Laughter is the best medicine for health, 7 benefits of laughing

Laughter is the best medicine for health, 7 benefits of laughing

People across the globe have always smiled or laughed with someone or at something. Sharing a laugh can improve health, was never thought of! However, this is very true. Laughing can harness powerful vibes in human beings and also manipulate minds into something better. Laughter and humor go hand in hand and such a situation can be of utmost importance to uplift low and bent down minds. It acts as a strong medicine and fights with the mental state which could have blown negativity into our emotional system. Laughter has immense and long-lasting effects on emotional changes in our bodies. The benefits of laughter are so many and nowadays some institutes enforce laughter as a strong health management strategy and practice it as a part of the health fitness mechanism.

Laughter draws people together and triggers healthy changes in their system. It modifies physical, emotional, and mental states by boosting the immune system, enhancing mood spirit, diminishing pain, and projecting the mind always from any stress or negativity. Nothing can balance mind or body better than a simple laugh at any hour of the day. Humour lightens the mood, inspires hope, makes the mind connected, and keeps the inner self grounded and focused. Not only alertness but also the release of anger and enhancing the nature of forgiveness are gifted by laughter. It is probably the best priceless medicine these days owing to the complexity, demands and stress of the human lifestyle.

Let’s find out the key benefits of laughter:

  • Laughter relaxes the whole body and relieves us from physical tension. Stress can arouse difficulty in living, memorizing, doing things or interacting with others. Laughter brilliantly functions as an instrument to depress those side-effects of stress and uplifts mind and soul into a light-hearted spirit. It boosts the immune system by releasing the body’s natural chemicals to function at the site of any illness or ailment.
  • Laughter protects and safeguard hearts from congenital diseases and also prevents chances of attack. The proper circulation of blood through blood vessels and increased flow of oxygen into our muscles are elevated through laughter. Any kind of cardiovascular problem or chances of stroke is much reduced when a person enjoys frequent laughter.
  • Laughter triggers the release of endorphins providing an overall sense of well-being. Pain is temporarily relieved. It also burns calories thus replacing the requirement of prolonged gym practice. A mere laughter span of 10 to 15 minutes can burn 40 calories approx. By the end of a year, one can easily curb down 3 to 4 pounds.
  • Laughter lightens anger’s heavy load. It diffuses anger and conflict rapidly and savours all kinds of mental blocks. Even any difficult problems can have a funny perspective to get solved with the aid of laughter. It enables humankind to move on from confrontations without staying back with resentment or harshness in mind. Laughter accelerates living and expands life span. People with a strong sense of humour live long and ageless.
  • Some actual physical health benefits of laughter include immunity production, decreased levels of inflammation, muscle relaxation, lowering of stress hormones, prevention of life-risking diseases and becoming acceptable to the world around us. The mental health benefits include: adding zest to living, easing anxiety by relieving stress, mood change, enforcing resilience. Some social benefits are relationship management, teamwork inducement, defusing conflicts and promoting group bonding.
  • Laughter decreases the need for mental counselling or trauma regarding anything in life. The need of visiting a psychiatrist is no longer necessary. It links mental health with happiness by recharging the nerves and shortening the release of distressing hormones. Laughter shifts perspective by assessing a complicated situation and making it handle less difficultly.
  • Laughter urges family bonding. Relationships that matter can hold onto each other through laughter fostering happiness. Close ones get more closer and distant ones become much friendly when they share a laugh. Added to this, laughter can also facilitate proper digestion and filter out unwanted wastes from our body as the functioning of our body rests on the functioning of our emotional state.

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