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ABRO Balancing

A true entrepreneur always thrives for bringing changes and has a passion for adding value to gazillion lives. Outshining the potential lying inside, amidst those clouds of doubts, is the trait of an empowered entrepreneur like Mr. Akhil Nath. To have a conversation with our editorial team we invited Mr. Akhil Nath- Vice President and CEO of ABRO Balancing to share many lesser-known yet enticing facts about his entrepreneurial journey. We were amazed by the deep insights of ABRO Balancing and how it has shown tremendous growth in the arena of manufacturing balancing machines. In 2005, Mr. Akhil Nath took over as the CEO of ABRO, walking on the path shown by his father Mr. Atul Nath. Alongside this, he also monitored the functioning of various other operations, such as electronic design, sales, and marketing within the organization. In a short while, we asserted that Mr. Akhil’s entrepreneurial journey of positioning ABRO Balancing at an augmented level of dynamism in its industry should grab a special spot under the segment of “The 20 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch in 2023” on our platform. We were excited to relish this opportunity of featuring his brand’s story and carved it into words for our global readership panel.

Beginning the Journey

ABRO was founded by Mr. Atul Nath during the early 1970s after he completed his graduation in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi. During the 1970s, ABRO Balancing was the only company that manufactured and promoted hard-bearing dynamic balancing machines. Being the dominant player in India was not enough for a prestigious company like ABRO. The foremost hurdle was to compete at a global level with fierce competition hailing from the West German Manufacturers.

Mr. Atul always had ardent faith in ABRO’s resistance to facing the competition. To give a shout-out to their exemplary services offering international quality, in the 1990s / 2000s, ABRO signed joint ventures facilitating its top-notch designs and technology to a few of its competitors in Italy and the U.K. This decision came during the phase when Indian manufacturing and technology were lesser known in the global arena.

Although the pace was not too prominent at the start, with strategic decisions and mentorship, ABRO Balancing scaled magnificent heights of acknowledgment on a global level. It was in 2000 when ABRO started its operations in Houston, Texas, USA. Mr. Akhil Nath, Atul Nath’s eldest son also graduated as an engineer in Electronics and Instrumentation. In 2005, after Mr. Akhil took over as the CEO, the brand unfolded manifolds of opulence. In a few years, under Mr. Akhil Nath’s mentorship, ABRO’s operations were expanded to Europe, the USA, and various other countries.

“I would also like to share that in the current scenario, ABRO machines are sold in more than 100+ countries and cherishes a whopping worldwide sales and service network. The growth we have witnessed over the last few decades is garnered organically. With more than 10,000 balancers working worldwide, we have established the benchmark of quality and authenticity. ABRO balancers and other sheet metal working machines such as fiber laser cutting, fiber laser welding, and bending machines are now manufactured in the USA and India. Indeed it has been quite an overwhelming journey for the entire team and brand altogether. Today, the brand’s client portfolio includes gigantic tycoons from various industries like petrochemical, aerospace, textiles, power, automobile, and defense amongst others. We serve them with high-octane balancing and sheet metal working machines. We can proudly say that ABRO is serving almost all the prominent sectors of the global economy. To name a few of ABRO’s clients, the brand has completed successful collaborations with Meritor, Fiat, Rolls Royce, Sulzer, ABB, Saudi Aramco, Alstom, Andritz, SIEMENS, BMW, Samsung, Garuda Indonesia, Honda, Larsen and Toubro, LG, Mahindra, Reliance Industries, Sulzer, Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Regal, and Drydocks World amongst others. Indeed, ABRO’s optimism and confidence in its services have made it possible for the brand to conquer these impressive triumphs.”, asserts the Vice President and CEO, Mr. Akhil Nath.

Cohesive Work Force of ABRO Balancing

ABRO has a dedicated technical team with industry-expert engineers and technicians that are working together to cater to the needs of the brand’s diverse clientele. The team is always open to bringing ideas and products that are innovative, time and cost-efficient, accurate, and more reliable than its competitors. ABRO organizes technical seminars in collaboration with leading technical forums/universities across the world such as EASA-USA and EMCW- USA, and IISC-India. These knowledge-oriented seminars are conducted to educate existing customers about the paradigms of dynamic balancing technology and vibration control. To continue to thrive in this competitive world, the team believes that gaining knowledge, doing continuous research, performing multiple tests & trials, and implementing the insights gained during the course are important to growing along with the market trends and modern technology brewing up.

Achievements and Accolades

ABRO’s business model resonates with a positive attitude of performing tasks with perfection. Exhibiting immense clarity in building a proactive business, Mr. Akhil highlighted ABRO’s achievements over the years. ABRO was awarded for its developmental activities by reputed government agencies including HAL Bangalore etc. In recent times, ABRO signed a joint venture in collaboration with IISC Bangalore for initiating the development of its new technology-driven services for the Indian industries under the Indian government’s “Make In India” initiative. We would also like to mention here that, Mr. Akhil Nath was awarded for his corporate excellence by UEM at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.
“ABRO is witnessing a tremendous splurge in demands across the world, post-COVID. We anticipate many new doors of opportunities opening for us in the future. The current policies of the Indian government are also boosting the scalability of medium-sized manufacturers. ABRO is now in the process of setting up its second manufacturing unit in Los Angeles, USA dedicated to the manufacturing of machines for the entire North American market.”, adds Mr. Akhil Nath.




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