Pollucare Engineers India Pvt.Ltd: The Valiant Leader in the Field of Pollution Control

Pollucare Engineers India Pvt.Ltd.

The most globally accepted brand in the field of Environmental Pollution Control Measures is Pollucare Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. The Economic Times has bestowed it with the title “Emerging brand of the year 2020”. It is the ONE STOP SOLUTION for pollutions at all levels. The industrial and infrastructure development projects work as an end-to-end solution provider in India and Bangladesh by collaborating with various organizations.
A team of employees with relentless skills and with an International exposure, Pollucare passionately works out with Environmental Compliance by maintaining the clients’ requirements and associating itself to all statutory and legal compliances. It makes detailed Engineering Designs, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts and offers its customers with unparalleled pollution mitigation strategies.

How is Pollucare an Integrated Pollution Management System?

Pollucare aims to fulfil customer satisfaction by improvising customer relations and committing on-time service delivery. It works with QCDR (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Response) that has created a cogent approach in the improvement of this effective management system. The organization imparts legal training for each of its employees and encourages them to communicate with the quality policy internally. This has been further implemented through a feedback mechanism and the integration of this management system has been in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. It creates and exhibits trust in the hearts of its customers through QCDR, which makes Pollucare unique worldwide. Pollucare is basically a Customer-Centric Organization.

The Pre-eminent Pillar of Pollucare

Dr S. Saibabu, the Managing Director and Chairman of Pollucare Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. is a man with wide experience in the ground of Environmental Engineering and international exposure in Project Management. He is not only the mastermind behind Pollucare but also an eminent leader, entrepreneur and environmentalist, who is responsible for the overall functioning of the company. He has been constantly channelling his own created organization with a resourceful team of skilled personnel. Pollucare has an extensive client base and is generating evident results in the field of Environment, Sustainable and Social Development under the leadership of Saibabu.
Saibabu was born and brought up in rural areas in India. Having faced a lot of challenges in his early life and after completing his engineering degree, he landed in the metropolitan city of Chennai in desperation to survive. With a lot of confidence and commitment, Saibabu started to ascend the steps of the corporate field. His keen interest in developing a self-business had landed him into this field. From day 1, he has been very successful and eventually reached the position of Director Level in a Multinational Company. After deciding to come out from his comfort zone, Saibabu gained 15 years of experience in business development, engineering, product development and services.
It at age 40, Saibabu had established his own venture and turned into a First Generation Entrepreneur. His strong interpersonal skills, remarkable leadership skills and strong mental attitude gave him a vast exposure in the field of Environmental Engineering. Saibabu has been able to provide Consulting Liaison and Solutions for Environment Pollution Control at reasonable rates. He is also known to be involved in nation-building activities through Recycling & Reuse of Waste Water that has always been an ongoing concern for India and Bangladesh.

It was Not an Easy Road to Success

The road to making Pollucare as successful as it is today was not an easy one. Getting skilled people to work for the firm, acquiring the accreditation for running the Environmental Consultancy, positioning the brand and starting the Environmental Laboratory, were matters of vast concern faced by Saibabu. Another big challenging concern was the investment. Laying down the foundations of the lab and the office infrastructure required a lot of capital and manpower. Also, there were emerging competitions that forced Saibabu to emerge strongly within a short time span.

Range of Services Offered with Supremacy

Consultancy and Liaison Services

The Consent to Establishment (CTE) and the Consent to Operation (CTO) along with Renewal of Consent and Hazardous Waste Authorization (HWA) from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) and other State Pollution Control Boards (SPCB) are their prime consultancy services. Pollucare has also secured Environmental Clearance (EC) from State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) and MOEF, the government of India New Delhi. Pollucare is accredited by NABET under Quality Council of India. Pollucare hasan expertise in doingGround Water Clearance and Single Window Clearance from the government along with Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Clearance from CZMA (Coastal Zone Management Authorities). With several government agencies, Pollucare has accommodated Liaison under the verdict of both the Central and State governments.

Turnkey projects

Regarding water, wastewater and air pollution control measures, Pollucare plays a chief role in providing Turnkey Project solutions. In accordance with the CPCB and SPCB, all their designs, systems and their executions are top rated. It has also established a Technological Understanding with Hi Clear Products of Bangkok which has channelled its technology from Hitachi, Japan to provide sustainable solutions for safeguarding our water resources. Pollucare is expert in offering Zero Liquid Discharge Systems(ZLDS) to various industries for treating their effluent(waste water) to reuse, recycle and recover. Pollucare is also leading player in Sewage treatment Plant with different technologies and they manufacture Organic Waste Convertor for bio degradable solid waste generated from various sources.Pollucare is prominently known to be the supplier of Wet Scrubber, Dry Scrubber and Dust collector.

Operation and Maintenance Services

Pollucare is highly organized with skilled operators in a professional manner. They are based on providing operation and maintenance of ETP, STP, WTP, RO, ZLD and Evaporator Plants. The manpower working under pollucare are both versatile and talented to meet every concerning need of the industry. Additionally, they supply water treatment chemicals like antiscalant and all spares for STP, ETP, WTP, RO, ZLD and Evaporator. The O&M Services have been provided by Pollucare in India and Bangladesh

Environmental Laboratory and Research Centre

Apart from other dynamic services and notable contributions providing solutions for waste management, Pollucare has a state of the art accredited laboratory for monitoring and analysing the Ambient Air Quality, Stack Monitoring, Weather, Water Testing and Analysis, Wastewater (sewage and trade effluent), Soil and Sediment Analysis, Solid and Hazardous Waste Analysis, Noise and Vibration Analysis. They target a wide range of critical issues regarding water management at their Research Centre. They have successfully made remarkable research contributions coupled with practical and viable solutions to a number of water management factors in our country. The laboratory is NABL accredited.

Facility Management Services

  • Underlying are some equipment listed in the Annual Maintenance contract:
  • All Transformer and its protection system
  • Operation of all DG sets
  • Operation and maintenance of fire hydrant systems like jockey pump, electrical pump and engine
  • HT panel and its protection systems
  • All switch gears installed in LT panels, measuring instruments, indications, bus bars, LT cables etc. installed at various
  • locations Checking of earth pits and taking the needful action for improvement of improper earthing
  • Under this service, Pollucare ensures the following:
  • Repairing of damaged water lines within the industry
  • Relocating any existing raw water and RO waterlines
  • Servicing the Sprinkler system around factory premises
  • Cleaning of overhead tanks and underground sumps frequently
  • Recording the meter reading of water on a regular basis inside the facility
  • Check of water lines for leakages periodically and ensuring clearance of the clogs
  • Acquiring new and changing skills to be adopted in the working environment

The range of civil services offered by Pollucare has mainly 3 aspects, namely: Painter, Carpenter and Mason.

  • Carrying out interior and exterior wall painting, floor marking, stickering and furniture polishing across the factory
  • Painting the earth bit chambers and identification of numbers
  • Assisting in the production and maintenance of signboards and warning boards in required places
  • Painting various kinds of utility lines such as diesel, water, acid lines, compressed air and gas etc.
  • Painting all kinds of production machines and utility services and equipment, power cable trays, panel boards etc.
  • Mending all kinds of false ceilings and servicing of windows, furniture, workstations
  • Cutting, measuring and shaping of wood, plastic and other materials along with assisting in the packaging of machines using wooden plants
  • Servicing of motor bed creation, chambers and repairing the roof leakages
  • Supporting the layout modification team as well as carrying out the finishing works in walls like plastering of damaged walls and floors
  • Arresting building cracks and landscape area civil renovation like kerbstone, paver pitching works and completing any leftover minor works of renovation.
Housekeeping and gardening

The housekeeping and gardening services of Pollucare encourages the following:

  • Cleaning of toilets and bathrooms
  • Cleaning verandas and corridors and any public entrance area on a regular basis
  • Accumulation of rubbish, garbage and hazardous waste from all areas of the industry and disposing them safely into the garbage yard
  • Maintenance of housekeeping work is precisely carried out without hampering the existing site infrastructure
  • Cleaning of doors, windows, electrical fitting and glass panes and ensuring a dust-free environment on a priority basis
  • Maintaining cutting down of trees that might make the garden around the factory premises a mess as per client’s instruction is also taken into account.

Pollucare has paved its way into the hearts of its customers

Being a customer-centric organization, Pollucare aims to revolve around them and their requirements. Satisfying customers and fulfilling their needs to the brim is their sole motto. They deliver what they commit andin this process, ensures a strong trust base for each of their customers. Pollucare is also known for its ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategy. This, in turn, widens their business through repeated customer references. The most important approach of Pollucare which is QCDR is based on the following positive facets:

  • Optimum design without Quality compromise
  • Competitive Cost
  • On-time Delivery

Responsible and prompt Response for efficient completion of a project and services for entire life-cycle of the projectPollucare is connected with CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) in the ground of all environmental programs. The client base coordinates with the brand through certain websites and other notable social media platforms such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook etc. Customers hold a reputed brand image of this organization. In order to promote its initiatives, services and offerings, Pollucare comes up with robust and effective marketing programs and initiatives. Periodical technical seminars are conducted to various industries in several parts of India in accordance with reputed educational institutions such as Centre for Environment Studies, Anna University, Guindy Campus, Chennai and Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Deemed to be University), Coimbatore.Karunyawork in collaboration with leading universities in Israel for Wastewater Management.

Upcoming Plans for Pollucare

Pollucare started to take project management consultancy(PMCs) services in the field of its own expertise. Pollucare has grown to such an extent that around 300 persons are currently employed and another 150 persons are likely to get an employment in one year. Pollucare introduces better staffing services for every department in Industries and Corporates with lot of flexibility.Currently, Pollucare focuses on solid waste management in private & Government sectors.
The Operations and Maintenance Services and Facility Management Services departments have been expanded wisely. There have been major advancements in Water and Wastewater treatments in both industrial &municipal areas and Pollucare will focus on these areas. The Industrial Wastewater Treatment has been crucially planned for reuse, recycle and recover.
A lot of skills and focus from a professional point of view have been developed by Pollucare towards team management. There is freedom of performance and feasibility of taking independent decisions. Its dynamic market dominance in respective fields can fetch bountiful productive results in the upcoming years. Professionalism and trust are the key elements that have successfully increased the brand value of Pollucare. There is no doubt that any successful venture requires time to speed up in the field of success and excellence. Pollucare rightfully satisfies its client base and truly believes in achieving the targeted goals. The company is based on both long-term and short-term visions covering various aspects of pollution management around the world for the future ahead.Pollucare aims to multiply its staff and turnover by 5 times in the upcoming years.

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