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Ardent Clinical Research Services

Medical science is evolving at an exponential rate; the credit goes to the constant hunger to find innovative healthcare and nutraceutical products for humanity’s sustained well-being. For conducting complex clinical trials, experiments, and observational studies, we need more and more all-inclusive systems. These systems have to be tailored to become armored enough to respond to the rising burden of diseases and the growing demand for innovation in drugs and medical devices.
With an undeterred commitment to going beyond the development of new drugs and diagnostic treatments, Ardent Clinical Research Services has etched its legacy.
Ardent Clinical Research Services is a clinical research service provider based in Pune, India, offering integrated services to biopharmaceutical, herbal, nutraceutical, device companies, and generic drug industries. With a highly qualified and experienced team, Ardent Clinical Research Services deals with all major therapeutic areas. The team of experts at Ardent offers management and leadership solutions to clinical researchers, ensuring that every project begins with a disciplined start, is executed with efficiency, and swift delivery of clinical trial projects is made.
In an interview with the company’s Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Chandu Devanpally, the editorial team at Prime Insights put forward many intriguing questions related to his entrepreneurial journey of building Ardent Clinical Research Services. As the name of the edition is “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2024,” we particularly emphasized the company’s attitude towards innovation and R&D.

Beginning the Journey

Mr. Chandu Devanpally was inspired by some of his friends who successfully became entrepreneurs in healthcare and other sectors. In January 2014, the dignitary decided to quit his lucrative job and start something of his own. During the initial phases after leaving the job, he had no financial support or background. One of his dear friends, Dr. Devesh Kumar Saxena, helped him experiment with small trials in business. Eventually, the journey gained momentum, and Ardent Clinical Services started flourishing.
The major factor in the company’s success story is the trust factor they have established in the market. Whether it is a commitment to rigorous clinical research, ethical practices, or a relentless focus on delivering reliable outcomes, Ardent’s success tale stems from the efforts of its dedicated team of experts, cutting-edge methodologies, and transparency and integrity in all its endeavors.

Services at a Glance

Ardent Clinical Research Services provides end-to-end clinical trial services that include,

  • Site Management
  • Project Management
  • Monitoring
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Safety Management
  • Medical Writing
  • Complete Clinical Data Management (eCRFs, IWRS, eTMF, and CTMS)
  • Statistical Analysis (SPSS, R-Programming, and SAS)
  • Feasibility and site selection.
  • Regulatory Services
  • BABE clinical trials
  • Herbal Nutraceutical Studies
  • Medical Device Studies

The Differentiating Factors

  • As the company is equipped with ICH, GCP, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), all of its clinical trial activities strictly comply with the regulatory principles and guidelines. As the team conforms to the highest standards of ethics, the patients under investigation can rest assured about their safety and confidentiality.
  • The exhaustive investigator database and technical expertise in diverse areas of therapeutic research make patient recruitment faster and more cost-effective. But what sets Ardent apart from the market competition is its quick turnaround time and the personal attention each customer is served with.
  • The company will be completing its 10 years in the industry, and they have never had any investors, promoters, or funders throughout these years.

The Value of a Customer for Ardent Clinical Research Services

Mr. Chandu Devanpally explains, “Customers are everything to us. As an organization committed to advancing clinical research, we hold our customers in high esteem. Our customers are not merely clients but valued partners who collaborate with us to fulfill our mission. We are dedicated to meeting their needs, earning their trust, and fostering a relationship that inspires innovation in the healthcare industry.
Our clients are deeply connected with our brand, as they value our commitment to excellence in clinical research. Moreover, they appreciate our unwavering focus on delivering innovative solutions to meet their specific needs. We take pride in prioritizing our clients’ satisfaction by delivering high-quality services that are tailored to their requirements. The quality of our services and values, like pure transparency and integrity, speak for themselves.”

The Road for the Future

Ardent Clinical Medical Services is focusing on taking its business to a global level in the years to come. They will register themselves in South Korea and Vietnam in 2024, followed by Europe. The team is actively working on making the electronic systems more technologically advanced.

The Man Behind the Organization

Mr. Chandu Devanpally holds expertise in clinical trial project management, data management, and business development. With a background in clinical trials at Sushrut Hospital and Research Centre, Mr. Devanpally has successfully launched various organizations across different industries. He is a strategic thinker with proficiency in protocol-based management and clinical trial conduct.
Mr. Devanpally has worked on various trials, including CRC, CRA, Quality Manager, and Operational Manager. An effective communicator with excellent relationship management skills, problem-solving abilities, and organizational abilities, his expertise leadership standards are about delivering values and not solely running behind making huge numbers of profits. He has always emphasized the importance of working strategically with proper planning while sticking to work ethics.

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