The world is changing with technology. But who exactly are the ones making the move? Creating technology-led solutions and making things easier, efficient, and faster for the people. There are several companies in this domain of digitally transforming businesses around the globe and we had the honour to have a conversation with Mr. Mohar V., Co-founder, and CEO of TECHVED Consulting, the pioneers in Digital Transformation & Design-Led Engineering. With 2 decades of experience having served Fortune 500+ clientele providing unique, transformative solutions through technology like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Metaverse, and much more. Delivering high-quality work on time has always kept them ahead in this game. Let us now get to unravel his successful entrepreneurial journey.

Juggling between personal and professional life

Mr Mohar V. believes that the key is to remain flexible, open-minded, and constantly assess the goals and priorities. This not only makes one good at observing things around thereby helping them identify areas where they should make changes in their habits to get into balance.

Nothing worth comes easy

Talking about the struggle faced in the journey of becoming the most successful leaders, Mohar shares that there’s no easy way to do it. One has to go out and find their path. He advises all the leaders, ‘No matter what kind of leader you are, be honest with yourself. The moment leaders bring transparency, they can establish the right pace of change and success.

Serving the clients

Under the visionary leadership of Mohar, the company serves a diverse group of professionals with decades of experience in industries from finance, to healthcare, and beyond. The goal is to empower companies on every level: from marketing to sales, to product development, and more.

Keeping pace with trends in the market

TECHVED focuses on staying ahead of the curve by leveraging the team’s strengths, staying up to date on trends, and keeping an eye on fasting changing technology. The world is having the ever-evolving markets, change is the constant. It is paramount to lead from the front and adapt to the changing environment quickly. He adds that healthy competition can also be a driving force in business. When other companies are succeeding, it indicates to him that there is an opportunity to do the same but in a better & different way.

The role of technology

Mohar often says these golden words that “Know it before you show it”. That is why research and development play a vital role as it educates the company, gives invaluable insights, and enables firms to stay current to survive and grow in competitive marketplaces.

Employees first

Mohar is always looking to make his employees feel important, valued and appreciated. Irrespective of the designation you serve, the channels of communication are also open in TECHVED Consulting. They are all like a family; Mohar always tries to provide each one of them with opportunities to grow professionally and personally so that they can reach their full potential.

An inspirational message to all budding entrepreneurs

Mohar thinks that the best part of being a human is to always grow & learn. Anyone who motivates him to be better is someone he looks up to. Inspiration is what he wants others to seek and it comes from everywhere and everything around you, just keep an eye on it. There will always be tough times that are the harsh truth! It’s hard to persevere & maintain the ultimate goal but for him, the only way to get over is by staying focused, persistent & relentless. The next time one feels like giving up, remember its all part of the journey.

Milestones and achievements

In hindsight, from making an organization to becoming the pioneers of the industry, Mohar proudly comments that it is a huge achievement. They are getting awards & recognition like CEO of the Year, Entrepreneur Year of the year, Digital Excellence Award, Business Excellence in Innovative Design & many more. Along with him, the team is delighted with this accomplishment and it reflects the hard work and dedication of everyone who is part of TECHVED Consulting.

Future plans

Technology is at the heart of TECHVED. They are not only using technology but living with it. They are all about innovation which makes them the leaders and a paragon in the industry. With a futuristic vision, they have already invested their resources and working with futuristic technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of things and a lot more.

Giving back to society

Giving to society is about maximizing positive impact and minimizing negative impact. At SAARTHI, they work together as one big family to create value. They strive to make sure that every individual is treated with love and kindness even if they are humans or animals by providing all that they need. Every quarter they tend to implement an idea, which helps them create meaning in other’s life.

The golden message to all the Prime Insight readers

Learning is a never-ending part of our lives. We learn from our experiences, from others, from our very own mistakes. No matter what the ambitions are, if one has a vision and dedication, one can definitely achieve their goals.


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