Aspiring to “bridge the skill gap” in the Finance industry

A gap in skills reveals a golden opportunity. The industry today faces two major challenges, the former is to look for skilled resources to perform quality work and the latter is the huge problem of unemployment. This issue in the corporate world is often termed as a ‘skill gap’, where what the organisations require is not reflected in the candidates that are willing to become a part. Seeking this opportunity, a budding and promising company, A.N.K.R Consulting is solving the double whammy situation by helping both the companies and candidates. A.N.K.R’s current focus is to provide consulting services to clients in various industries with a focus on Finance / Accounts domain. The dedicated team works with the CFO office, closely on large clients that are generally MNCs / US Listed clients / Listed clients of India. They solve this problem of skill gap by providing “High Impact Skill Development Programs” to candidates with good attitudes and mindset, further utilizing them to provide consulting services to their own clients. Since its establishment, A.N.K.R Consulting has achieved numerous technical and business milestones in a short period. We will be covering the key elements that have led to their successful journey in this article.

About the company

In the unprecedented times of Covid-19, the consultancy firm started its journey in April 2020. They were quick to adapt and improvised by making new plans to cope with the challenge

The entire organization is split into 3 main verticals –

1.  Consulting – This is by far the biggest vertical where 95% of the current team works

This is sub-divided into two main verticals:

  • Technical accounting – Under this vertical, they assist clients in US GAAP, IFRS, Ind AS issues. They have assisted many clients in ASC 842 (lease implementation), preparation of white papers for listed clients under US GAAP and IFRS. The audit support function, CFO office function for a startup are the upcoming streams added to technical accounting
  • Core Accounting – In this, the team looks after assisting the client in managing functions like controllership, AP, AR etc.


2.  Skills – The brand provides high-impact skill development programs mainly to corporates. The approach is 100% focused on practical eliminating theory from our delivery.

3. Technology – They aspire to become a tech-enabled accounting service provider. To use automation as the key differentiator, however, in 2022 they want to grow in this domain significantly. 


What’s in the name?

A.N.K.R Consulting has a unique yet special name that follows the philosophy-


  1. A-Authentic – At any cost, they want to be as authentic, as honest as possible and not make any false promises with all the stakeholders. They are even ready to lose some good resources from the market or not win some projects from the client if something goes against their authenticity.


  1. N – Nimble – The world is moving at a very fast pace where everyone wants things to be delivered at lightning speed. The removal of unnecessary friction from the process allowed them to start client work within a day’s notice also. At a staggering pace, they have onboarded resources within 72 hours after finishing all the interviews, rolling out offer letters and formally onboarding and putting them on the project.


  1. K -Kindle – Learning is an extremely important element. The company runs a rigorous 100 hours program for every new joiner. It includes upskilling every employee on three pillars – core skills (accounting, IFRS, US GAAP), Technology (Excel, VBA, SAP, Power BI etc.) and soft skills (Communication, Business presentation, Email writing etc.)


  1. R -Ruthless – They follow a client-centric policy and trust the family members with blind eyes till they give them the reason not to do so. The company adopts a very strict policy to maintain high standards of work ethics since they deal with clients confidential critical engagements.


Trust is earned


The objective of the firm became crystal clear. Their focus is on two main pillars


  1. Clients – Once they commit to a project and a timeline, no stone is left unturned to fulfil the commitment


  1. The team – The aim is to grow the team exponentially and simultaneously A.N.K.R should help them reach new heights in their respective career


They neither run after profitable money nor are focused on getting more business. The sole purpose of the firm is to keep the team happy and relentlessly work towards satisfying the clients with quality work.

The market always gives an opportunity

A.N.K.R Consulting also faced multiple hurdles, the most common ones were hiring new talent, getting new clients onboarded with them. In the age of mistrust, we are witnessing an evolution in how consumers trust brands. The firm believes in the idea that the market is now ready to allow young firms and experiment a little. They recalled, how in the early days, they even won projects competing with mighty big 4 organizations in the Accounting Consulting domain. The job was still not done, after being assigned the project, the team burned the midnight oil to make it a success. They gave their sweat, blood and tears to not only complete but provide extraordinary work. For them, this is the only formula they use to build trust with the clients they serve.

Making a mark in the industry

Even in the short span of 18 months,  A.N.K.R Consulting has never failed to make a mark. The only way they are doing this is by being honest and trustworthy. The process is extremely simple, Authenticity in whatever work they provide is always supreme and always adhering to the commitment promised to the clients. They are privileged to serve a long list of large and prestigious clients that include 3 Nasdaq listed entities, 5+ Indian listed clients, Navaratna client, the family office of large Indian business house, and many renowned private limited companies. The employees have also shown trust and have joined us after leaving large organizations like GE, Capgemini, Wipro, Infosys, KPMG, PWC, EY, among many others.

Strategies to target the market

The most effective marketing strategy that the company uses to promote the services is the word of mouth. Over the years, word of mouth has evolved as one of the most influential sources of marketing. It can be simply defined as any business action that earns a customer recommendation that is when he/she share their valuable experience with others. A.N.K.R has now developed a presence in 5 metro cities – Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune apart from 5 tier 2 cities.

Future plans

We have been able to grow exponentially in the last 18 months from 0 to an employee base of 100+. As an ambitious firm that aspires to use technology to solve problems in the area of accounts and finance, A.N.K.R Consulting has some ingenious plans for the future. Harnessing the power and capabilities of technology with a defined goal in mind will help them scale their business to newer heights.






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