Enord Pvt. Ltd: Prepping Up to Embark a Gigantic Impact on India’s Drone-Technology Industry


Enord Pvt. Ltd.

Indian entrepreneurs have showcased to the world what potential they have to bring a storm of revolution across every domain. Technology is where we have witnessed majestic leaders rising from the ground and bringing advancements beyond our imaginations. Drone technology is a quintessential field for India to explore and experiment further. Built on the shoulders of an adroit entrepreneur, Enord Private Limited is India’s First AI on-edge Drone Tech Start-Up. At Enord, drones with AI Pilot technology systems are designed and developed for autonomous navigation. These drones are capable of flying even in the most challenging and confined spaces. The Vision of the Company is to create an ease in operating, generating insights, and taking action that does not depend on the formulaic use of a Magnetic compass.
It was a moment of absolute honour for us to have the opportunity of sharing a conversation with Enord’s Founder & CEO, Mr. Muhammad Anas. Mr. Muhammad Anas turned his childhood infatuation with drones into his entrepreneurial passion. Born Curious and innovative, Mr. Muhammad Anas has the innate qualities of an entrepreneur, he had a flaming desire to build something of his own. Mr. Anas was 2 years consecutively gold medallist in zonal, central, state level science & engineering fairs in school time and grabbed the first breakthrough of representing his college at Asia’s biggest fest organized at IIT Bombay. There he also cherished the glorious experience of becoming a part of International Robo Wars. The major motivating force behind Enord’s inception was to pave a different path for addressing the complexity of the drone ecosystem and create a comprehensive solution that improves overall efficiency and ease of use. As drones are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, their integration into existing systems is still quite complex and challenging. We have many more knowledgeable insights to share from the conversation we had with Mr. Muhammad Anas and hence featured the same under the special segment of “10 Most Valuable Brands to Watch in 2023”.

Beginning a Tale of Excellence

Entering a less-explored domain of drone technology, Enord had to navigate through numerous adversities. Oodles of consistent efforts went into identifying the right team members, finding the appropriate office space to work in the center of Delhi, the heart of the country in a beautiful workplace in IIIT Delhi Innovation & Incubation Center, securing initial rounds of funding from IIT Mandi Catalyst & iHub, getting business mentorship from IIM Kozhikode LIVE, and potential prospects to enter in defence via iTIC IIT Hyderabad while understanding compliance. Mr. Anas hails from a decent family background and had very limited resources to start his venture. The courage and learning he gained during his early academic years encouraged him to set up his own tech society and later organize a technology fest in the college. He then went ahead to incorporate his tech society as OPC Pvt. Ltd in July 2019. Soon after its incorporation, he found his Co-Founder and COO, Mr. Zain Saeed.
Mr. Saeed joined the company and committed himself to taking the organization to further heights of excellence. Mr. Saeed’s determination, zeal, excellent persuasion, and social skills have been an immense source of surreal motivation for Enord.

Staying Attuned to Customer’s Expectations

Enord took on the task of defining the trust factor in the market with diligence and perseverance. Right from its inception, Enord wants to ensure high-quality products/services, and to be transparent in all its processes, ensuring data security and privacy, establishing robust partnerships with trusted organizations, and maintaining a strong commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices. Mr. Anas also shared that the team has poured all their integrity into creating a unique brand identity. Keeping up with the changing market trends is an enthusiastic task for Enord as the team knows how to innovate and adapt. For the brand, a customer gives a reality check of the pain points of the industry and motivates them to develop a viable product. As of now, Enord is in the “Development Phase” and it is yet to get commercialized and connect with clients. However, they are soundly connected with organizations and other industry giants of the service sector. These established players have deep acumen about the escalating need for technology on which Enord is currently working. The brand has created a core value by developing 9 IPs out of which 3 are patents.

Principal Differentiators of Enord’s Business Model

Enord is building an IP-based business, targeting industries and sectors as a key differentiator of its business model. The first differentiator in the process of making it is the world’s first AI Pilot Drone (INSPECTOR) which is the most intelligent drone in its form factor under 7Kgs of weight & wheelbase of 700mm that comes with an end-to-end ecosystem of autonomy (AI Drone). The other differentiators are its work ethos and business philosophy of “Say less do more! ”.
“By delivering high-octane products and also bestowing the customers with adequate information about the product, we want to gain the trust of the customers. We are quietly working on the product’s development and technological aspects because we haven’t yet begun to sell the product. Our brand has not been prominently advertised in the media. Now, though, we are starting the GTM with the help of our incubators and promoters.

Wisdom from the Founder’s Desk

“We want to be successful not simply in creating something novel and intriguing, but also in providing genuine value to customers. Real value creation involves attending to real needs and challenges. It entails putting the customer first and comprehending their problems, needs, and goals. Every entrepreneur should be passionate about creating goods and services that address these requirements and offer real advantages to the consumer”. It required a lot of work from ideas to prototypes to MVP and GTM because deep technological products are critical especially those with AI on edge. So for the future, we are gearing up to launch the world’s most powerful and capable drone “INSPECTOR®” and have a $2 Million Pre-Seed round of fundraising in mind.



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