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SAP has undergone multiple changes over the years, but it has still stayed among the best technology on the market. So, will SAP remain at the top of ERP in the future? In some ways, it seems to be the case. Undoubtedly, it has pledged its allegiance to cloud technology for many years. However, the internal changes have made the strategy much more financially and technically sustainable.

As technology changes, it is now necessary for businesses to use an ERP system if they want to do well in their industry. ERP systems might sound hard to understand, but they don’t have to be. Approyo is among the best Emerging Companies to Watch in 2022. The company knows that each client is unique and has different business needs.

Approyo- An Introduction

The company offers customized solutions at reasonable prices that are made to fit the needs and goals of many businesses. It provides SAP consulting, managed services, hosting, and SAP basis support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Systems implementations, migrations, and upgrades are done by the company, which has worked with everything from R/3 to SAP S/4HANA.

The Inspiration

Approyo’s namesake, Christopher Carter, was motivated to create the company by the general optimism around the release of SAP’s success and SAP HANA. He felt that SAP HANA was the natural progression of his long-standing interest in collaborating with SAP to provide cutting-edge technology to the corporate world. In addition, Mr. Carter aspired to simplify their use via the cloud to better assist organizations in utilizing SAP apps and systems.

Challenges Defeated

Upon asking about the challenges, Mr Carter said, “Many potential customers lacked a basic understanding of cloud computing, making it tough to discover the proper ones at first. No one was willing to make the change to the cloud because they were too comfortable with their existing IT infrastructures.”

A Trusting Brand

The foundation of the company is based on reliability. Everything it does depends on an inconceivably high level of trust. Every day, the company deals with sensitive consumer information. When a firm does a migration or deployment, it assumes responsibility for smoothly and effectively implementing its customers’ systems. Through its maintenance and upkeep services, the company guarantees its customers’ systems’ continuous safety and functionality. It’s a huge deal, so the company’s representatives are on call 24/7 to ensure their clients’ needs are met.

Approyo Solutions

The company’s forte is a speedy and smooth deployment, upgrade, or migration to SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA, or SAP core instance. It caters its roadmaps to each client’s specific requirements to help them achieve their desired outcomes. The organization provides monitoring, hosting, and SAP Basis support round-the-clock after a project is finished. With its 1st Watch system, the company can prevent issues before they happen, ensuring that its customers’ systems are always available. As part of its commitment to making SAP easy for its customers, the business maintains a global staff of specialists ready to respond to any questions or concerns.

Overcoming the age of mistrust

When it comes to cloud computing, reputation is everything. Mr. Carter remarked, “As an MSP (Managed Service Provider), you need to have the client base that is eager to speak about your good impact on their organization.”
Many more potential customers will put their faith in your services if they hear nothing but positive feedback about them from others. But, as the company’s founder puts it, customers are skeptical of cloud solutions as they don’t feel in complete control. He said that customers and MSPs might build trust by “building that roadmap to showcase them every stage of the process,” he said.

Industry Leader

Forging ahead as the first SAP HANA Cloud service provider to launch, the company established itself as a leader in the field. At the time, no Managed Service Providers (MSPs) were integrating with SAP HANA, so this was a significant development. Since then, the company has made its mark by providing superior SAP services and solutions to partners and customers around the globe. In Mr Carter’s professional career, his experience in SAP has garnered him national acclaim by the SAP, American SAP Users Group, Cloud Expo, Hadoop World, and more.

Customer for Approyo

For the company, a customer is anyone that wants aid in their digital transformation strategy. Mr Carter adds, “No matter what industry or size, anyone searching for help with their SAP systems is a customer to me.”

The company’s focus is not always on profit maximization but also on assisting people in need. Further, the founder is always willing to give his honest opinion to anyone who asks for it, regardless of whether or not they are a potential client, on any related technology solutions.

User Connection

The company’s clientele is deeply connected with its brand. As a result, the firm continuously contacts teams worldwide, whether partners or customers. The clientele has come to rely on the business because of this reliable ongoing connection.

Approyo’s Marketing Strategy

All modern adults recognize the importance of social media. As a result, the firm has established marketing to advertise its products and services to a broader clientele. Mr. Carter added, “Using case studies that show your team’s performance is essential, but also giving whitepapers for consumers who want to do a bit more research is valuable.” The company routinely hosts webinars on many issues with its Mr Sean Gilmour, Chief Technology Officer, who takes time to teach interested individuals. Before the pandemic, the company routinely attended SAP events, providing direct face-to-face contact with partners and consumers. The company’s marketing strategy is focused on constantly demonstrating success to the target audience.

Future Updates

Normal SAP ECC 6.0 support will stop in 2027, which means that clients operating on these systems will have to shift to SAP S/4HANA or SAP HANA. Even though this is many years away, the firm has witnessed more and more interest in migrations. Clients must recognize that the sooner they make the shift, the quicker they will boost their business.

Brand’s Future

Appropriately expanding is vital to Approyo’s strategy moving forward. They hope to hire more people, grow their network of partners, and attract more customers in 2021. The organization’s long-term objective is to become a reliable MSP for major corporations. Growth-wise, it’s undergone many shifts this year. Nevertheless, the organization has high hopes for the future.

Mr Christopher Carter’s Journey

Mr Carter did not have a smooth road to becoming a prosperous businessman. However, while he had setbacks, he grew from his mistakes. His professional goal is to ensure the growth and prosperity of more companies. This is a victory for Mr. Carter and his entire team. In a statement, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to assist other business owners and entrepreneurs in making positive changes in their operations. Regarding my personal life, I am most interested in acquiring new knowledge and abilities.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

A quote from Mr. Carter reads, “I know this is going to sound clichéd, but follow your dreams!” It’s best to get out there and try things if you have an idea. You shouldn’t waste your life moping about missed opportunities. Communicating well with clients and coworkers is a necessity for any successful professional. Pursue your education to the fullest extent of your ability, then employ what you’ve learned to help teach others. You have a bright future ahead of you. It’s some of the best guidance a new business owner can get from a seasoned pro.


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