Ms. Kavita Vishal Doke: Redefining Cooking Experiences with Inventive Modular Kitchen Solutions


Ms. Kavita Vishal Doke | Goodluck Modular Kitchens & Furnitures

As urbanization becomes an indispensable element of our hustling-bustling lifestyles, modular kitchens have revamped cooking experiences to make them more efficient and enjoyable. Modular kitchens are becoming immensely popular for all the right reasons! Whether it is utilizing the spaces to the maximum, leveraging modern appliances, diverse storage solutions, or adding an aesthetic touch, modular kitchens have ticked all the boxes of excellence.
In addition to that, they are swift to install, made using high-quality materials, and mitigate the hassles of kitchen renovations. Today we are featuring a brand that is charting innovative paradigms in the Indian modular kitchen industry. Goodluck Modular Kitchens & Furniture offers an array of exceptional modular kitchen solutions curated with special software.
The editorial team of Prime Insights feels ecstatically jubilant because we had the opportunity to invite Ms. Kavita Vishal Doke, Co-Founder and Director of Goodluck Modular Kitchens & Furnitures to tell us about her incredibly inspiring entrepreneurial tale. With her brainchild, the lady has embarked upon the journey to provide affordable and customized modular kitchen solutions for every home in India. Through the conversation, we got a close view of her struggles and how she overcame them to pursue her passion. In her, we find the persona of a remarkable leader whose passion has created a positive impact on numerous lives, thus making us believe in the extraordinary. We are assured that Ms. Kavita’s story is set to motivate our global readership panel to chase their dreams without fearing failure. Join us as we feature her excellence under the enticing edition, “The Most Impactful Entrepreneur of the Year 2023”.

The Initial Chapters

Born into a family of simple dairy farmers in Chembur, Maharashtra, Ms. Kavita was the second youngest of her five siblings. Due to unfavorable financial crunches, Ms. Kavita and her siblings had to pause their education and join jobs to support their families. She started her professional career as a salesgirl in a local shop, where she learned the basics of dedicatedly serving customers and marketing. Her inquisitive personality pushed her to learn and explore new things while improving her skillset. Entrepreneurship was her ambition, as she wanted to create a fulfilling life for her family.
In 2007, she met Mr. Vishal Doke, who saw the potential in her vision and ambition. The duo decided to start a small business together with a nominal amount of 50,000 rupees borrowed from her relatives. The first milestone came to Mr. Vishal Doke and Ms. Kavita Doke as they opened a small store in Dadar, Mumbai, named Goodluck Modular Kitchen. The store offered modular kitchen solutions to their customers. But the journey encountered many granularities along the way. Both of them faced many intricacies and hardships in the initial days, as they didn’t have any idea how to run a business in a giant city like Mumbai with near-nil money in their pockets.
The competition with already established modular kitchen brands was on. They had to deal with suppliers, customers, workers, and authorities. There were days when the duo had to deliver heavy packets of kitchen materials on their small bike, hiding from cops and risking their lives. Working nearly 12 hours a day and traveling back and forth continuously without any leisure were their pursuits to keep thriving.
However, the fire in their mindsets was fiercer than these challenges. The duo worked relentlessly, learned from their mistakes, and continuously searched for ways to improve their services. Such astute resilience and commitment laid an unshakeable foundation of alliances with the customers. Technology and innovation were placed at the core and implemented in every aspect of the business operations. Services were delicately tailored to surpass customers’ expectations, and their efforts started to show an unseen vibrancy of opulence! Mr. Vishal Doke and Ms. Kavita Doke expanded their network, introduced new categories, and reached out to respectable builders and governmental bodies for bigger collaborations. Such admirable milestones created a strong brand reputation for Goodluck Modular Kitchen & Furnitures in the market.

The Journey Ahead

To elaborate their vision to newer heights, Ms. Kavita Doke turned towards investing significantly in technology and marketing to enhance their efficiency and visibility.
In 2022, Mr. Vishal Doke and Ms. Kavita Doke launched their new brand name, MYNT, which stands for Make Your Nest Today. The sole aim of creating the brand is to make modular kitchens accessible and affordable for every home in India, regardless of their size, budget, or location. The duo wanted to create a platform where customers could design their own kitchen online, choose from various materials, colors, styles, and accessories, and get it delivered and installed at their doorstep within a week.
Goodluck Modular Kitchens & Furnitures has partnered with many acknowledged B2B platforms to offer its services to other businesses such as hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals, etc. These tie-ups alleviated their market position, created a loyal customer base, and garnered an impressive record of referrals from satisfied customers.

The Lady Sculpting a Progressive Path

Ms. Kavita Doke is the driving force behind the success of MYNT. Currently embracing the designation of sales head and core proponent of the company, she handles customer relations, negotiations, contracts, deals, and promotions. Ms. Kavita Doke is also the creative mind behind product design and development. The lady is at the forefront of trying and testing brewing trends to improve the company’s offerings and fulfil the responsibilities of customer contentment with integrity.
She finds her strength in empowering the company’s workforce. Ms. Kavita Doke believes that employees should be subjected to respect, equality of opportunity, appreciation, and periodic recognition through incentives. Elucidating the aforementioned, she says:
“Their goals and accomplishments add to the progress of the organization. We see our continual growth in our employees’ holistic well-being and serene work-life balance. For this, Goodluck Modular Kitchens & Furnitures has implemented several strategies. From establishing an all-inclusive work environment to offering competitive compensation, financial support for skill enhancement, and organizing training programs, we hold the essence of empowering our employees!”

Wrapping Up with Affirmative Words

As we approached the culmination of the conversation, Prime Insights would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Kavita Doke for joining in and giving us the prospect of featuring her entrepreneurial tale on our platform. To conclude this fascinating read on a cherishing note, we requested the dignitary entrepreneur share some encouraging nuggets of advice with our global readership panel and all the aspiring entrepreneurs reading this draft.
“Entrepreneurship is a path with different twists and turns for each of us. Irrespective of how many productive efforts we make, we can’t refrain from facing challenges. These challenges are the actual grounds on which we can experiment with our capabilities and thereafter polish them to the fullest. Your customers and workforce are the lifeline of your business, and their interests should be fulfilled, even if you’ve got to go the extra mile for that. Real growth and life-long learning come at the cost of failing sometimes, but yet again we have to emerge with a fire fiercer than before! So stay transparent with your ambitions and compete with no one but yourself.”


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