Content is key for modern B2B businesses. Leading B2B sales and marketing departments rely on digital content as their primary tool to increase revenue. Content helps B2B companies to build their online brand, boost organic traffic, provide a rich customer experience, and contribute to sales. However, content creation in B2B happens at random and with a write-and-forget approach. Without good content, there are enterprise-wide repercussions like campaigns failing, SEO not working, and leads rarely converting into customers. And that’s when Innoventsoft brings content science using AI/ML to help B2B marketers. B2B marketers can use the Innoventsoft platform to ideate, create, monitor, and optimize content for their domain. Innoventsoft aims to help B2B organizations create content and improve the effectiveness of each marketing dollar spent.

The Introduction

After more than a decade of B2B marketing and sales service, Innoventsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. concluded that conventional marketing strategies do not provide a satisfactory return on investment (ROI) for B2B software and technology enterprises. If B2B marketers want to see an uptick in revenue from digital channels, they must develop quality content. Unfortunately, B2B marketers struggle to create content that resonates with their ideal clientele due to a lack of the right resources.

Furthermore, there is no unified system for B2B marketers to measure the impact of their content on brand recognition and sales. For more than 40 percent of B2B businesses, failure occurs during the first five years of operation due to content issues. Because of this, Innoventsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. decided to use AI and ML technologies to create an intelligent content marketing platform for B2B companies.

Issues That Stood in The Way

The company’s customers include marketing operations managers, product marketers, and lead generation directors of B2B technology companies. Adopting an innovative tool that suggests the content they need to develop is not without its growing pains. The target customers need to be educated about the problems of not having good content before the company-wide implementation of the platform is even considered.

Distinctive Selling Points and Reliable Brand

Most companies’ content marketing solutions include search engine optimization tools or content management systems. However, no amount of SEO can help a company that does not have quality content. Innoventsoft is one of a kind since it assists B2B content marketers and product marketers make good content when there is no market-available technology that does it. Besides, the platform recommended content maps to improve user experience and search engine optimization. Doing so is like doing two tasks with a single action.

Customers can use the company’s service risk-free for a full month. The company also offers helpful advice and content creation templates. Within a month, the customers will see a rise in monthly site views and interactions. It is the customer satisfaction that clients get from using the platform which measures the company’s trust in the market.

The Innoventsoft Solutions

Regarding marketing platforms, Innoventsoft provides four essential features for B2B companies.

Content Maps:

  • Innoventsoft platform’s algorithm is trained by analyzing hundreds of high-performing B2B websites. Insights from the research are used to inform content map recommendations for distinct buyer personas at different points in the customer lifecycle journey. Clients can boost their online brand awareness by using the keywords marked in the content map.

Content Monitoring:

  • With Innoventsoft’s content monitoring features, businesses can see how well their content is doing in key marketing metrics like lead generation and brand recognition. Using the platform, B2B marketers can see how their content resonates with their target demographic and generate more marketing-qualified leads. The ability to see how content is doing in every possible context allows for greater marketing efficiency.

Keyword Research:

  • To conduct effective keyword research, B2B marketers can use the platform’s patent-pending algorithms, which provide contextual terms specific to a certain domain, and potentially bring in a larger number of site visitors.

Content Optimization and SEO:

  • The Innoventsoft platform examines all websites and blogs. It offers SEO advice for improving the content and helps increase the number of people who see and interact with a site’s current content on Google and other search engines.

Establishing a Foothold in the Market

Only six months after utilizing the Innoventsoft content marketing platform, users have got significant ROI. A few positive outcomes that the company has seen its clients getting after using the platform are:

  • 5X improvement in brand awareness and audience engagement with the right content
  • Content and product marketers’ output has increased by upto 70%.
  • 2X rise in the effectiveness of ABM campaigns to convert leads into MQLs.
  • Website leads generation increases by as much as 300%.

An Ideal Customer

For Innoventsoft, a client might be any established B2B company selling products or services. Its platform is designed to aid B2B product marketers, lead gen managers, and content marketers.
Every month, the company surveys its customers to gauge their level of contentment with the services they have received. Among the company’s tenets is maintaining proximity to its clientele. Its confidence grows when it hears how customers have used its products to boost brand recognition and the return on investment (ROI) received on their B2B marketing budgets. To better serve them, the company is dedicated to expanding its services.

Advertising and Promotional Activities

Ironically, the company has not run any ads to sell its products. They are relying on product-led growth and are busy executing their roadmap. The company is planning to launch several sales and marketing campaigns very soon to expand its customer base.

Impression Made Upon First Glance

Many clients informed the company’s reps, “My, oh, my, I have never seen a product like that!” during the product presentation. Because of the platform’s ability to address many of the monitoring and content issues that plague B2B marketers, most of them could instantly relate to and connect with the solution.

Advice for Young Business Owners

“Be involved with your customers’ day-in-life challenges, and think of a feasible solution to satisfy them in a manner that they end up paying you regularly,” says Innoventsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s CEO, Debasree Panda, and CTO, Ravi Verma, to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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