Mr. Esesve Digumarthi: Reputation is directly proportional to one’s financial strength

Mr. Esesve Digumarthi

In today’s world where data is the new oil, technology has become part and parcel of life. One shouldn’t forget that such vast amounts of data are also vulnerable. In the world of technology, it is said, the first place was occupied by ERP, SCM, Data Warehousing, Data Science and the second will always be Cyber Security. A pivotal role is played by Cyber Security in ensuring that our data is safe and private. We’ll be highlighting one such astute leader, Mr. Esesve Digumarthi, founder of ENH iSecure, one of the most successful cyber security organizations in the world. Reserve has played an instrumental role in developing this organization and has been an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs.

Overview of the company

ENH iSecure believes in the philosophy, “Identity and Information are inseparable entities”. The company has stellar records in this field and architects identity based security solutions for all industries, especially BFSI, Telecom, Airlines, Healthcare etc. They help in bridging the gap of identity based security. When the world is automating, from humans to machines and machines to bots, managing the identity and auditability of the disappearing entities is vital. Over the years, the company has partnered with best in the world OEMs such as Sailpoint, Cyber Ark, Okta etc. and expertise’s in,

  • Identity Governance
  • Privilege Identity Management
  • Access Management
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Taking the first step

To achieve big, the first step is to begin. Esesve Digumarthi has an array of rich and versatile experiences in the world of identity-based security. The visionary leader soon realized that a domain fundamental partner who can spearhead techno-functionally into the domain and provide services will take companies to great heights. The absolute necessity was to make a company with armament to make the next generation cyber security sleuths. Leading from the front, Digumarthi was himself a paragon, being an architect and preparing a team to deliver impeccable results in the identity domain that was well appreciated by existing vendors and customers across geographies. ENH iSecure today works with the customers around the world from India, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, and many other Asian countries with its headquarters in Hyderabad, India. The US branch located in New York caters to US geography.

The struggle is part of the story

The founder, Esesve Digumarthi, had to leave his highly paid job to walk on the dreams he always wanted to achieve. The vision to create an organization in the IAM space kick-started in 2015 and he never looked back. Reality made dreams an ordeal to pursue where people and situations were also not favourable. However, Digumarthi was resolute and unscrewing, fighting all the storms and moved forward. He believes, “You cannot fail unless you quit”.

A satisfied customer

A requirement for every organization with active employment status is Identity and Access Management. Esesve pointed out that the solutions help bridge a lot of security loopholes in the system. They also have a vertical specialization in areas of BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution, Healthcare and Education working with clients ranging from SMEs to Large scale enterprises. The organization has a long list of trusted large-scale enterprises such as Ocwen Financial solutions, Microsoft. Sony Pictures, Dialog Telecom, Security Bank, multiple banks, stock exchanges.

Mr. Esesve Digumarthi | Founder | ENH iSecure
Mr. Esesve Digumarthi | Founder | ENH iSecure

One step ahead of the market

ENH iSecure believes that whatever may change, the underlying platform for technology will never change. Trying to imbibe huge technical focus to all its workforce in the initial years of service will allow them to master the platform and the vertical delivering impeccable solutions. The teams are adroit in areas like operating systems, processors, containers, databases and programming languages which equips them with all the skillsets and ability to accomplish just comes out like a dream.
Keeping this in mind, Esesve shares that R&D is quintessential to every company. At this organization, they believe in taking a step back to improvise what they are doing. He remarks, they are huge believers in science, it is like love, it cannot be kept in shell, it has to be shared and spread. The Center of Excellence, focusing on multiple technologies, futuristic vision, excessive video blogs all their innovations and thoughts have kept them ahead in the game.


When people see the purpose, the excitement grows

Eseseve remarks that the young generation has a different mindset with a short span of attention. A challenging job is to keep them focused and make them realize the importance of a career in a niche domain. It is only fulfilled when they educate the functional advantages of their domain. For example, he adds that a developer writing codes shall understand how it impacts the world. At ENH iSecure, functional knowledge is imparted to folks along with technical knowledge.
Talking about the entrepreneurship world, for Esesve, Leadership is to make leaders who are empowered to do the right things for the customers/ecosystems. Every industry talks about resource vs usage/ utilization mode but the big thing missing out is the bond between employer and employee. He further adds that the day an employee is called a resource, the organization loses value. At ENH iSecure, every individual is empowered to become a hero and made to realize the purpose they are working for.


Celebrating the milestones

It is important to celebrate achievements as one prepares for the road ahead. Among the many, here is a list of ENH iSecure achievements-

  • Sailpoint Delivery Admiral award for the year 2020; for APAC
  • Delivery admiral awards for SaaS and software for the year 2021 by Sailpoint
  • 50% annual CAGR YOY
  • Opening of services in a new country every second year
  • Million-dollar cloud security deals in ASEAS, as a first

They also believe in sharing and giving back to society in a technically focused manner. With over hundreds of subscribers on YouTube and Blog channels, they let the world know the solution to every problem they solve. The employees volunteer to teach the unprivileged every weekend and do monthly donations for orphanages.
While discussing the milestones uncovered, it is paramount to look for what lies ahead in future as well. ENH iSecure firmly believes in an automated world of technology, helping to solve human problems. They want to build solutions in cyber security using tech like AI, ML etc. to achieve 100% automation in security. They will invest in R&D using their COE resources in these areas and start filing patents soon.

The best advice

Esesve Digumarthi describes that his life has provided a lot of role models and lessons. The two most important ones were-

  • Give frivolously, when it comes to knowledge
  • Create beautiful technical obstacles for young generations to conquer

He believes these challenges brings the best out of individuals, they stay rejuvenated and inspired. For those who aspire to become CEOs, he explains that Entrepreneurship is not for the weak-hearted. Life will throw a lot of challenges, in what few CEOs call as gestation period. Amidst all difficulties, one has to stand up and patiently re-evolve his/her plans aligning the expecting world. There are no shortcuts, the only constant thing is the quality of the plan and the only plan is quality.
For all the Prime Insights readers, whether the world is reeling under pandemic or vice versa, cyber security provides a great opportunity while accomplishing a good life. The world needs more young minds like you in this domain to make it a safe and secure place for everyone.
One should always remember, “Reputation is directly proportional to one’s financial strength. We, Cyber Security folks, protect reputation/credibility”

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