Earth Day Every Day: Sustainable Living Tips for a Greener Planet

Earth Day Every Day: Sustainable Living Tips for a Greener Planet

Find of the 55 Tips for Sustainable Living, which are easy and cost effective and will help to conserve the planet.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

– Native American Proverb

Every day, the Earth’s natural resources keep depleting at a faster rate than they can be replenished. It is pivotal time for us to understand the value of sustainability, as the above quote rightfully sums up: we need to focus on providing better conditions for our coming generation.

Making decisions that attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of an individual by thoughtfully allocating the Earth’s resources in a way that will have a positive impact on climate change and reduce environmental damage is called sustainable living. Sustainable living brings numerous crucial benefits, and below are some of them.

  • It helps conserve energy by being energy efficient.
  • It has numerous health benefits.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It reduces pollution.
  • It helps to reduce waste.

We celebrate Earth Day on April 22 every year to raise awareness and support the cause to protect, conserve, and save the environment. The first Earth Day was celebrated in the year 1970 to promote the conservation of the earth.

Today we have various methods to achieve sustainable living, and below we have created a list for you with which you can start with sustainable living.

Simple and effective tips for Sustainable Living for a Greener Planet

  1. Use LED lights instead of CFL or any other lighting as they last long and reduce the need to buy new lighting frequently.
  2. Learn to adjust to the climate and wear clothes that are made of cotton rather than frequently using your AC.
  3. Learn to use sunlight instead of regular lights in your room. This will also give you vitamin D.
  4. Start naturally drying your hair instead of blow drying.
  5. Dry your clothes in the sun rather than using a dryer.
  6. If possible, create your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables garden. This will be a good way to save your money.
  7. Invest in water-saving showerheads. This will reduce your water usage.
  8. Start using more public transport rather than your own vehicle.
  9. For small distances, you can use a bicycle or walk your way to your destination.
  10. Start taking stairs instead of lifts. This is also a good form of exercise.
  11. Carry your own bag for shopping instead of buying bags.
  12. Stop using plastic bags completely.
  13. Choose a minimalistic lifestyle.
  14. Invest in good-quality products that will last long.
  15. Shop only for what you need, not what you desire.
  16. Purchase products from shops that are ethically sourced and use materials that are environmentally conscious.
  17. Donate what you do not require.
  18. Repurpose and recycle your old materials into something new.
  19. Learn the basic skill of sewing to alter or fix small issues of your clothing.
  20. Avoid using paper.
  21. Start taking notes on your phone or your computer.
  22. Send electronic invitations instead of paper invitations.
  23. Adapt to digitalization
  24. If using paper, ensure you are using both sides of it.
  25. Use a stainless steel or copper bottle instead of plastic.
  26. Use metal straws instead of disposable straws.
  27. Carry your own cutleries.
  28. Carry your own coffee mug instead of using disposable ones.
  29. Use clothes instead of paper towels.
  30. Use a pressure cooker to save energy.
  31. Use natural, chemical free and eco-friendly home cleaning products.
  32. Use make-up removing towels instead of cotton pads.
  33. Don’t leave the water running when you’re brushing.
  34. Switch to products that are decomposable and recyclable.
  35. Use recyclable materials.
  36. Rather than eating out, plan your portions and meal that will make cooking easy and reduce wastage.
  37. Switch to solar energy or renewable energy.
  38. When not in use, turn off your electrical devices.
  39. Recycle your old devices or subscribe to e-waste programs.
  40. Use rechargeable batteries.
  41. Rather than buying books, purchase e-books or secondhand books.
  42. Adopt a pet instead of buying one from a breeder.
  43. Plant more trees.
  44. Always use repurposed glass jars.
  45. Make pickles or jam out of fruits and vegetables to make them last long.
  46. Switch to make-up products that are chemical free, vegan and cruelty free.
  47. Start using multipurpose products.
  48. Start buying products from your local market.
  49. Avoid buying food that you don’t need.
  50. Pre plan and prep your meal in portion size.
  51. Start composting.
  52. Use natural fertilisers and pest repellents.
  53. Use menstrual cups, reusable pads or biodegradable pads.
  54. Use reusable diapers.
  55. Avoid air, noise and water pollution.


Small changes in the lifestyle can have such a positive impact. Sustainable living doesn’t need to be expensive if you do it smartly. The above list, created by us, gives 55 quick, easy, and effective tips to switch to sustainable living that will promote a greener planet. Why just celebrate Earth Day on April 22 when you can celebrate Earth Day every day through sustainable living?

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