Coherent Pixels Systems: Empowering the Business Fraternity with New-Age IT Consulting and Enterprise Transformation Services

Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023

Coherent Pixels Systems | Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023

Businesses across the globe are always looking for customizable and innovative technological solutions that help them gain a competitive edge in the market. With its impressive track record of offering innovative solutions to enterprises across diverse industries, Coherent Pixels Systems is creating wonders in the Information Technology sector. An ISO 9001:2015(Quality Management System) and ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) certified company Coherent is a multifaceted enterprise solution for companies. It offers services around Custom Software development, Mobile App Development, API Integration, Test Automation, and Intelligent Process Automation. The team closely monitors and enhances the digital transformation journeys of their client’s business models.

What started with just three people on board is now a team of 150 employees, 40+ clients worldwide and 125+ successful projects. With an adroit team of seasoned IT professionals, Coherent enables constant enterprise transformation driven by minutely curated strategies.

The inspiring journey began in 2017 when Mr. Arunkumar Gopinath V, Founder and Director of Coherent Pixels Systems decided to pursue his passion and urge to add value to people’s lives. Having a resplendent experience of working with giants like Cognizant, Reliance and Tata Elxsi amongst others for more than two decades, he decided to venture into entrepreneurialism and empower businesses with digitalization. Coming from a Tier-2 city (Tirunelveli) himself, Mr. Arunkumar Gopinath V wanted to do something valuable for the talent residing in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities of the country.

We invited the luminary Mr. Arunkumar Gopinath V to have a detailed conversation with our editorial team. The dignitary walked us through his entrepreneurial journey and revealed many lesser-known facts about Coherent’s excellence so far. The conversation was filled with knowledge and we decided to weave this entrepreneurial tale into words for our global aficionado. Join us as we feature Coherent Pixels Systems as the “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023”.

A Journey to Bridge the Gaps

When asked about the challenges the dignitary faced in the early chapters of his entrepreneurship, Mr. Arunkumar Gopinath V asserted that because he came from a non-business family, he didn’t have much knowledge about spending money the right way during initial days of business. A significant amount of investment was made without strategic planning which could have been controlled back then. But as it is said, “Learning comes only after making mistakes”, he leveraged these important experiences and implemented them in the later stages of the company’s expansion via proper optimization.

“The consistent faith of our customers kept us aligned on the right path and motivated us to bring better results. They bestowed the team with better opportunities and we proudly say that all of our projects to date have been successful. For Coherent’s team what is being delivered is more important and this ideology has strengthened our alliances with the consumers”, says Mr. Arunkumar Gopinath V.

A Glimpse of the Service Portfolio

The brand’s ultimate vision is to become the one-stop destination for enterprises to build customizable software applications and optimize their organizational processes.

  • Cloud Application Development: A game-changing tool in the tech industry, Cloud has garnered wide acceptance because of its potential to resolve the problems associated with traditional deployment. Coherent renders a line of Cloud Application Development services, including consulting and implementation, to help clients utilize the benefits of Cloud Environment.
  • Enterprise Software Development: To transform the way organizations interact and serve their customers, Coherent curates enterprise development solutions that target efficient product development, boost e-commerce, elevate customer experiences, and maximize ROI. Integrating these solutions brings about business process continuity and maintains data integrity.
  • Web/Mobile Application Development: With data becoming the fuel of today’s evolving world, Coherent’s web creation services draw insights from website statistics and traffic. These insights help the clients to gain that needed competitive edge. Additionally, they offer exclusively tailored mobile application development solutions.
  • Intelligent Process Automation: Their IPA services support streamlining, automating, enhancing, and completing tasks swiftly. Implementing automation through RPA prevents investing time in something that can be avoided and divert focus on more imperative points.
  • Testing Services: Coherent also provides comprehensive software testing services backed with the best testing techniques.
  • Smart Sourcing: The staffing services draw numerous benefits to businesses, including cost-effectiveness, and recruitment agility, thereby ensuring a fair selection process.

Amassing Customer’s Trust

Coherent has always kept its client’s trust at its core. The team pours in the best-of-best efforts to deliver what was promised. Even if the client has a constraint and if that constraint can be accommodated, the team takes it as a healthy challenge and does not compromise the quality of the deliverable. For Coherent, maintaining transparency with the customer is of utmost priority. The team is profoundly punctual about the delivery of services and stretches its capabilities to fulfill its customer’s expectations. Coherent has traced an exceptional trajectory of growth with very minimal marketing. Organic marketing, word of mouth, and repetitive referrals from previous customers give a steer image of the company’s high-octane services.

Value-Driven Work Culture

At Coherent the work culture has no rigid hierarchy and communication flows swiftly across all departments. Everyone is subjected to equal freedom of expressing their ideas. Coherent follows a flexible and cooperative work style. Employees are bestowed with a healthy work-life balance and there is no strict 9-6 schedule. The reporting structure is robust and the company’s corporate ethos is ingrained in the employees’ minds. A testament to this is Coherent’s feeble attrition rate. Here, employees are motivated to take ownership of their responsibilities and fulfill them with level-best-efforts.

Steadfast Actions Plans for the Future

Coherent is planning to work extensively on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and incorporate these technologies to enhance its service portfolio. The company has also purchased licenses for ChatGPT to empower its employees, optimize their efforts, and offer improved services to customers. The plan is to venture deep into the Mobile Development domain and introduce newer exemplary services. Coherent opened a new office in Coimbatore in 2022 and this year the company plans to open another office in Bangalore and several other branches to expand its domestic horizons. The company’s expansion will also open various opportunities for talent coming from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Coherent is also looking forward to expanding its staffing with local hiring and increasing its ability to serve current and future markets.

From the Luminary’s Desk

To conclude the fascinating read with a capsule of intellect, we requested Mr. Arunkumar Gopinath V to share some words with our readers. The luminary quotes, “As an entrepreneur, you should be adamant about adding values to the lives of people. True leadership finds its fire in empowering others. While it is fair to manifest excellent business numbers, one should avoid being greedy. Be insistent to provide customers with the confidence of making desired choices. When an organization prioritizes customer satisfaction, a mark of assertiveness towards your services gets established in the customer’s mindset.”


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