In Home Personal Services: Impacting lives by providing exceptional care at home

In Home Personal Services

Caring about others represents life’s greatest value and to care for those who once cared for you is one of the highest honors. As a caregiver, touching a life makes one feel special. In the field of home care services, many companies came and went, but In Home Personal Services has grabbed the present. Providing exceptional senior care, the company customizes care plans that are carefully designed for loved ones who require hands-on assistance with personal activities. They are in the non-medical care model providing quality services at the comfort of home. In this article, we will be unraveling the successful journey of In Home Personal Services. 


What the company offers

In Home Personal Services is a non-medical senior care franchise model in the booming senior care industry. A lot of work went behind the structure and development of the business model. In Home Personal Services possesses many unique differentiators in the senior care space that makes them the leader in the market. It was formed with purpose and over a decade of study, development, and structure to ensure it provides the lasting and unique brand and business opportunity that meets often exceeds the expectations of those looking to join the system. 


The inception journey

The company was founded in 2004 byMichael Collura, who worked with his mother. While building the successful brand, In Home Personal Services, Michael admits that he never set out to build a brand that was so widely expansive with the growth it enjoys today. The business may have started as a business of circumstance and chance but the original mission and vision of the brand still stand strong today. It was formed differently and continued to expand the franchise system with offerings across the United States. It has definitely been a joyous journey for the team which never set out to become a franchise system. They are honored and humbled that the brand has become a sensation, much more than what they dreamt of during the early days. 


Working together as a team

If everyone moves forward together, then success takes care of itself. A team is built when it is nurtured. Leadership must understand that a single person is not important but a team is. Michael shares, “Being the smartest person in the room is the failure of leadership”. The team at IHPS makes him proud because of surpassing the expectations and the perceived limits they had of themselves. The very fact that Michael is useless today, is a great success for the team. Michael adds, “The team, many from very early days are still working. The tenure reflects the strength in the brand and is a source of ever-growing success.”


Doing the best even in trying times

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating globally. Like anyone else, In Home Personal Services is a non-medical provider that faced a lot of challenges. One can always make the right decisions at the time of bad situation, the team at IHPS, even at the start of the pandemic did not allow fear and misinformation to creep in. They continued on their progress towards their mission and uphold commitments to the patients they care for. In their record, not a single person who trusted them with their care was left without the caregiver or service of the company that they relied in those unprecedented times.  


Focusing on Research and Development

The entire team at In Home Personal Services stresses being innovative and forward-thinking, which they believe is a product of the vision. A paragon in the industry, there is no shortage of talent in the company. Not only have they achieved several milestones, but they have also differentiated themselves by developing of a kind and never before programs that are idiosyncratic to the brand. Under the innovative leadership of Michael Collura, being visionary is synonymous with innovation. Sharing an example to support the idea was a caregiver school, the first of its kind recognized by the Board of Higher Education and listed publicly as a first in the nation for the training and certification of caregivers. A more impressive action was when the founder, Michael issued direction to the team that this program will be made free of charge in all 50 states effective immediately and will remain so until July 5th, 2022 in honor of his brother, who the brand is named after he passed away in a tragic accident at a very young age. Another aspect is ensuring quality care that is the very heart of the mission and vision of the brand. It is the fabric of the business model and the team is regularly trained as part of the never-ending commitment. 


Inspiring words

Those young minds who aspire to start their venture, what follows next will help them navigate the process. The golden words are, “Find something you are passionate about and follow that path. Don’t try to copy someone else, you will be miserable and like a cheap copy never find the luster of what you are seeking. Embrace failure, it is a part of finding success. Finally, surround yourself with those that make you better and can ultimately replace you. This is how you succeed.”

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