AirBrick: An AI-Powered Platform Revolutionizing Commercial Spaces via Experiential Interior Design & Execution Services


AirBrick Infra Private Limited

“An Organisation leveraging Technology & Artificial Intelligence to give beyond imagination experience to Commercial Design & Build Customers In India”

Some beginnings emerge from a deep-seated belief in the power of innovation and technology, and one such beginning has made it to the fascinating edition of “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023”. In this world where each one of us spend 1/3rd of our lives in offices – it was very prudent that the space we live in dominantly influence our aura, serenity of mind, and most important of all, our focus. Hence, the essentiality and popularity of curating peaceful and aesthetic Commercial interiors have become imperative priorities for many of us. To harness the power of technology and bring about a remarkable transformation in the commercial interior design industry was the vision behind the foundation of AirBrick Infra Private Limited.

Despite having reputable, high-paying job, Mr. Sanjeev Bhandari, Founder felt a strong calling to address the industry’s inefficiencies and gaps. He anticipated bringing a fresh perspective to the limelight, harnessing the potential of AI, and streamlining the Commercial interior design processes that had historically been the most time-consuming aspect of the industry. He along with his Co-founder, Mr. Ashish Kalra was motivated to create a company that would not only thrive but also revolutionize the way commercial fit-outs are done globally using the present day advancements in the technology

In the early days, AirBrick encountered several significant challenges. Whether it was starting with limited financial resources, building credibility, achieving the trust of the clients, navigating through the competitive landscape, getting on board skilled professionals, or convincing stakeholders of their vision, each one of them demanded extreme patience and decision-making. Despite the pile of challenges, AirBrick successfully managed to overcome each obstacle and turn them into opportunities for growth and continual improvement.

The Service Portfolio

  • Design and Space Planning in commercial industry: Providing comprehensive design and aesthetically pleasing space-planning services. These services are curated by leveraging technology and AI by making sure to leverage each inch of space is utilised properly
  • Project Management: AirBrick’s highly organised and structured project management teams closely monitor the entire fit-out process, right from concept to completion. They ensure that projects stay on schedule, within budget, and meet quality standards.
  • Interior Fit-out of Commercial Spaces: The company specializes in executing interior fit-out of commercial offices and retail outlets, ensuring that designs are brought to life with precision and quality craftsmanship.
  • Technology Integration: Under this aspect, the integration of advanced technology solutions into fit-out projects is performed. This integration includes smart building systems, audio-visual installations, and the development of IT infrastructure. This integration is used to create modern and technologically advanced workspaces.
  • Furniture Procurement and Installation: End-to-end solutions for furniture procurement, customization, and installation to match the design and functional requirements of the space.
  • Consultation and Advisory Services: The seasoned industry professionals also provide expert consultation and advisory services to clients, helping them make informed decisions about their fit-out projects, budgeting, and long-term planning.

Stamping an Irrefutable Mark of Trust in the Industry

AirBrick has created benchmarks of corporate excellence by actively introducing cutting-edge technology and AI into the commercial fit-out industry. This elevated the opportunities for the company to streamline design processes, significantly reduce project timelines, and create cost-effective solutions.

Sanjeev Bhandari, elucidates further: “Since its inception, AirBrick has ensured that quality remains a non-negotiable aspect of its service. The team has always believed that the trust of its clients has brought AirBrick this far in the journey, and reciprocating the same trust via services built on rigorous quality control procedures, is what keeps us working on the ethical path. We put our clients at the centre of everything we do. Listening to their needs, understanding their unique requirements, and delivering tailored solutions are integral to our approach. We always keep our clients informed about every step of the project, so they also synchronize their expectations accordingly.”

Continuing the conversation ahead, Ashish Kalra also shared his words. Here is how it goes: “We are equally responsible for sustainability and community engagement. As technology and market trends continued to evolve, we paid attention to every new market trend sprucing up, with the ardent support of our skilled workforce. Their expertise and dedication are instrumental in delivering quality results. Instead of pursuing short-term gains, we prioritized building long-term relationships with our clients. This approach not only secured repeat business numbers but also fostered trust over time. Our post-occupancy support and ongoing maintenance services differentiated us from the market competition. By consistently upholding these principles and delivering on our promises, we earned our place in the industry and the hearts of our customers.”

A Glimpse of the Road Ahead

AirBrick has ventured into other domains of the interior design industry, ranging from design and fit-out to technology integration and post-occupancy services. The backend supported by strong technology and automated processes has provided the organisation with an opportunity to provide a more holistic and integrated approach to the clients’ fit-out needs. The company has also strengthened it’s tech further by iterating the moodboard requirements through AI and Technology making this one of the first organisations on globe to do layouting using AI

Notable Words from the Founding team

Before wrapping up the conversation, it was an obligatory mandate for our editorial team to request that Sanjeev quote some of his valuable words for the enlightenment of our readers. He & Ashish merrily accepted our request and conveyed a message to all the young minds and aspiring entrepreneurs reading this narrative.

“Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, Founders often experience a mix of successes and setbacks. During these crucial times, their ability to persevere, adapt, and learn from their experiences is a critical factor in their ultimate success. Entrepreneurship is certainly a dynamically testing path, but it can be incredibly rewarding for those who are passionate about their ideas and dedicated to making them a reality. Entrepreneurship is a journey, not just a destination.

Remember that the remarkable leaders we look up to today have poured years of grinding hard work into building their passion. Today, we have a plethora of opportunities awai ting to be explored. All you have to do is clear the noise around yourself, pick what you’re passionate about, and never fear failing during the journey of learning. The lessons you learn along the way will contribute to your personal and professional development.”


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