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Luxury Motor Press

For all the automobile enthusiasts who are infatuated with the aura and sterling charisma of luxury cars, Luxury Motor Press is the perfect destination to read about every stunning luxury car launch in the market. Luxury Motor Press, as the name suggests, was founded to satisfy today’s discerning luxury consumer. Luxury Motor Press aims to be the quintessential site for gaining knowledge about luxury automobiles and motorcycles. With the astute expertise of automotive professionals, the company has been dedicated to delivering impeccable content for its audience.
The company brings to the table engaging and detailed content while sharing a brand’s heritage, design characteristics, quality, and exclusivity. They also curate unparalleled and frenzy-worthy merchandise via Amazon and the website itself, embodying the elements of these colossal automobiles.
The core proponent of Luxury Motor Press, its Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Navin S. Rao, after completing his Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Automotive Product Design from Canada and an MBA in Design and Luxury Goods from Bologna Business School in Italy, had worked with globally renowned brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, and Mercedes-Benz, amongst others. Throughout his professional stint, he endorsed various leadership roles across Canada, India, and Italy. It was also during this time that he became extremely intrigued by performance luxury vehicles, which motivated him to start Luxury Motor Press.
In a conversation with Mr. Navin S. Rao, we asked him many questions about his journey as an entrepreneur and what values he has imbibed into the company’s founding pillars. Let’s hear what beans the dignitary spilled during the conversation!

Luxury Motor Press

Prime Insights: What was the thought behind starting Luxury Motor Press? How did you get the idea for picking up this niche?

While automotive publications were covering a range of products, from the most affordable to the ultra-luxury, I wanted to create a differentiated niche focusing more on luxury and ultra-luxury vehicles. It has since worked, given that we have over 150,000 followers on Facebook and counting and that our audience grows via other social media platforms.
Like with any start-up, gaining a reasonable audience to appreciate the work you put in was a challenge. Of course, the work we do involves featuring aspirational brands; however, it still takes a lot of work to identify, create, and share relevant, quality content. Initially, too, there were hurdles related to technical issues with the site, optimizing the page for a better customer experience, and the general upkeep of the site itself.

Prime Insights: Can you give us a brief overview of the services being offered?

We offer clients advice on their upcoming purchases and help them narrow down a suitable match for mobility based on their wants and needs. In this way, we solve their apprehensions when choosing their next choice of vehicle and make the entire process easier for our clients. As you can appreciate, after a home, a vehicle is the next biggest purchase in any household and isn’t to be taken lightly, particularly in the luxury and ultra-luxury segments. Additionally, we are currently retailing automotive-related merchandise via Amazon with our dedicated page and will soon be retailing products directly through our website.

Prime Insights: How did you manage to create a credible identity in the industry?

Luxury Motor Press

Given the niche we work in, credibility was established with my having worked for global brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, and Mercedes-Benz in various leadership roles. The passion with which we offer solutions to our clients is obvious when they ask us for information on their next purchase. This also helps establish the quality of content being provided by us via our website and other social media platforms. When it comes to luxury and ultra-luxury vehicle brands, many of them have built up their legacy and trust over the years. Many of them are aspirational brands for our clients, which they have been dreaming of for many years before selecting a brand, but then comes the question of matching the appropriate model for them at that point in their lives. This is where we come in to help them establish a sense of ease and provide them with comprehensive information about the product of their choice.

Prime Insights: What are the values that customers look for? How do you stand up to their expectations?

Our customers are the ones who value quality, performance, prestige, and a superior ownership experience. Their purchasing decisions are influenced by factors like brand reputation, product attributes, lifestyle considerations, and emotional connections. After their initial experience with us, many of our clients frequently message or call us once they wish to consider buying a new vehicle or trade-in their existing vehicles. Our recognition has been via word of mouth many times, a testament to how our clients remain connected with our brand.
Our consumers realize that they will get new and relevant information aside from the details they have already seen online. They will either receive positive reinforcement to know they are on the right track with their purchase, or they will realize a different perspective to help them further evaluate their upcoming choices.

Prime Insights: How do you leverage social media to connect with your target audience?

In today’s age of social media, it has been one of the most effective ways of getting the message across regarding our initiatives, services, and offerings. WhatsApp is also an excellent tool to help stay in touch with clients and keep them remain updated on the latest brand models, technology, and general information.

Luxury Motor Press

Prime Insights: What are the plans that the team at Luxury Motor Press will be rolling out in the future?

We will be revamping our platform to ensure a better customer experience with the addition of e-commerce. Through this, our clients can browse and select from a range of uniquely curated gifts and merchandise, as per their favourite automotive brands. These could include select motorsport-related t-shirts and jackets, as well as model cars, motorcycle jackets, and accessories.
We will also be creating specialized downloadable content explaining the history, technology, and special attributes of various luxury models that have stood the test of time and established themselves as truly unique in the world of automotive performance and luxury automobiles. We are now looking to create and extend our offering with advice using video mediums via various platforms to help us share more detailed and engaging insights and information with our aficionados.

Prime insights: How passionate are you about Innovation and Technology?

Luxury Motor Press

As an avid enthusiast for all things automotive – particularly with design and technology, I recently came to learn of the concept of 3D printing. At our time we had rapid prototyping, but was nothing like the technology available these days. After a few months of research and reading online, I wanted to experience the benefit of 3D printing with my conceptual design of a car. With some help from a few people, I was able to achieve this and was quite happy with the output. Ideally, I am now seeking partners/investors that can help create a full-size model for the same as the first “Made in India” all-electric sports car.

Luxury Motor PressPrime Insights: Have you measured how much trust consumers have in your brand?

Ours is a personal relationship when it comes to providing solutions and information about vehicle purchases. Continuous follow-ups post-purchase and generally staying in touch help ensure the trust isn’t lost on any of our clients. Most importantly, we receive many new queries via word-of-mouth, telling us just how much our consumers trust our insights. Our engagement with our audience via social media platforms is another way we can measure how much trust our consumers have in our brand.

Prime Insights: How has your journey as an entrepreneur been?Luxury Motor Press

Like any other, it has had its ups and downs. Building and gaining momentum to pursue one’s passion isn’t easy, but the rewards come with the appreciation and acknowledgment of our viewers and readers, as well as our clients who keep coming back to us for suitable advice.
We had a challenging time during and after COVID to keep regular content updated; however, this year we have a few objectives that we hope to accomplish before the year’s end, including revamping our customer experience online, adding our e-commerce checkout, establishing video-based content regularly, and creating relevant insights into the history and technology of the luxury and ultra-luxury brands.

Prime Insights: It was a privilege having you on board. We would like you to conclude the conversation with some enlightening words for our readership panel.

I invite the readers of Prime Insights Magazine to share their interests and thoughts about the automotive industry through our platform. For all of the young and brilliant minds reading this, I hope you achieve all the dreams you have manifested with relentless hard work and dedication. If you know what your passion is, be sure to pursue it. It increases the chances of success significantly. Failure is inevitable; embrace it as a learning opportunity. It also helps you be persistent during trying times. Never stop learning, and always be curious and humble. Focus on the solution instead of the problem. Focus on the customer experience, develop a growth mindset, manage risk wisely, and lastly, take care of yourself. Nothing will make it worthwhile without a healthy work-life balance.

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