What did Sundar Pichai do to become CEO of Google by taking metallurgy in IIT KGP?

Sundar Pichai to become CEO of Google

Sundar Pichai, 47, was appointed CEO of Alphabet, the company that owns Google, while you were probably sound asleep. He has been CEO of Google since 2015 when the company first announced its plans to reorganize into separate subsidiaries under the umbrella company Alphabet. These subsidiaries include Google, Waymo, Verily, Loon, and others. Today, Pichai serves as the CEO of both Google and Alphabet.

Now that Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have stepped aside, he is acting CEO. Larry has stepped down as CEO, and Sergey has been demoted to the president’s position. Sundar Pichai, who has worked for Google for 15 years, can add this achievement to his list of accomplishments.


The Beginning

For Sundar Pichai, it is a career that “began” in Madurai. He was born into a middle-class family. And by “middle class,” we imply middle class by the 1970s India’s standards. Pichai has discussed his humble upbringing and early home.

Some sources quoted him as saying in an interview, “When compared to modern life, the ease with which I lived back then was refreshing. With other tenants, we occupied a relatively small house. Every night, we’d take turns sleeping on the carpeted floor of the living room. When I was a kid, we worried about the drought that was happening. My need to have a bottle of water by my bed has not changed over the years. Finally, after seeing them in other homes, we got a refrigerator. What happened was very significant.”


The Upbringing

Pichai’s upbringing prepared him in various ways for a career that, by any measure, would be considered illustrious. It is the path that led Pichai to IIT Kharagpur despite his difficulties with Hindi, to the top of his class in some classes while receiving a C on one paper, to graduate school in the United States, to a job with McKinsey & Company, and ultimately to his current position at Google as of 2004.

He also discussed how his upbringing influenced his passion for reading in the same source. “Any book I could get, I read. I enjoyed reading Dickens’ works. The entirety of life consisted of hanging out with pals, playing street cricket, and devouring literature. There was never a sense of want, though “To put it another way, he made a statement. CEO of Google


The Next Step

While in India, Sundar Pichai met with IIT Kharagpur’s students in 2017. Here, he opened up about his experiences with complex topics like Hindi and school. He claimed that he had once received a grade of C on a single assignment but had since gotten over it.

Pichai also met his future wife at IIT. After graduating from IIT, he moved to the United States. In Kharagpur, he earned his bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering before transferring to Stanford for his master’s. After that, he enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School for an MBA to further his career.


Success at Google

Sundar Pichai has been with Google since 2004, and his career has skyrocketed thanks in large part to the incredible success of the Chrome project. He and his team were essential in developing Google Chrome and establishing it as the most popular browser in the world. His ability to lead people and teams coherently, as described by those who understand him and have spoken publicly about him, has been repeatedly noticed by top management, leading to an increase in responsibility after Chrome’s success.

Pichai is easygoing and a creative problem solver who avoids causing drama. He is the most influential person at Google, not because of his technical expertise but because of his leadership and interpersonal skills.


The Media Coverage

Pichai began appearing at Google’s developer and media events after Chrome’s success. When Google was reorganized in 2015 and Alphabet was formed, he was put in charge of the Android division in 2013 and promoted to CEO of Google the following year. He is now the leader of both Google and Alphabet.

In their letter outlining the changes at Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page heaped praise on Sundar Pichai, once described as “the man who understands Page better than anyone else and transforms his vision for everyone in the company.”


The Official Letter

In a letter to Sundar Pichai, Google’s founders stated, “Every day, Sundar inspires our users, employees, and partners with his humility and his deep passion for technology. He has been on the Board of Directors of Alphabet and worked closely with us as Google’s CEO for the past 15 years. He agrees with us that the Alphabet structure is valuable and will help us address major challenges by leveraging technology. Since Alphabet’s inception, no one has been more trusted with the future of Google and Alphabet, and no one is better suited to take the helm.”


Wrapping Up!

As stated earlier, the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai is a humble leader who knows what he wants and what he does to achieve the same. In a nutshell, he believes that anybody can reach the heights they wish, as he has also done something like that.

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