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Make You Big Media Pvt. Ltd.

The pace of global development is astounding. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced virtually every industry to move their operations online, increasing online commerce by a factor of four and opening up numerous new markets. The internet has impacted politics just like every other industry, with political groups now using the internet to conduct campaigns and communicate with voters. Few companies in the developing political party PR business currently provide digital services, but Make You Big Media Pvt. Ltd. has become a leading political management company in India. In this article, we will discuss the crucial factors that have contributed to the progress of Make You Big thus far.

Inception to Inspiration

Make You Big Media Private Limited is a media company that offers election management, advertising, public relations, and digital signage services. Founded in March 2016, the company has helped many customers with its services. Aashish Gupta, Director and Founder of the company, is an energetic young journalist with ten years of expertise in the journalism field. He has led Make You Big to become one of India’s most successful marketing agencies. This ambitious young businessman has taken risks on new methods at every turn.

The company has also worked on the Bihar election management campaign, proving its expertise in election strategy and management. Make You Big is the leading electoral campaign management company in Bihar, with Aashish Gupta, a political guru, heading up the advising division. It is a top-tier political consultancy that works hard to help the party’s election strategist achieve their goals.

The Make You Big Offerings

Make You Big is synonymous with making businesses and political parties big in the eyes of their audience. The company’s testimonials speak volumes about the quality of its services. Although the company was started in 2016, it has made a big name for itself through the following services:

  • Public Relations: The company analyzes its customers’ businesses and conveys an optimistic message. It then translates the messages into positive media stories for users to read and relate to.
  • Political Public Relations: The company earnestly functions as a resource center for remotely, closely, interested-in, linked-with, and associate political parties. It has a proven track record for the LOK Sabha Election 2019 and Election Campaign In Bihar.
  • Advertising: The company uses audio or video forms of advertising communication that use an impersonal and publicly supported message to sell or market a product, service, or idea of its customers.
  • Outdoor Campaign: The company incorporates pamphlet distribution, billboards, transit advertising, hoardings, and signage placed on the brick-and-mortar locality’s outer for its customers.
  • Press Conference: The company’s skilled experts coordinate closely with our clients and assume complete responsibility for all aspects of the press conference.
  • Digital Signage: In addition to the above services, the company will soon launch its digital signage services.

Mind Behind the Company

Aashish Gupta holds a master’s degree in political science and a postgraduate diploma in broadcast news. He has developed communication skills for establishing and maintaining business partnerships and public profiles. Make You Big is a public relations company that has worked with political and more conventional customers. Aashish is well-versed and accomplished in election administration, Digital Signage, public relations, and print advertising. He is committed to going above and beyond for his clients, valuing diligence and effectiveness in his work.

Marking The Industry:

Make You Big Media has made a nationwide clientele base in just seven years, working with major names such as FESSCHAIN, Smart School, LEGO Aid, FAACTO, and more. Its case studies can estimate their presence in India. It has

Marking The Industry

Make You Big Media has established a nationwide clientele base in just seven years, working with major names such as FESSCHAIN, Smart School, LEGO Aid, FAACTO, and others. Their case studies can give an idea of their widespread presence in India. The company has helped many clients to get featured on leading channels and widely-read newspapers. In addition to assisting their customers in gaining feature listings, Make You Big Media has also been featured in various newspapers, magazines, and other channels. Today, the company has become a prominent brand name in the Indian Media Industry. Its competitors may have to work harder to reach the platform where Make You Big Media stands. The following channels and platforms have featured the company:

  • News24
  • ABP News
  • Rajasthan Patrika
  • Start Up Success Stories
  • India Today
  • News Nation
  • Dailyhunt
  • IBT

Bottom Line

In the past, the number of Best PR companies in India was not nearly as high as today because information was not as easily accessible. As technology and communication methods advance, a flood of unfiltered and sorted data is shared every nanosecond. Mr. Aashish believes that brands need to make an immediate impression on customers in this fast-paced environment so that the money spent on advertisements and customer interactions pays off. As a result, it is crystal clear that working with an effective public relations company in India is a significant step forward. Make You Big Media provides brands with strategic planning and innovative ideas to improve their long-term marketability.

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