends on harnessing people, products, and processes. In light of this, Ganesh spends his maximum time on these three dimensions.


Factory - Matrix Comsec
Factory – Matrix Comsec

Nuggets for Budding Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial process has bestowed some invaluable insights onto Ganesh pertaining to personal attributes. According to him, a few of them are unequivocally important for success among budding entrepreneurs:

Be Your Own Boss: Essentially, this means that one should take complete ownership of their work & time. You can never blame anyone else for the results you get, or a lack thereof.

Have Complete Self-Belief: Having courage & undaunting faith in one’s abilities is a non-negotiable trait. These precede most other qualities for successful entrepreneurship.

Be Impatient with The Actions and Patient With Results: This is an area where most entrepreneurs struggle; they fail to blend hard work and patience whilst achieving results. According to Ganesh, one has to be itchingly feisty in performing actions but stoically patient in awaiting the results. This is the key to all long-term success.

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