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Effectual Services

“Just as a potter shapes a vessel, entrepreneurs lead a country into new arenas of success and growth.”

Leading intellectual property (IP) management research and consulting company Effectual Services provides IP support solutions to venture capital firms, Fortune 500 corporations, law firms, research institutes, and universities. The group is made up of multidisciplinary trademark and patent specialists with a wealth of knowledge managing challenging patent assignments. In order to build IP solutions in collaboration with clients, they must comprehend requirements, validate goals, resolve pressing issues, make wise decisions, and carry out projects while consulting with the client. In addition, they offer Intellectual Property Support Services (IPSS), which include docketing, information disclosure statements, paralegal assistance, proofreading, and patent term modifications.
With a wealth of industry experience, exceptional IP knowledge, creative workflows, and cutting edge technology, Effectual Services assists patent and trademark holders, creators, and licensees in realizing the worth and financial potential of their intellectual property. They provide tried-and-true methods and affordable services to assist businesses and academic institutions in managing and capitalizing on their patent portfolios. The business also offers competitive intelligence, SWOT analysis, and technology and innovation scouting services to businesses.
Effectual Services offers customized solutions and a wide range of patent support services, backed by a solid grasp of the patent lifecycle, to assist businesses in realizing their objectives. With certifications in both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001:2013, Effectual Services operates in 22 nations on five continents.
We spoke with Dr. Amit Goel, one of the key proponent at effectual, about the company’s distinctive value propositions and how the team’s sector knowledge has allowed them to disrupt the market.

Question 1: What motivated you to start your journey as an entrepreneur?

I believe that entrepreneurship can significantly improve people’s lives. I decided to take this route because I wanted to combine my passion for changing technology trends in several industries with my aptitude for entrepreneurship. Selecting an area to implement the concept in was the next challenge. For a long time, intellectual property has been a much underappreciated topic in India.
But when significant changes occur in a number of industries, people are growing increasingly conscious of the value of intellectual property. Even after my graduation, I became interested in the role and power of intellectual property (IP). I read a lot about the immense power that can be used if certain rights are properly safeguarded. My interest in this sector was piqued, and I became enthusiastic about the potential for nation-building that it offers.

Question 2: How has your business model managed to align with the ever-changing dynamics of the IP industry?

Because we live in a technological age when patterns and trends are always shifting across a range of industries—some quickly, some slowly—changes are unavoidable. IP has significantly changed over time and bridged the divide between social groups. Advances have been made in the acknowledgment, significance, and importance of the concept of intellectual property rights and their protection. However, the awareness of the flaws has forced us to rethink how IP is viewed in the modern world.
We entered this world of boundless potential more than ten years ago, and every day since then, we have encountered new difficulties, issues, and problem areas. We deal with more than just the effects of technology; instead, we constantly need to reinvent the needs of the moment and modify our services to meet the demands of our clients and the shifting market conditions.

Question 3: Apart from intellectual property, what additional services does the firm provide?

In addition to our focus on intellectual property-related services, we also extend our knowledge and proficiency in other areas of market research. This enables individuals within the innovation ecosystem to make important business decisions supported by reliable data analysis from our team of subject matter experts, who collectively have over thirty years of experience across a variety of industry verticals.
The main goals of the Effective Corporate Intelligence (CI) Services are to supply data that is essential for assessing competitors, assessing your position, gaining access to industry trends, and better knowing your clientele. Within any organization, CI services are intended to assist multiple departments and operations.

Question 4: How has your journey been as an entrepreneur? What values have you kept in mind while moving ahead on the path?

My path has been nothing short of a “roller coaster” trip, but each step along the way has taught me valuable lessons that have impacted my learning process. We had difficult circumstances in the early years of the voyage since resources were scarce in a start-up setting. We found it difficult to reject down some of our colleagues’ outstanding ideas because our finances were also not very strong. Things became better and the resource limitation vanished as things got bigger. The difficulties also took distinct turns. Even when the path ahead was unclear, we had to maintain a positive attitude and give it our all every time.

Question 5: How have you ensured that employees stay motivated?

Effective acknowledges that a traditional work paradigm is ineffective and concentrates on promoting a culture of learning and ongoing development. To keep things fresh, we provide leadership opportunities, fresh projects, more duties, and different work roles. In addition, we provide workshops, one-on-one consultations, and professional development courses with specialists in areas such as work-life balance and mental capacity improvement. Employee skill sets are improved and emotional intelligence is increased as a result of these initiatives. Effectual maintains a robust and stimulating work environment by keeping up to date and working closely with their staff.

Question 6: Please highlight some of the significant milestones achieved by the company over these years.

In more than ten years, we have gone from being two people to over 200, and during that time, we have all seen personal growth. Reaching the 50-employee milestone, winning a Deloitte technology award, starting an office in Germany, growing in Singapore, and establishing offices in New York and London have all been significant milestones for us. Our employees’ unwavering cooperation in creating a terrific work environment at Effective is the sole reason for our progress. Our narrative also highlights the idea that strong-willed, like-minded individuals who consider work as a home away from home rather than a task that must be completed are the foundation of great organizations.

EffectualQuestion 7: What are the strategies that the team is planning to introduce in the future?

In addition to our red ocean strategy, we are supposed to concentrate on the blue ocean strategy, which calls for us to use business intelligence to spot emerging high-growth markets, comprehend new patterns and trends in technology, identify areas where there is no competition, establish competitive new channels, and visualize megatrends that will upend established markets in the years to come. All of this while enhancing service differentiation and cost optimization and upholding the highest standards of analysis. Our top concern is the growing application of information technology in the field of intellectual property.






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