Salman Parcy: A Frontier With The Jinx Of Restructuring The Implications Of Blockchain

When we think about prominent business leaders, we often imagine their personalities to be practical and oozing with professionalism. In 2022, a significant number of leaders have garnered people’s attention with their bodacious vision.

Salman Parcy, the Head of Global Business Development at Blockchain Firm, is amongst those leaders who have proved themselves as an exemplary concoction of creativity and uncountable qualities of professionalism. He is leading the business, marketing, and branding teams across the company’s global offices. He is on the mission to venture blockchain technology into every industry possible.

Initializing the Ray of Inspiration

Blockchain Firm, established in 2017, is an enterprise blockchain service provider for various businesses on a global scale. Talking more precisely, it is a pioneer enterprise blockchain development and research company with headquarters in India and branch offices in two other countries. Mr. Parcy knew that the sea of opportunities and optimistic scope of growth comes with technological advancement. This was his inspiration to set the company’s vision in motion.
His motto was to harbor transparency and security in business processes by propagating the idea of contemplating the concept of blockchain technology. All this began with the idea to adopt technology as fast as possible. He, along with the founders, knew the face of the revolution this technology could bring. Once a small startup, Blockchain Firm is now functioning as a multinational corporation. More and more individuals whose ideology aligned with the company joined the company.

Challenges Come When the Chains of Being Formulaic Are Broken

Every journey has to climb through the ladder of challenges. This was also true for Blockchain Firm. The main goal to target was to lay the foundation of veritable quality and growth. Unlike other businesses, which often face money-related challenges, they faced different difficulties – maintaining quality and growth. There was a time when the issues from the growth became more primary than the benefits. To go an extra mile for their customers, Salman replaced many things in the business model. This was a major leap in building unshakeable trust with their clients.
When Blockchain Firm was set up in 2017, there weren’t many tutorials/resources available for the industry they were concentrating in – blockchain. There were times when it was hard for them to even find a single complete resource. All the resources came with hits and trials in small bits and fragments. At last, they built their own table of solutions from scratch despite these tough situations.

Blockchain Firm: Revolutionizing the Persona of Building “Trust”

Every business has a unique element attached to it. If that factor is ‘trust’ then there is no way the growth can be hampered. Blockchain Firm believes that trust is the most important thing above all. When a brand becomes trusted, there is no looking back.

The two distinctive propositions to define trust according to them are:-

  1. What we say to our clients!
  2. How we say it.

To accelerate this, the company has a specialized branding team to set the brand vision & goals. They extend the team’s efforts to deliver what they promise and gain the customers’ trust. Moreover, they work further to convert brand trust into brand loyalty. This is not only done to retain old customers, but also to instigate them to recommend their products and services. They saw it as a golden path to advocate their services to related corporate acquaintances.

Acknowledging the Services and Solutions Offered By Blockchain Firm

The primary area of work revolves around blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, blockchain services & solutions, and crypto-based services & products. And now, the company is diversifying its wings into the field of Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse also.

Let’s have a quick overview of some of the products in their portfolio-

  1.  A blockchain-based digital banking platform
  2.  An AI-based crypto trading bot
  3.  NFT marketplace & NFT tokens
  4.  Real estate tokenization platform
  5.  Multi-crypto currency wallet
  6.  An AI-based signal prediction tool

An Imperative Mechanism of Building Client Trust

Today’s era is saturated with instances of mistrust. Consumers are still in if-and-but situations about the quality of services offered by companies. This behavior is quite natural from a consumer’s perspective.
“Today’s consumer is well-educated and aware of their interests. Blockchain Firm has understood the algorithms of the revolution in how consumers trust brands. They know what the most doubtful parts of consumer behavior are. They specifically target those doubtful parts and carve out a solution for the customers,” says Salman.

As per their ethics, mistrust happens only when customers/consumers are guided in the wrong direction. In comparison to the past, the rate of trust in brands from consumers has now accelerated drastically. So the scope of mistrust is decimated nowadays. In their opinion, it is the conscious responsibility of the brands to ensure that their consumers are not being misled. Brands need to apprehend the fact that authenticity is the modulation to trust.
One more fact to evaluate is the diversity in options. There are many competitors in the market selling the same service. What makes a brand stand out is credibility assurance. It is absolutely correct to quote, “What was often once a matter of choice between two brands is now a global mix of hundreds.”

The True Essence of What a Customer Means to Blockchain Firm

Upon being asked what a customer means to them, the answer was awe-inspiring and accurate. They see customers as the one and only means that brings meaning to the existence of businesses. Customers are the ones that drive a business. They are the revenue generators and without them, businesses would collapse or cease to exist.

Evolution of the Chapters of Connections with Clients

‘Your first impression is your best impression’ is a very popular practical quote from the business world. In a similar fashion, a trust built is 100 trusts earned. The team never misses the chance of establishing concrete connections. When a client approaches for the first time, the team only has one vision in mind – “The client will not go empty-handed and neither will they think of considering another brand.” They should become their solution creators right at that moment. They extensively take care of their clients without any hassle so that they would come back to him in the near future for their next business projects.

Learn the Most Effective Marketing Initiatives/Programs of Blockchain Firm

Goods and services won’t scale up their potential unless and until it reaches the consumers. Quality Marketing is a quintessential aspect to analyze customers’ preferences. To make sure the customers are able to enjoy their selective choices of services, the team adopts organic and paid marketing activities. To promote their services, they connect with the customers on a personal level.
Blockchain Firm has an excellent and dedicated team of marketing professionals who carry out various effective marketing strategies on multiple platforms. The smart use of top social media platforms also comes under their suite of marketing.

Brand New Categories/Changes Lined up for 2022

To expand the brand’s horizons, the company is planning to make additions of more people to its existing community. They already have a community of more than 200 members traversing across multiple locations, which is set to double within a year. Furthermore, the company is also indulged in a continuous process of experimenting with advanced technologies this year.

Inspirational Story of Blockchain Firm’s Growth

“A leader’s personality should be impactful and inspiring to achieve excellence. A leader’s every single action and word passes through a mechanism of introspection and evaluation. The standards set by the leader cultivate an environment full of scopes of potential governance. So being a leader who carries a treasured vision, assertiveness and veracious promises of growth is a splendid asset for the company,” says Mr. Parcy.

Bombarding the Customers with Authenticity Makes a Difference

When it comes to being a reliable source of quality services and impeccable bonds of trust, Blockchain Firm prioritizes these two aspects. The thoughts which enter a consumer’s mind when they see their brand are concreteness and confidence in their services. That’s their benchmark. To deliver what the brand promises pave an aisle for his team to solemnly retain existing clients and captivate the new potential customers as well.

Manifestation of Upcoming Plans Connected With the Brand

The brand is congregating to elevate its services based on Metaverse. As known by all, Metaverse is a futuristic, advanced concept in the crypto and blockchain space. The brand’s Research and Development team is putting in rigorous efforts on their own Metaverse project, which is set to launch soon.

Strategies to Comprehend the Trust Factor of Clients

The brand conforms to the standards of the business processes. They believe in transforming the persona of the customer’s business with their downpour of innovation and creativity. Blockchain Firm simplifies the convoluted process of enhancing business efficiency with blockchain technology. They help their customer’s ideas to transform into reality. The brand has an ultimate goal to scale business operations using blockchain technology all over the world. They stress the fact that “instead of making clients, it’s more beneficial for the businesses to indulge with partners who share a mutually beneficial vision and work in the direction towards a common goal.”

An Upstanding Piece of Advice for the Youth of Today

“The audacity to choose unfamiliar roads and having the fire to chase your dreams should be the mantra for youth. As the younger generation is thriving to achieve more, they should leverage this awareness to become strong and perfect decision-makers. The chase to bring a positive change in the mindset is crucial for the new generation,” says Mr. Parcy.
He conveys out of his experience that youth should deeply ponder on changing the formulaic concepts and work on building a broader perspective of the invention. His brand started with the same idea and transitioned from the comfort zone to reach where they are today. Everything that’s great today takes years and years of continuous evolution.

A Typical Day in Blockchain Firm and More about Their Work Culture

Each day at the company is full of healthy work schedules, daily tussles of ideas, brainstorming sessions, and fun activities. The goal is to ensure that the employees are full of hustle and don’t get bored or tired, even for a single minute.
The atmosphere at Blockchain Firm aims to empower people and push their limits to become the best versions of themselves. This also turns out to be a unique advantage, as the employees are always filled with energy to achieve more. This ensures to inculcate everything to invent a consequential knock through inclusiveness, prudence, creativeness, and intellectual curiosity.

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