Uber offers 12,000 free rides to National Association for the Blind in 8 Indian cities

  • Major ride-hailing travel service, Uber has recently partnered with the National Association for the Blind (NAB), Delhi. It facilitates around 12,000 free rides approximately valued over Rs 25,000 lakh to poor vision, blind and persons with other disabilities along with their concerning teachers and caregivers. The association will be valid from October to December 2020 and assured safe access to training and educational institutes as well as other connected workplaces in 8 cities in India. These cities include Mumbai, Lucknow, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.
  • The partnership of Uber with NAB in all these 8 cities will be implemented in collaboration with its local chapter in New Delhi i.e. NAB Delhi. This was announced on 27th October 2020. There are around 268 million blind and disabled people in India as per 2011 census that is recorded to be the highest in the world. This collaboration with NAB is exclusively unique as there is no hidden money exchange involved in this process. It only has set its motto to reach out to the visually impaired people. People connected with the visually impaired can use these rides, especially the caregivers but the service can be used only for any educational and professional purposes and not for other personal issues.
  • Prabhjeet Singh, the former Uber president of India, South Asia has announced regarding Uber’s continuing efforts in this operation that Uber is committed to support some of the most vulnerable citizens in the country. This includes people mostly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic along with the visually impaired. People with some kinds of disabilities should be encouraged to nurture their potential to the fullest. Hence, this mandatory step can take Uber to new levels of success. Uber is looking forward for this noteworthy partnership with the NAB as it will turn to be a golden opportunity making a huge difference in the lives of denied people owing to their disabilities.
  • The General Secretary of NAB, PrashantRanjanVerma said in one of his speeches that the entire Uber team is delighted for this partnership as it will help to assist a number of multi-disabled persons with safe and convenient rides, especially for the blinds. Since people with disabilities are acute victims of the coronavirus pandemic, mainly the visually impaired ones who cannot sense to maintain social distancing in true sense. So, it is a step pledged for them. The GS also added that when blind persons travel in public commute, they are unintentionally at high risk to be in close touch with affected people. Thus, with Uber’s support, it is a thrilling fortune for all those impaired ones as such risks are highly minimized and various opportunities for vocation and education have become open.
  • Uber has also partnered with HelpAge India to provide free rides to the underprivileged elderly people. It also facilitates over 2 lakh and 80 thousand free rides to the National Help Authority (NHA) and other government organizations to help frontline volunteers and healthcare workers across India. This is also a global commitment made by Uber. It has pledged to donate 10 million free rides and food supply to senior, needy people and healthcare workers. Uber has appointed its new mobility head, ManikandanThangarathnam and ever since then, it has been proactively helping the vulnerable communities along with its partner drivers.
  • Uber has also recently partnered with CHILDLINE 1098 to offer 30,000 free rides to their first responders and childcare professional for reaching and helping distressed children. This is a remarkable step by Uber towards social development in the country. It has proved to make a transforming change for the impaired section of our society to privilege them in a better manner.

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