Customer Experience Lab: Revolutionizing Asia’s Customer Experience Space With Innovative Solutions

India today is witnessing a business metamorphosis that’s unlike any other we’ve seen in the economy. Companies are rapidly assimilating digitalized systems into their operational framework; the sum and substance of the “Go Digital” campaign is conspicuously pervasive throughout each sphere of business activity.

Amid this change, the organizations that evolved the most were companies in the CX Space. The demand for their solutions has been unprecedented given the rising technological needs of businesses.

For a few companies, the advancement in CX was markedly above the rest of their competitors. They’ve created remarkable technologies, but also in the process, added new dimensions of viewing and experiencing tech in the market.

One such company, an especially meticulous one that too, is Customer Experience Lab (CexLab), a vision of Soumya Acharya. CexLab comprises of a versatile team of CX enthusiasts who have 100+ years of combined experience in the industry.

Founded in 2018, Customer Lab Experience has garnered not only monetary growth but also a plethora of recognitions. It has been recognized by Genesys as the most disruptive CX partner for APAC and the most Innovative partner for SEA. CIO Review India Magazine has listed it as one of the Top 10 CX consulting companies.

As with any established brand, Customer Lab Experience’s success has been formulated by certain key ingredients. Be it the futuristic tech, ardent values, or strong vision, these ingredients are elucidated in detail here to inspire our ambitious readers.

An Overview of The Company’s Services

Customer Experience Lab boasts of a holistic service portfolio. It combines Design Consultancy, Process Engineering, Technology Implementation & Customer Software Development to deliver curated experiences for customers.

In terms of consultancy, the company offers services and solutions for Customer Experience Management, Visualization, and Journey Orchestration to bring about a Digital Transformation. With a design-led thinking, they understand the overall business flow and existing customer journey across multiple channels, viz., voice, email, web chat and social channels. The company strives to understand the complications and delays that might be hindering this process. It then designs a new flow, using digital technology, leveraging data from different systems and previous interactions. The net result of this is an enhanced customer journey to deliver business outcomes more conveniently, at a lower cost and with a better customer/employee experience. This is done using a suite of products developed both in-house and from other OEMs.

CexLab’s Ingenious Products & Solutions

Customer Experience Lab is a Genesys silver partner in ASEAN which helps in delivering world-class customer experience using contact centre.Experience Lab has been awarded the Silver Partner in ASEAN by Genesys. This gives the brand a competitive edge over other partners in terms of delivering a world-class customer experience. Given below are its various contact center software:

Genesys Engage: The only omnichannel and multi-cloud customer engagement solution for large-scale businesses. It helps deliver superior experiences and drive digital transformation at any scale. Combines intelligent routing of channels and work with advanced outbound and self-service capabilities.

Genesys Cloud: A radically easy, all-in-one cloud contact centre solution. It delivers personalised customer engagement on the channel of the customer’s choice. Also gives the team all necessary tools to make every moment count.

Genesys Connect: Enables a smooth contact centre process that not only fulfills the customer but also the working employees. Thousands of businesses around the globe are using this easy, all-in-one contact centre solution to deliver a seamless customer experience.

SPARROW:  This is an Organizational Productivity Suite which has resulted from years of experience in the CX domain and will is the in-house developed platform.  Few modules are still work in progress.  All the CX essentials – CRM, ticketing, survey, Unified agent view, Sentiment analysis along with a BI layer to make sense of the data, are part of its portfolio.

On the solutions front, the brand encompasses the following:

Digital Transformation: Engages a design led thinking process and software development methodology with a focus on business modernization, digital transformation and customer experience as key business drivers. It uses a set of

Productivity Tool: infra and data agnostic tools which can be easily mounted on the existing technology stack without much effort or investment. The tools cater to important aspects of customer service, such as Quality, Analytics, Process Automation, Screen Consolidation, NPS, Omnichannel Management, etc.

Customer Experience Cloud:  This entails a cloud contact centre (CCaaS) strategy suitable for startups, mid market and large enterprises. Besides the omni cloud channel contact centre, these solutions also assist an enterprise to serve across different phases of a customer journey by leveraging cloud platform. Pay-as-you-go, data security and scalability are its key benefits which will be available globally through a strong network of partners.

CX Consulting: Includes process consulting and gap analysis for user experiences to help enterprises with strategies across the journey. This entails varied approaches where the customer is kept at the core while designing technology solutions around it. The customer journey is mapped first and the technology implementation path is chosen accordingly.

Through the aforesaid services, Customer Lab Experience envisions not only creating winning experiences across the customer journey, but also elevating the Customer Happiness Index on the whole. It has thus created a brand credo that emphasizes some staunch values, as elucidated in the following stanzas.

Trust: A Foremost Priority of the Brand

One of the most integral aspects of customer experience is the trust they place in a brand. Without it, not much can be achieved in any capacity.

Customer Experience Lab very well understands the truth of the aforesaid lines, hence it strives to  create the ideal customer experience pre-sales and post-sales. It looks at some insightful questions to steer its approach:

* What would encompass a customer’s relationship with a brand?

* Would it and should it be defined based on a single interaction between the customer and the brand?

* Is this possible in the long term when customer interactions converts to heightened operational effectiveness?

In addition to this, the company emphasizes becoming the knowledge leader in the industry. Besides its inherent domain understanding, it uses intelligence and automation as its underlined approach. Above all, it personalizes the customer’s interactions as per the client’s business. This helps its clients take meaningful steps to align the business with the customer sentiments.

Fostering Growth Through Interactive Ecosystems

An integral part of CexLab’s customer service is developing a proper interactive ecosystem by various applications and processes. Its consulting approach covers 360 degree CX tools which have already created a benchmark in the market. They’ve enhanced the overall CX standards of most of its customers.

Another notable aspect of the brand’s approach is that they encourage customers to focus on Customer Effort Score (CES), besides the more traditional CSAT and NPS. Many of its clients show appreciation for this by being their brand ambassadors.

CEX Lab’s Marketing Initiatives

While many companies spend a fortune on paid marketing and campaigns, the scenario with CexLab has been vastly different.

As a startup, the brand hasn’t been active in marketing is offerings/services on paid channels. What has worked for it, thus far, are the recommendations from its happily satisfied clients. These have served as a means for powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

Furthermore, the brand also maximally leverages its great team as part of its marketing strategy.

A Journey of Values & Principles

Since the inception of CexLab, the brand has nurtured an employee-first culture. This is coupled by its one-of-kind product collection and a high level of customer service delivered by its highly-trained organization experts. CexLab furthermore always stays true to its principles that guides each decision. This commitment to its employees, their growth and the culture that it has built has landed the brand in a very good place today.

While initially CexLab has operations only in India, it expanded to the ASEAN countries the very next year. It is currently a 70+ member team with offices in 7 locations across India and South East Asia. The brand has been growing at a rate of 100% year on year, and wishes to nurture this progress incessantly.

A Message To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Being the Co-Founder of a  startup, Soumya is well-versed with the essentials for entrepreneurship. He shares his insights in a concise yet effective message for our readers:

“Water will find it’s own level. So don’t think too much. Have the big picture in mind but concentrate on what needs to be done NOW.  The idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system is apt in a growing organization.”


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