“The Real Definition of Entrepreneurship Does Not Lie in Numbers; It Lies in Being The Torchbearer of Revolutionary Changes.”

These words are dedicated to the triumphs of an exceptional player elevating the paradigms of the IT industry. Today we have presented the brand story of BIITS which is moving ahead by leaps and bounds. The brand’s vision is to leverage technology at its best and has a futuristic dexterity to create differences in people’s lives. To explore more about the sterling aspects of the company, we invited the magnificent leadership panel of BIITS, Mr. Alok Khobragade- CEO, Mr. MD Afroz Alam- CTO, and Mr. CS Girish Raju- CFO to have an interactive session with our editorial team. Mr. Alok Khobragade engaged with us and revealed many important aspects of BIITS. Let’s hear from the dignitary via this enticing read featured under the special segment of “The 20 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2023.”

Inspiration Behind Company’s Inception

BIITS began with an ardent passion for technology and a desire to help others leverage it to achieve their goals. Many IT professionals have a deep interest in technology and enjoy working with it to solve complex problems, improve efficiency, and innovate new solutions. As the demand for IT services and consulting is high, there lies a significant potential for growth and profitability in this industry. Acknowledging the fact that starting an IT services and consulting company can be a way to turn that passion into a successful business while also helping others to benefit from technology, the brand’s inception was laid by its leaders.

Overcoming Adversities

There were many challenges the company faced during the initial phases. BIITS started and continues to function with eminence as a boot-strapped company in the highly competitive IT industry. Likewise, acquiring new customers, attracting and retaining talented employees, establishing business processes, and building a loyal customer base were some of the company’s prominent hurdles as explained by the leadership panel. But with the right actions and coalescing experiences, BIITS has come this far and built an admirable legacy.

Unending Journey of Building Customer’s Trust

Trust is a crucial component of any successful brand, and it is built over time through a combination of actions, communication, and customer experiences. Brands that can establish trust with their customers tend to be more successful, enjoy greater loyalty and repeat business. BIITS has committed itself to consistently delivering high-quality products to earn the trust and loyalty of its customers.

“The team knows that the density of customer trust stands as an imperative differentiator altogether. Customer trust could make or break the business on its own. Once the trust is gained, this will lead to a massive transformation of the relationship with the customer. BIITS assures that due to its transparent policies and delivery results precisely, the existing customers’ expectations are duly met without any trace of unethical actions.

To make a mark in the industry and the hearts of customers, businesses and products need to offer something unique, valuable, and memorable to its consumers. This can come in many forms, such as exceptional customer service, innovative products, outstanding quality, or strong brand identity. Ultimately, making a mark in the industry and the hearts of customers requires a combination of strategic planning, innovative thinking, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction and success. Building strong relationships with customers is also key to long-term success, as loyal customers can become advocates for a business and help to attract new customers through positive word-of-mouth recommendations.”, asserts the CEO, Mr. Alok Khobragade.

Enthusiasm in the Air

As BIITS is more into Business Intelligence at the moment, the team is also focusing its strengths on application development, which helps to build web-based and mobile-based applications. They are already working in the following verticals like Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical. BIIT’s presence isn’t limited just to India. The brand is in the realm of tapping the global market. In the future, the team predicts to elevate their growth model by introducing RPA & AI. The adroit team has already started building prototypes for the same, in the field of Predictive Analysis where the data is captured by the sensors depending on the industry’s needs.
The plans for an IT services brand like BIITS revolve around expanding its service offerings, investing in new technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness, expanding into new geographic markets, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing profitability in the business.

Convenient Marketing Strategies

BIITS has poured in ardent efforts to establish itself as a visible brand in the industry purely on the merit of its organic traffic. However, the upcoming marketing plans will be driven by avant-garde digital strategies like Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Influencer Marketing to connect with its target audience and promote its offerings on a one-to-one level.

Capsule of Wisdom for the Readers

Mr. Alok Khobragade concluded the read with some words of enlightenment for our global aficionado.
“My advice for young entrepreneurs would be to stay focused, persistent, and adaptable. Remember, entrepreneurship is a challenging but rewarding path. Stay focused, stay positive, and stay passionate about your mission, and you will increase your chances of success. Find mentors or advisors who can provide guidance and support based on their own experience and expertise. Learn to identify the mark and build robust relationships with other entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals. Attend networking events, join business groups, and seek out opportunities to connect with others who can help you grow your business. Identifying market gaps is crucial for businesses looking to develop new products or services that can fulfill unmet customer needs and gain a competitive advantage. As your business grows, consider ways to give back to your community or to causes that are important to you. This can help you build goodwill and positive relationships, and also make a positive impact on the world.”




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