GREENFUEL ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Bringing green future in India through advanced alternate fuel systems and components

While the pandemic disrupted the global economy, it paved the way for virtual reality, e-commerce, and, in particular, alternative fuel industries to grow and succeed. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, many businesses have been developing solutions and products based on alternative fuels, saving users a significant amount of money. In this way, both customers and businesses intend to promote, sustain, and use green energy over others in order to create a healthier and safer natural environment.
One such company is Greenfuel Energy Solutions, which was founded in 2006 to provide alternative fuel systems, automotive accessories, and advanced batteries to Indian citizens, is one such company. According to the owner, “Greenfuel Energy Solutions’ zero-defect, e-mobility, and next-generation energy storage technologies will drive India’s towards a sustainable and green future,” the owner claims.
Greenfuel’s origins and success story are well worth reading for entrepreneurs interested in and involved in alternate fuel technology.

The vision behind greenfuel

Greenfuel is now one of India’s largest auto OEMs, with a vision to bring e-mobility and gas fuel vehicles to market.
As previously stated, many businesses are involved in the alternate fuel industry, with new companies entering the industry on a daily basis. Greenfuel is overcoming the challenges of supplying CNG systems and designing Lithium Battery Packs.
When Greenfuel’s founder returned to India in 2004, he noticed a significant difference between India’s alternate fuel market technology and that of the United States. When he realised there was no public awareness of green fuels, he saw the business opportunity and began supplying high-pressure fuel solutions in 2006.
With the sole aim to bring a zero-carbon future to India, Greenfuel has progressed at a high pace that millions of users and industries are using its systems and solutions on a large scale.

Sustainable Solutions and Systems of Greenfuel

Greenfuel has proudly supplied over 2 million CNG components since 2006. Furthermore, its CNG fuel systems are highly regarded because they have a proven track record of running 25+ billion kilometers without flaws. With such market credibility and product features, Greenfuel is undoubtedly paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future in India through alternative fuel systems and components.
With in-house built battery packs, Greenfuel has demonstrated its ability to design hardware, control embedded software, and regulate critical safety. Greenfuel’s founder recently revealed that he has filed for several patents on the design of its Lithium Battery Packs. He also stated that Greenfuel has received three patent approvals. Greenfuel is equally committed to supplying “ade in India” components and products in order to improve and sustain the product line.

Greenfuel’s First Success

Greenfuel developed the first low-floor CNG buses for Tata Marcopolo after the founder approached Tata Motors with his ideas. As of now, all DTC green-line buses have Greenfuel systems that have been operational since their installation.

Challenges Overcame by Greenfuel

The Indian buyers’ mindset never changes or improves with time and technology. The same happened when Greenfuel technology approached Indian customers with alternate fuel solutions. Naturally, the customers were reluctant and questioned the company’s market reach. Greenfuel, on the other hand, never stopped using innovative ideas to introduce alternate fuel solutions to Indian customers, such as CNG fuel systems. Greenfuel eventually reached out to Indian buyers with enthusiasm and green futuristic solutions.

Company’s Story

The founder of Greenfuel Energy Solutions, like most successful entrepreneurs, worked on this passion for clean mobility. When he founded the company, Indian buses were developed by OEMs and had issues with their fuel systems. But, using his three years of experience using CNG systems and watching them grow in the USA, he excelled at the safety standards needed for Indian alternate fuel systems. Today, we all know how important the adoption of greener resources is for our future generations. Greenfuel does nothing but assists us in becoming a part of e-mobility and a sustainable future.

Mental Peace of an entrepreneur

Greenfuel’s founder builds alternate fuel systems from scratch and scales them while providing job security to 230+ people. As enthusiastic as he is about e-mobility and green fuels, he is also a strong entrepreneur who is concerned about missing out on opportunities.
“As an entrepreneur, he has learned to focus on a few things with perfection and blend them with new opportunities,” says Greenfuel’s founder.

Founder’s Wise words for new entrepreneurs

According to Greenfuel’s founder and CEO, creating a brand that people prefer doing business with is critical for long-term survival. He also states that focusing on short-term profits is detrimental to any entrepreneur. Instead, he believes that business owners should be concerned about their vendors, customers, and employees. This is how any business or industry achieves success.
He also asserts that reinventing and improving services and products for a positive impact can inspire millions of people.

Employee Selection and Work Culture at Greenfuel

Greenfuel looks for a positive attitude in all of its employees. It believes that a humble learner can always be trained to produce multiplied and focused outputs. Furthermore, because Greenfuel is a customer-centric company, all of its employees are trained to respect and trust customers. As a result, it fostered a friendly and cooperative work environment among its operational and non-operational divisions.

Milestones of Greenfuel

Greenfuel’s first accomplishment was obtaining orders from Tata Marcopolo for low-floor buses for the Delhi government. Our installed systems in this project have travelled 1.5 billion kilometres without failure. Greenfuel Energy Solutions’ efforts and market credibility eventually reached Maruti Suzuki in 2010. During this collaboration, the company supplied over a million products without any warranty return or failure claims from customers.

Future Plans

As the company name suggests, Greenfuel Energy Solutions has suitable alternate fuel systems for the right buyers. All opportunities for energy storage, e-mobility, and alternative gaseous fuel solutions are identified and pursued by the company.
Greenfuel’s founder claims that the company is only at the start of a revolution that will benefit millions of users and the environment through clean mobility.

Final Words of Greenfuel’s Founder

He believes that overcoming fears and leaping over faith is the most effective way for an entrepreneur to survive. Furthermore, an entrepreneur should have clear reasons or intentions for offering products and services that will benefit its customers. It will enable them to taste success at the right time, with the right improvements in place.

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