Feminist Pen Foundation: Enlightening the Existence of the Oppressed People with Global Human Rights Advocacy

Tracing the Steps of Inventiveness

Feminist Pen Foundation was founded by the honorary leader and award-winning human rights activist Mr. Vasanthan Ramakrishnan in 2020. A leader with the zeal to fight diligently for human rights and inclusion, made it possible for the unheard voices to roar and fight for themselves.
Mr. Vasanthan Ramakrishnan shares that his childhood morality to draw positive values in people’s lives made him ardent about his dream. His dream was to build something capable enough of making difference and perpetuating fulfillment. He started voluntarily working with non-profit organizations like Red Cross India, Habitat for Humanity, etc. The prevailing inequality based on gender, color, race, and age, instigated Mr. Vasanthan to do something. After he moved to the US to pursue his Master’s degree, he understood that poverty, inequality, and hunger are global crises and existed on every corner.
Later during the COVID 19 pandemic, he got stuck in India while he visited his parents. During those 6 months of being at his home, he started sketching the periphery of the Feminist Pen Foundation. It all began with a blogging website and today after two years, Feminist Pen Foundation stands as an award-winning non-profit global platform spread across countries like USA, Netherlands, and Dubai. The company has also diversified its reach via many subsidiary organizations functioning independently.

Determination to Fight against Challenges

The uncalled legislative change that COVID 19 pandemic brought with it has caused a huge imbalance. People across the globe are fighting hard to overcome these changes. The negligent behavior towards the marginalized minorities became more prominent. These populations moved away further from the government and its allied institutions. During these times, creating a non-profit organization to operate on an international level became a challenging task.
In the initial phases, Feminist Pen was working with a restricted amount of funding. They went through times when growth was feeble and obstacles in hiring valuable candidates became a cumbersome task. The foundation follows a competitive ideology. They always ensure that fair incentives and salaries are given to their employees, interns, and associates. Feminist Pen Foundation didn’t take the road of crowd-funding. Instead, they generated multiple sources of revenue for themselves. They started by launching their apparel line, global crypto-currency, and NFT platform. They ditched archaic methods of operating a non-profit organization and rather took a distinct path to grow sustainability with their work ethics.

A Dollop of Enthusiasm in Defining Market Trust

The company is an ardent believer in “Achieving one world with zero barriers”. Their USP lies in methodology and execution. Feminist Pen Foundation separates itself from the competitive space by operating across the border which makes it stand apart from the 80% of non-profits that operate locally. Adding more to their quest for establishing trust are their impeccable pillars of technology and improvisation. They are always on the front foot to adopt the upcoming technological advancements to shape their operating systems. The company is further working with a single administrative office connecting all the other continental offices remotely.
In 2022, the foundation also inculcated an electronic clocking system curated by their in-house team. The entire software team came up with this system to collaborate with all the other offices on cloud computing and reduce the hectic paperwork. With this, Feminist was able to divert all their flow of employee communication and financial transactions to the Cloud. With morals being secured with tech, the brand is leaving no stone unturned in firming their trust parameter in the market.

Company’s Clientele and Service Portfolio

Being a non-profit organization that works dedicatedly for the equality of human rights, Feminist Pen Foundation fights to present the human rights of minority populations on the pedestal of reformation. They strongly believe in reforming the minorities with education and awareness. They wish to nurture the ideas of feminism about a broader spectrum of equality. So their services are solely for the people who are/were blatantly discriminated against and oppressed either systemically or societally. They work at the core to present solutions for every problem that hampers or disturbs global human equality.

Sketching the Epitome of Uniqueness

With digitalization rapidly changing its colors, it becomes quintessential for every business to be conscious of its digital presence. When a customer perceives a brand, an instant vibe of trust must be helmed. Many brands are using the agenda of spreading a massive budget on hyper-growth and scaling. But what holds the true magic is the strategy to create a unique brand identity. Feminist Pen Foundation cracked the code through campaigning for the most complex problems and raising voices for the voiceless.
When people think of Feminist Pen Foundation, they are transported to a world of possibilities, a world where there are a plethora of opportunities to make and be a part of a beautiful change. The foundation has an eminent reputation for being a revolutionary in the human rights sector. Moreover, they have received more than 1000 applications from people across countries to become a part of their team. They have also represented themselves at various international summits to carry forward their legacy. The transparent company culture represents the scaling heights of people’s trust in the foundation’s authenticity.

Company’s Futuristic Aspirations

With so much serenity created behind, the foundation is thriving to experience a gigantic and vibrant spark in their achievements. They are planning to come up with at least five new initiatives that will operate independently from their parent organization. They are also planning to expand their existence in at least 15 countries and make a robust team of resilient individuals. Continuing with this rate, the foundation has the power to reach over 10,000,000+ audiences from around the world. They are further targeting to endorse partnerships with various governments and other organizations of their niche.

A Guiding Message for Prime Insights Readers

For all the burgeoning entrepreneurs and young minds reading this, if you’re passionate about your dream then buck up your belts to work relentlessly. Dreams become reality only with a calculative plan of action and efforts directed in the correct direction. Having passion won’t get things done! Self-discipline followed by a seeking towards experienced mentors are key to one’s success. Anything successful churns out of thousand failures and giving up should never be in one’s dictionary of hard work.






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