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Artihcus Global

When products are manufactured or procured from manufacturers, they need effective storage before they reach the customers. In a nutshell, products are stored in warehouses after production but before shipment to customers or other facilities; they may also be returned to the warehouse later. Today, warehouses are used by numerous companies worldwide to stock their products before sending them out to retailers or wholesalers for further distribution.

A secure place to keep inventory for an extended period is a vital service that warehouses provide for many companies. They prevent physical stores from stockpiling products they cannot sell or show. Artihcus Global is one such company that offers SAP EWM Technology-specific products designed to aid the warehouse industry in maintaining tight control over the distribution and processes of goods throughout the entire supply chain. It was founded by C K Reddy, who invested his time in other sectors before entering the warehouse and IT industries. Many worldwide companies rely on Artihcus Global to maximize the potential of SAP EWM to add value to their storage operations. Artihcus Global services have a bright future because there is room for development and expansion for their customers. Their offerings promise to be much more efficient and advanced due to leveraging technological advances across sectors. Today, Artihcus Global has been positioned among the 20 most-trustworthy companies to watch in 2023. The below excerpts show how the company expanded and became a leader in the warehousing industry since the beginning.

Setting an Industry Standard

C K Reddy wanted to become an entrepreneur; hence, he tried various things before he joined the IT sector. After gaining a steady pace in the IT industry, he decided to try something new for himself and have a better work-life balance. Employment generation was also his goal to excel in the industry while helping many businesses grow and create a brand among their clientele. It is how C K Reddy started Artihcus Global Company.

Taking up Challenges like a Pro

It is never easy to switch to something new from a steady career. Nevertheless, C K Reddy took up the challenge and left his steady job. Like any new challenge, he had apprehensions about whether his decision was right or wrong for himself and others. He initially faced challenges in staffing young and experienced professionals for his company. However, he took his time identifying the right candidates for Artihcus Global to run the show.

Building Trust In a Competitive Market

Since C K Reddy took his time recruiting professionals and contemplated the risks of changing career paths, he made Artihcus Global a brand known for less noise and more outcomes. The company believes in work portfolios rather than product/service promotions and advertisements. With time, Artihcus Global is popular for its services, work culture, and statements like “they deliver what they say” among its clientele. In no time, the company made itself the most trusted brand in the competitive market.

The Artihcus Global Solutions

The company offers improvements, maintenance, and implementation of SAP solutions for supply chain management.

Breaking the Stereotypes

According to C K Reddy, we live in an era with an excessive amount of information available, leading to widespread mistrust. This scepticism, however, serves to the benefit of customers in that it forces companies like Artihcus Global to demonstrate their brands’ true value over time. It largely contributes to the enhanced standard of the product/service portfolio. That is how Artihcus Global keeps its promises because we consistently deliver cost-effective solutions.

An Artihcus Global Customer

C K Reddy has been a great follower of Henry Ford and follows his words in business- “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” It is how C K Reddy annotates Artihcus Global customers, who are important for business growth and customer satisfaction. The company is moderately connected with its customers and doing improvements in this area. Nonetheless, Artihcus Global has made its brand image for working in a simplified way to fulfil its customer-specific demands. Hence, the straightforward work method is reflected in its customers’ minds when they deal with the company.

A Planned Future

Artihcus Global always speaks about the good works and projects it did through its LinkedIn profile. The company has countless satisfied customers who also work as its marketing team. Hence, it rarely invests in paid advertisements or promotions to attain business leads. Since the beginning, the company has worked in India from its Hyderabad base. However, it set up its first overseas office in Germany to reach worldwide customers and steadily expand the business. Artihcus Global wants to become one of the best SAP implementation partners for different supply chain solutions across the globe.

The Unforgettable Journey

C K Reddy says his entrepreneurial journey has been satisfying and rewarding. He is quite happy to see how his company, Artihcus Global, has turned out in the past 4 years. On a personal level, he wants to enable a team so that the company can scale better and take up bigger projects. However, he wants to improve Artihcus Global branding on a professional note.

Inspiration for Young Entrepreneurs

Artihcus Global’ founder states that when one can take a risk and follow their dreams, one can achieve whatever one wants. He adds that one only needs to listen honestly and not to impress anyone to get things done to achieve their set targets or fulfil their dreams.

Words for the Readers

The founder of Artihcus Global motivates the reader or to-be entrepreneurs by stating, “Overcome the stereotype thinking. Anybody can reach heights by being themselves.”

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