How breakfast is important for our good health and what should we eat

How breakfast is important for our good health and what should we eat

Breakfast is called the most essential meal of the day. As its name suggests, it is the meal that breaks the overnight fast and replenishes our body with proper nutrition and elements. It rejuvenates our body with optimum glucose levels and boosts our health’s alertness to the surroundings and other chemical changes occurring within the body. Studies and surveys have shown how breakfast provide numerous health benefits by improving energy levels and enabling us to concentrate on the activities of our daily lifestyle. A nutritious and healthy breakfast can strengthen muscles, boosts immunity and help in better health management. It can also curb down risks of diabetes type 2 and heart diseases in the long term.

Several reasons account as to why breakfast is so important in the daily diet and must be eaten as a wholesome meal.

 Let us find some:

  • The body’s energy source is glucose which is broken down and absorbed from the carbohydrates in the breakfast. Some of this energy is also stored as fat and later comes to use when we undergo some forms of strenuous activities.
  • Breakfast supplies essential vitamins, minerals and ions into our bodies that acts as a disease defender and protects our body from any unwanted foreign germs. Food rich in calcium boosts teeth, nails and bones. Some essential vitamins are a lifesaver against deadly diseases. The recommended daily dose of such nutrients usually finds enough goodness inside our bodies to maintain vitality.
  • Strengthening brainpower is another good effect of a healthy and timely breakfast.  Children and adolescents, even adults need to do a lot of mental activity at schools, colleges or their companies. The brain doesn’t receive sufficient energy if proper nutrients are not present in the breakfast. The mental performance and ability to memorize or concentrate becomes harder if breakfast is skipped.
  • A healthy breakfast may reduce the risks of illness and help to make better choices. People get obese, age faster and have low levels of immunity if they skip breakfast or eat unhealthy foods in the morning. Healthy habits make way to healthy breakfast while inadequate nutrition causes increased lethargy and decreased mental and physical performance.
  • Manipulation of proper hormonal action is another essential function of a healthy breakfast.  Hormones function when they are timely triggered by the brain and brain in turn showing proper nervous functioning when essential nutrients reach our bloodstream. So, in a way all are interrelated.

Ideas for healthy breakfast foods:

Some easy to make and healthy breakfasts include:

  • Porridge made from rolled oats with some vegetables and fruits can be taken as a wholesome and nutritive breakfast.
  • Wholegrain cereal such as untoasted muesli, whole-wheat biscuits along with milk, natural yoghurt and fresh fruits is another idea of a healthy diet.
  • Raw nuts coupled with pure dates and soaked grams can be made into a shake and taken down. It satisfies hunger and reduces the feel to have unwanted items now and then.
  • Smoothies can be made from fresh fruits and boiled vegetables can be taken down with a slight sprinkle of salt and pepper.
  • Natural yoghurt tossed with fresh fruits and nuts is a must added supplementary breakfast.
  • Wholemeal, wholegrain or sourdough toast along with baked beans, healthy muffins, boiled eggs, mushrooms account on the list of healthy eating
  • Veg mayo sandwiches made from spinach, cheese, boiled vegetables, cucumber and tomato slices are very tasty as well as nutritious. It can be made tastier with two teaspoons of peanut butter.
  • Fishes like salmon, fruits like avocado, homemade almond butter, English crumpets are various other options for a proper breakfast.
  • Greek yoghurt is a natural probiotic, coffee with caffeine, oatmeal are some of the items with huge protein, carbohydrates, and fibre-content that helps to steer up the concentration power, enhance physical activity and responsiveness to the outer world.

Thus, skipping breakfast can have severe adverse effects on our health. Common nutrition surveys these days highlight the risk factors and chance of being prone to health ailments when people lack proper breakfast with an absence of essential components.

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